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I generally use FL STUDIO. The files are .FLP

Then I convert them to MIDI (.MID) and from there I pass them to other conversion programs.

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It is a bit basic but well done. I would add a button to activate from time to time a little acceleration to escape from the onslaught of the enemies.

Good job!

Looking forward to seeing you on Steam.

How well it looks with these new graphics and sound.
Thanks for setting the game to my music!
Good luck and may you sell endless copies.

Very good creation.

A classic pacman-digdug game.

Report that to get out of the game he only lets me do it with the keyboard and not with the controller.

I love this kind of proposals that dare to go beyond the limits of the known and play with several genres simultaneously.

I see this new version much better. A platform game for the whole family with a great soundtrack and well elaborated 8-bit pixel art graphics.

The game is beautiful and with an interesting development.
Maybe in future versions you can fix that inertia it has when you are falling after jumping.
The music is nice and friendly.
I would put the sky in a slightly darker tone.
Overall very good work. A game that invites you to not stop playing.

It's great.

It is a game of excellent quality. Its retro-style graphics and accurate soundtrack provide hours of fun.

Good job!!!!

It's a great job.

It is a retro style game with some very original and fun mechanics that hooks from the first game.

Its sweet and at the same time melancholic aspect give it a very accurate originality.

An excellent proposal with a pleasant graphic section very well taken care of.

It's a game with a lot of qualities to win.

The game has an excellent technical section.
The gameplay is reminiscent of Konami's mythical Penguin Adventure.

Interesting proposal

The game has an outstanding sound and graphic section.
The intro is very good too.
Its playability based on the style of the platforms is very funny.

It looks really good.

I think the game's still a little green.

I have to highlight the great soundtrack.
The game has good qualities.

The soundtrack is luxurious. The sound section in general is very well taken care of.

The graphics are also very good.

Perhaps its weak point is in the gameplay as it is a conversational game.
Still, it's a great production.

The game has a very original and fresh proposal.

The graphics are fine, the music is great and the gameplay is perhaps a bit strange but acceptable.

Muy chulo el juego

Great and fun game!

A set of assets of all kinds, music, images, effects, sprites, backgrounds, etc., that can be very useful to all those who love pixel art.

The Adventures of Yulpers! Soundtrack

The idea seems fresh to me in a world saturated with games that imitate Mario.
I think it's a brilliant idea to be a centipede, what at first seemed like a children's walk is getting more and more complicated.
Good luck with the game!


Good luck with your game and thanks for letting me know.

It looks pretty good. I already have it in my collection.

I really liked the idea.

Such games enrich the universe of video games.