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Platformer with 4 levels at once in only one screen. Let the cupcake feast begin.
Submitted by Beatriz — 2 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#10133.5673.567

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I liked this! Very original and fun. Great difficulty curve, this is one of my favourites so far :)


Oh man!  That got really clever, really fast!  Great use of colour and patterns to help me keep track of what I was doing on each quarter!

If I had to find a complaint, maybe the hitbox on the spikes was a little on the large side, but that's really more of a matter of opinion. I guess also the theme is not strong here, but who cares it's fun!

Great idea, well executed!


I finished them all, one of my favorites so far. Congratulations.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

We've enjoyed a lot playing your game!

Polishing a bit the controls and collisions to give a better feel,  some other puzzle elements, and it could be a wonderful game for mobile.

Also, nice art and music!! I specially like the intro theme, is well produced. Did you compose it yourself? Do you have the soundcloud of the artist?


I wanna make a small cupcake tamagotchi now T-T

I like it!


Great cute game! Good job! I love this game, a little complicated though (I couldn't get pass level 3!)
This should totally be further developed, it could become a really big game!
Great job at developing this within 48 hours!

If you haven't yet, I would really appreciate it if you check out our game too!


I really like it! The graphics are cute and amazing, and the level design is very good, though I would like to have more levels :). 

A time constraint feels very fitting to the idea, but it might take from the overall casualness of the game, which I feel is very important. 

Amazing job!


Great job! The most complete game I've seen all jam. Aesthetic of the game, the music, as well as adhering to the jam theme were all on point. Also, good level design. And I can't say I've ever seen a puzzle platformer about cupcakes before!  I wish it were longer!



Cute Game!!!


Short and cute game! Interesting concept executed very well.  I really like the level design, really clever! I also like how when we get a cupcake in screen, that blob stops moviment, that is really helpful. The visuals are very cute and I loved the colours! The music is the cherry on top of cupcake :3


This is a cool concept! I think the levels are pretty clever, it just needs a bit more explaining (did not know I could run against spikes from the sides, which caused a bit of frustration).
Well done!


Hey there. Very interesting idea you got there. The art is very cute (and polished) opposed to the game, very callenging (at least for me). The only thing I didn't like was the difficulty curve... it seemed like you put us in a level without explaning how it would be possible to beat (level 3 for example). But Apart from this, Great job with this game!

Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)


Nice to see a cute game after playing many bloody and violent entries.

The design is nice and the puzzle element is interesting and rather challenging. Having to see in which order you have to collect the cupcakes in each level.

Rather nice and cuddly overall :)


This is an adorable game, and I really want to go get a cupcake now.  I love how the little characters get the happy rosy cheeks when they eat their cupcakes :)

I will say that the difficulty spike in level 3 really surprised me. The first two were quite easy, and then all the sudden the 3rd level required insane precision to complete. I only got 3/4 after multiple attempts, and that felt like it was primarily luck.

I think a fun puzzle element might be to have objects in one dimension that alter something in another dimension. So maybe there's a red button in the blue dimension that moves one of the red platforms to cover some spikes, idk.

My last nitpick here - while I understand how you used the idea of "only one," the game's theme really centers around this multitude of dimensions. Nothing about the experience feels limited in an "only one" kind of way, in fact quite the opposite. I would challenge you to rethink the design a bit (just for fun), to see if you could make the theme more relevant to the game play. Like what if there was this cosmic cupcake that could be in only one dimension at a time, so you had to have the characters collect it in a certain order as it bounced between dimensions?

Anyways, excellent job, I hope you had a blast with this jam!


Looks very good!


Oh very cool!  Really smooth platform controls, and it's fun seeing the 4 characters move together.  I also like that once they get their item they stop moving, great touch! Once you reach the second level with more hazards it is really fun paying attention to all 4 areas while moving the characters.  Great art work too~ Please check out my entry if you have time :)


What a cute aesthetic! I like the idea as well, trying to predict how all the four blobs will fly as you jump, and then facepalming when one of the blob did hit something. If there's anything to criticize, maybe the platforms' sometimes weird hitbox? Sometimes the blobs hit a corner when jumping from below at a corner, I think. The jump physics could be a bit tighter, but I think that's more a personal preference thing. Really good submission.


What a delightful game! Your mechanic of having them stop  once they get the cupcake changes it into  a great puzzle game instead of of focusing on four screens for the whole level. I think this is a game you could definitely extend post jam nice job!


Love this one. Want a full game! The level design makes this game what it is and it truly is on point!

I'm not sure if it was supposed to happen but sometimes the blobby bois would have the same level design for a portion but green would be like a fraction further than red and I felt like I got cheated on a couple deaths. I'd be looking at red thinking green would be right along with em' but then it'd slip off the edge and into the spikes which made me sad.

I'd also like to see the four panels having more platforming properties if you continue with this game (which I think you should). Like maybe red interacts with a specific object in a different way than blue so it will make you rethink the platforms yet again.

Overall love the concept and game. Good job!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for the sweet comment! 

The spiky spikes are only a hazard if you fall on them, so maybe some of the blobby bois fell behind because of them, but I totally get you.  Our next steps are to give the player more control over the squishy bois and to add more platforming elements (and a ton more levels!) :)

(btw that was a really good suggestion, will steal :p)

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