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It is an original way of playing. It's fun.

I didn't understand it at first.


That's what they are for, thanks to you for commenting, you have my permission.

I more or less understand the concept, but some things escape me because of the language. 

The little I've played seems to me very fun. The idea is very original.

Nueva propuesta jugable nacida de las mentes brillantes de Hicks y Mc Raymond.

Cada vez os superáis más.

I think a great idea would be to have to change the color (for example) or the design of each block you touch with your feet, being mandatory to touch them all to move to the next level. 

I mean, the blocks are sad or with a neutral expression and every time you touch one, the feeling changes to happy. If you touch it again, it will change to the other state.

One of the best retro games in the entire ITCH.IO catalog.

It's classic gameplay and the technical section. You show a great mastery in this kind of games. My applause.

Excellent creation in the style of Konami's Knightmare.

At the moment it is one of my favorites of the web.

Great job. Thank you very much.

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Thank you, in particular, this compilation is composed of various styles. It is a pleasure to collaborate with the Itchio community.

Thank you for your comment. 

El estilo gráfico es espectacular.

The graphic style is spectacular.

An excellent creative idea brought to the screen in a masterful way.

Very good work.

A fascinating song.

It creates a very good sound environment.

Prueba este juego, ya verás como no te defradurará. SU mecánica es muy divertida.

De momento es una grandísima promesa que puede convertirse en tu juego para pasar unos ratos divertidos día a día.

La idea en general es muy interesante y la forma de llevarlo a cabo está muy bien conseguida. 

Aplauso por esta producción.

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Delicate and beautiful songs

You have done a great job.

So many tracks! What a creative artwork!

Beautiful song. I love it.

Huge job. All tracks of great quality.

That beginning is magical!

Sweet like few others and beautifully crafted.

Very beautiful song. Loaded with feeling.

Great song.

With its incredible sound.

Spectacular from beginning to end.

Very beautiful song.

It has a deep style, ideal for space or science fiction games.

It's a simple theme that does its job in a relaxed video game style.


A style of play that I love.

Spaceship shooting games.

That retro look that looks great

The game is a lot of fun.

I like the style, the collisions, the development.

The soundtrack is spectacular.

Thanks to you.

What a great looking game!

My congratulations, it is a colossal and very high quality work.

It has a wonderful sound and the song is great.

That piano gets inside my heart.

That you leave hallucinating with your composition.

Besides being beautiful and sounding great, it has a special charm. Worthy of a Hollywood super production.

It's an awesome song and even more considering that you made them with Tracker.

Great musical work.

It's a delightful soundtrack.

I applaud your work.