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Thanks for playing! Yeah, we wanted to make sort of a glitched physics and came up with the weight following the mouse position + the inverted impulse to oppose the motion. Apparently, it is not the best way, so we are revising the physics after jam. Let's see if it improves :D

Peculiar concept! Being able to split line is a unique feature. Arts look good as well. Good job!

This was so much fun! Especially, termination note at the end :D

I really liked the ambience, music/SFX, controls - everything! So solid! The only thing I noticed - when you remove characters with backspace, sometimes it removes two instead of one (probably, when there is a dot or a whitespace). Other than that, it is just seamless. Well done!

Thanks for checking out :D

Very ambient. Solid concept! I could see the potential of different kitties having various extra-powers (like the last one). I loved chiptune music and kitty sprites, well done!

Oops, missed your comment... Thanks for playing! Yeah, a little portion of nostalgy to the jam's feed :D

Neat concept, well done! It took me a while to realise I could increase chain length. I actually tried to interact with fish :D

Haha, I thougth I am the only one here to use LN-like title :D

I like the arts and how terrain is curved. Nice entry!

I love how web game window transitions to the page design! As for the game, I find it nice and relaxing. Feeling tired right now but keep playing, as I getting more tranquil. Very well done!

Unique presentation! I really liked how 2D in 3D is implemented, though sometimes player rotated such that you could see only a line :D

Funny gameplay, pleasant music. Well done!

Funny game and great concept for chicken to move by themselves. Well done!

Animation of walking puzzles... funny stuff :D

3492... I've had so much fun playing this!
I sufferred a lot, it is not that easy to control the school. And that silly fish... I get's hit by anything. Ridiculously enjoyable. And also shooting fish like a projectile is just completely satisfying. 

To sum up, it's one of my favorites at the moment :D

Thanks a lot, we are pleased to bring joy!

Yeah, we tried to make a sort of glithy physics, but many people find it shaky, so I'm revising it. Let's see how it would look like after jam :-)

Clever mechanics! Bong is a good choice as a finishing sound :D

Well done!

Intimidating... Well done!

It's just so smooth... Very well done! Extra-respect for interstitial transition :D

Very solid submission! Polished combination of arts, music and level design. I have had much fun playing this! The only thing is softlocks... If you have two combined and one single pigment, switching between those will lock the movements of combined one, so you have to split and combine again. Other than that, it's just great!

ОПППА - 3215! Amuzing concept and polished implementation, well done!

Nice concept, though I did not get at first that having more energy lets the battery jump higher. Good job!

Amazing! Simple but complete concept. Good to have rewards. Though it takes some skill to make two hands resonating :D

Well done!

Pleased to learn this was made in Godot. High five :D

I liked the mechanis. Think in advance and be inventive to pass. Great job!

Great arts, music and overall ambience! Though I struggled a bit with controls. I couldn't deflect the debris but I managed to demolish a chicken which was satisfying :D

This was ultraFUN! I played with my artist and we got stuck for a while :D
Good graphics, authentic music and hilarious plot. Well done! 

P.S.: My artist says - еееее это круто!

Thanks for trying this out! 

Decent concept! It fits the theme just right! And controls are flexible.

I really enjoyed solving puzzles in such a way. I would love to see more artistic design, but it's just me... Current graphics fits with all else seamlessly. Well done!

Somehow I made 83000 score :D
Really enjoyed graphics and music, very well done!

Thanks a lot! Trippy and creepy - that exactly what we wanted the game to be :D

Thanks for playing! Yeah, maybe we need to revise the hints from antivirus so it's more clear. 

Cool idea, pleasant music and nice arts! Would love to have more visibility over taking/inflicting damage, etc. In general, well done!

Hi there! Antivirus hints at what needs to be done at the end, but maybe we need to make it a bit more clear. Let's see if we can play with lines after jam :D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your feedback! Good eye to notice 1s and 0s in chain and reference to LN title! There is also reference in bosses' names ;)
Yeah, physics is the hardest part here, as it needs to work against you, but still be sort of plausible. We will test few ideas after jam. Cheers!

Interesting mechanics! 

Thanks a lot! We are going to rewrite physics after jam, hopefully it proves more polish :D

Wow, that's a gem! I love how synthwavish this game is. Also, it is quite challenging and requires high level of concentration to collect all rings, which is great. Graphics and Sound - all well polished. Nice one!

Thanks a lot! 

This deserves top#1!

Entertaining, amuzing, hilarious! I wish I could see what's behind QR - link would not open for me...

The idea is that PC itself is mad at you, so try to shut it down to win :D

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Couldn't make it throuh the boss, too challenging :D
Generally, everything is well polished. I love how intimidating the ambience is! Great entry!

Great concept! All looks good, I would only add some minor thing - making the music play independently of the scene. I stumbled onto spike at the beginnig of level too many times, so first seconds of music repeat with respawn like a jammed record :D