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I find the A to point B Helpful. 

For a few years now, I've had multiple ideas. The first two games I was trying to make took place in the same world. 

I'm thinking the simpler the better in my case. Nothing too intricate (I'd like to but I'm just not at that skill level yet)

Even with RPG Maker, I pretty much know the basics at best. So I just need to keep it everything simple and fun. 

Thank you for the feedback!

Linear story makes the most sense to me too. I guess I'm better off writing out all the different ideas that crop up and then pick the one that fits the best.

I'll try that.

Thank you!

Hi All, 

Like many other people on here I'd like to make my first game. I don't have any experience with any of this. I started 2 different projects in RPG Maker but never finished.

On this 3rd attempt, I'm trying to keep it simple and not be too ambitious. I'm focusing on the story first, trying to flesh it out and work from there. I want to keep it linear so it doesn't become too overwhelming as I'm working alone. 

The problem is, as I write the story I keep coming up with branching path ideas. I guess I'm worried people won't find it interesting if it's too linear. I want to encourage a little bit of exploration. That way the player feels a sense of reward for looking around a little bit. An extra piece of story that you wouldn't normally see if you rush through.

I guess my question is this. How do I reign myself in from getting too ambitious?

Hi Everyone,

A few months ago I bought RPG Maker MZ to make my own. I've got no experience whatsoever I'm not sure what to focus on first. So far, the way I've been doing it is come up with a story idea, making the area, fleshing it out. I feel like lately I've hit a mental block though.

 I've tried taking a break (playing Sea of Stars having a great time), but I'm still having trouble. I also plan on making custom music for it too. I start thinking of all these ideas and then I get overwhelmed and then worry i'll never complete it.

Anyone have any advice,

Hi All,

I own the base product of RPG Maker MZ. I'm looking for Nature Tilesets that don't clash with MZ.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks a lot. :)

I've loved spitfire. I've been using it recently. I've been working on music for video games. I like retro games so chiptune would be great, but I've been doing a blend of retro with some modern instruments in it. Just experimenting and having fun with it. 🙂

I'm going to take a look at these. Thank you!


I'll check that out.  This is all still very new and I have a lot to learn on all fronts.

I appreciate the info!

Awesome, I'll be sure to check those out. Thank you for the info.

My brother and I got into it because of our parents and aunt and uncle.

My aunt and uncle and my parents would call each other on the phone when the got stuck on the legend of zelda. I think there's a picture of my brother and I either playing zelda or mario. Since then it's always been a part of lives. Nowadays, I play because I play some games because it's like watching a movie that you get to live out (at least in rpgs) and the soundtracks are amazing. Other days, it's fun to blow stuff up lol.

To clarify free, but depending on the quality, I might be interested in some paid as well.

I am. I want to expand my library.

Hi All,

Currently, I'm using LMMS to make my music. While LMMS does come with it's own presets, I'm looking to expand my library of VST's. I was hoping someone my might have suggestions where I can find good quality VST's. If anyone has insight, I'd love to hear from you.

Hi All,

I released a Music Starter Pack today for RPG projects. It includes 5 songs ranging  from town music to battle. Most of the songs are close to a minute each. Each song has looped and non-looped version in WAV format. There's a sound cloud embed for viewing each song. 

This music will pair up well with projects inspired by games from the SNES/PS1 era. I'll leave a link below if anyone's interested.

Thank you!

This is one of the songs off the free music pack I have on itch. I envisioned it as a dungeon theme.  You can preview at the link below. If you do like and would like to view more songs off the free music pack, click the link below:

Hi All, 

I have a music minipack on sale at 50% off. It includes 5 battle tracks in WAV format. The music in this pack was created for  turn-based RPG like Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger. The page features a sound cloud so you can preview all the music ahead of time. 

Here's the link :

I also have an RPG Music Pack. For games more in tune with a Zelda type RPG game. The best part about this one is it's Completely Free. There are 12 songs with looped and non looped versions also in WAV format. This is more multi-purpose with world, town, dungeon, cave type themes. I'll leave a link here as well:

Hopefully there's something you can use from one of these packs.


I'm off to play Triangle Strategy. (Great Music in that game btw) 

Free RPG Music Pack

Music for your RPG Projects

I put out some free music a week ago. I was inspired by retro games from the SNES era. Games like Final Fantasy, Zelda, Lagoon, there's a lot.

 There's a mix of themes on the album for caves, towns, menus, dungeons. Whatever you need, I'm sure there's something. 

I provide loop and non loop tracks in WAV format as well as a SoundCloud embed so you can check out each song. If you're interested click the link below.

I do. I just updated my page to avoid any confusion. I'm glad you like it.

You're Welcome. Thank you for the download.

Hi Everyone,

I released a free music pack moments ago. I grew up during the nes/snes era and the music I made was influenced by games like Final Fantasy, Zelda, Y's, Chrono Trigger. There are 30 tracks in .WAV format (looped and non looped versions of each song) and a Soundcloud embed so you can preview each one. I'll leave a link below. I hope you come by and check it out and find something you can use!

Hi Everyone,

I'm running a sale on my mini-pack for RPG battle music. If anyone's interested you can check it out at the link below:

Hey Everyone,

I've continue to do more covers lately. This time doing FF7's Cosmo Canyon theme.  I wasn't sure if it came out alright. I uploaded on you tube and got this message.

I guess it's good enough LOL. That's the first cover I've uploaded that's done. I'll take it as a compliment. Anyways, I'll put it below.


Thank you for the kind words. I had a lot of fun doing this. I hope to see in you future music Jams!

I'm a big fan of a lot of different RPG's so I want to do more covers. I recently finished doing Glenn's Theme (Frog Theme) from Chrono Trigger. I currently use LMMS because it's free, but I hope to invest money in a better DAW overtime.  I think it came out well.  

If anyone has any feedback, I'd love to hear it. I really want to improve my skills. I have a lot to learn.

Thanks for your time and Enjoy!

They were both great but I would go with the Night version. I can picture the player coming into town at night after a grueling day looking for rest and a place to hide as they've been hunted across the desert. The music makes the town feel like a great place to hide and disappear. Like how sand can hide things that existed long ago.

I felt like I was listening the trailer of game the way it opened up. When the music became calmer I could envision text telling the story and lore of a game. The town was rich in knowledge and wisdom and held answers to secrets lost long ago.

I agree with you. I'm also impressed people had time to put together more than one song. I tried to do a second but could get it to where I wanted and didn't want to force it. 

Thank you for the kind words.

I agree. After reading the story for the song. I can totally picture a scenario in which you need to find someone in one of the night clubs but either need a disguise or need to do quest. Or maybe you need to buy a pass but need the towns currency so you go and place Octoslots or Deepsea Squeeze'em (like Texas Hold'em).

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I enjoyed listening to this. I did feel an underwater vibe for sure, but I also felt like the town was very magical at the same time.  I pictured me playing an RPG and me exploring the town; running by wizards, but the town was underwater and hidden away by magic. 

I was going for a SNES feel, I'm glad that came through in the music. I have to be honest though, my knowledge in music theory is minimal. I'm usually just matching whatever I hear in my head and tweaking as it goes into the program. I'm learning as I go, both the music and the ins and outs of the DAW.

I'm glad you like it.

Thank you!

I really felt like I was in an octopus town. Between the music and the squid noise I could see myself there. I felt like it was a friendly welcoming town too. It was great!

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That's good to know lol. Thanks for the info!

This is my first Jam ever. I was wondering, do you submit all songs at once or 1 at a time?

Thanks for the info! I'll keep posting WAV.

It's a shame that there's only 1 level.

First time I played this was on the  Playstation. I loved everyone minute of this game as well as the music too! Actually listening to the sound track now. 

I've been wanting to do more covers from my favorite games. Today, I completed a cover I was working on for fun. "Baron Castle Theme".

Check out the video below: 

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Hi everyone, 

Been on itch a month and completely overlooked the music forum (more like didn't know it existed 😆). Anyways, my itch page has a sound cloud embed within it. Feel free to check it out. It's my first project and would appreciate feedback from the community.


I'm interested in the game.

Do you have any videos of the gameplay?