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Oye, la idea me parece una genialidad. El Pacman de toda la vida pero con estrategia por turnos. 

Coincidences do not exist; they are situations orchestrated by destiny for a reason and with a purpose. Thank you for commenting.

Thanks to you for using it

I know, thank you also for getting them. It's clear as day that you're a talented author. It's a shame that the market is so saturated and it's difficult to stand out among so many thousands of games.

The game looks visually very good. It's original that it has horizontal scrolling and JRPG-style battles. I like the idea; it looks very promising. Thank you, and good luck with the project.


Cosmonator community · Created a new topic COSMONATOR 2

COSMONATOR 2, you're taking too long. It's one of my favorite games on STEAM. Thank you for such fantastic work. If a physical edition for Nintendo Switch or PC comes out, I'll buy it right away.

Great, as always.

Yes, of course.

Thank you very much for your words, they encourage me. Let's see if I get to work and come up with another batch of new music sequences.

Thanks to you

My latest musical work: 21 piano tracks


Es un juego excelente.

A very well made action game. Very reminiscent of the classics. Loaded with action.

What a cool game! The music suits it well.

Well, after a while, I've finally uploaded my 225 tracks of chiptune music:

The largest compilation album of 8-bit ROYALTY FREE music | Snabisch | Make a Game (

If ever there was a time of real need, this is it. We must try to raise as much as possible to send to those countries that are suffering so much. Not to participate as a creator in the Bundle, but to help the hundreds of thousands of people affected. We have to do our bit.

One question, the game has no music? There is no melody.

The number of victims both dead and injured is almost infinite. I would like someone with experience in organising BUNDLES to organise one in the face of this international tragedy.

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A great game. I've been looking for something similar for a long time and I was pleasantly surprised. I have it on STEAM

I like the second part very much. This one has more imprecise control. But hey, it was the seed for the next genius.

Very good work.


Me recuerda al Knightmare de Konami un montón, por el escenario, los esqueletos, los murciélagos, la elección de armas...

A great and surprising idea.

These birds are hooligans.

There's no way, they run faster than me.

I think the idea of the game is a good one.

Good luck to you!

Thank you for the positive comment.

Very pleasing to the eye and ear. I like how you have turned a simple mechanic into something fun.

I love to see my music in games. Thanks to you.

Great vertical scrolling spaceship game. Very reminiscent of the classic Star Force but with its own identity.

It reminds me a lot of the graphics of MAGICAL KID WIZ on MSX, does it have something to do with it?

It looks great, it reminds me a bit of Konami's PENGUIN ADVENTURE for MSX but with the side perspective.

Thank you, it's a fantastic job. 

The designs are well designed and beautifully coloured.

A Mario clone but with its own personality.

Very nice soundtrack and enemies that will give you more than one scare.

I love the game, especially the music.

Que bien, otro juego con mi música. Gracias por confiar en mi trabajo.

Eres un grandísimo programador.

Excelente trabajo. Me gusta más esta versión que la de Nintendo Switch.

La música es pegadiza, de esas que se te meten en la cabeza y la tarareas todo el día.

El apartado visual es muy llamativo y posee una gran personalidad.

Great news!

Me encanta ese estilo gráfico.

I think it's a very good creation, it's fun to play and the music is excellent.