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omg its lex

I got my boyfriend because at first he wanted to get on a shipping account because he thought it would be funny so we started walking around school holding hands, then someone came up to us and asked if we were like actually dating and I stared at my boyfriend's eyes for a full minute and he replied with "I guess so" and then we made it official. It was really funny. So in conclusion, if you know how to dazzle people than yes, it is easy to get a partner

get a partner then


if you do it anything works

I want to know

guys guys guys I have a bf omg

any new stuff? Even just tiny stuff?

who are you talking to??

I wanna end my life after listening to that

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I remember the days when everyone would be on early in the morning and active until late in the evening 

no, keep it as a memory, I honestly do not want to lose someone who had a bright and amazing mind, one who has been here for so long. Keep you account as a memory of the happy times that have passed, even if you're gonna be gone then atkeast keep this so we can remember you. 

then just get a better tablet or better internet, its easy to solve, i love your exaggerated humor though, its comical and blasphemous to call someone an idiot when you dont know them  

it literally says that your device is compatible be abuse it's designed for computers, you could literally just hop on a laptop or computer if you have one, if you don't there's always fnf games on roblox 

amazing as always :]

obks approving is like the gods approving

ive been online 2 days in a row now :)


omg tob

the aggie is dead, and you didnt really miss anything






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happy birthdsay who ever you are

you should draw with us, its starting to get interesting 

hi lol

im so bored 

oh, thats not good, atleast the kitten is fine now

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thats good to hear, anywhting special happen to you?

Good, in some aspects atleast lol


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i literally have nothing to do


school sucks, so i'll grow weed instead!

hi there weed buyer

you are a chad, dont deny it

dice is chad

im at school and i have nothing to do lol