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Sent you a friend request :)

Not particularly interested in paid positions, but I'm not complaining if I'm offered one. I've been a hobbyist programmer and ambient music composer for close to 5 years. As someone with ADHD, I'm looking for a dynamic position that allows me the flexibility to work on many different things at the same time.

I've only ever finished one game, and it was a duo for a game jam over a weekend. I worked on programming, sound design, and art:
Here's my music:

Fav tracks:

Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone to play it with, and I was kind of lazy and didn't want to write clues down lol

I like the concept of having to work with another person to solve the puzzle, although there weren't many clues in-game to help me understand that. I found a bug with the chess board, as well-- if I click a piece and then spam a bunch of tiles on the chess board, the piece starts flying off the board. Although, bugs are to be expected, especially for a game made in only 3 days. I'd also like to point out that the music and graphics are very pretty.

Good job! :)

Thank you from both of us! <3

What often happens is that the color code paper is backwards. If the code doesn't work, try it backwards. :)

Hey, I'm Joel! I write music and know enough of C#, Java, and Python to write code for games. I would probably work best as a secondary/junior programmer for a dedicated programmer on a team. Looking for a chill, fun experience where I can build my experience in game dev and hopefully write some good music, too. HMU if you're looking for a team member!

Just finished another game for a jam today, here's our submission:
And here's my SC:

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I love that you have to fight against yourself! Such a neat idea to make the upgrades to your gun directly make the game harder. The gameplay is smooth like butter, and although there isn't any sound, the art makes up for it. Reminds me of many old, obscure Japanese arcade games.

But where is the controller? Hmmmmmm, curious...

(also sorry about the post processing, probably should have kept the room it a little more well lit if I was going to make it that dark)

Yeah, probably shouldn't have gone so hard on the post processing effects haha

I don't have much experience with 3D modeling, but I have worked with multiple game jam teams making music and sound effects. Here's my SC:

I also have experience programming in C#, Python, and Java, so I could serve useful in that regard as well.

An oddly charming game, being rough around the edges.


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FamiTracker is nice, but it's quite tedious to put in the right notes in the right spots. Having another DAW like FL Studio to write a melody and  transferring it into FamiTracker is the best way to go. Pico-8 comes with a similar music creator, and it's a game engine, so if you have money to spend, that would be a fair option.

Quite unfortunate indeed, but I'm excited to see what you guys have to offer. :)

Thanks for the feedback! :)

I mean, the version number is 0.6, so we can probably expect quite a bit more to come from this game.

Shoulda called it Skinnyboi