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When there's only you and the goal, you're going to have to help yourself.
Submitted by H_Labs — 3 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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Interesting game mechanic and I like the mouse controls.

Submitted (1 edit)

Very original, unique idea! I love it, I definitely want to see a polished version of this!
I couldn't get past the grey gap level >.< 
But from what I had played it was really good, although I do agree with what @B-Deshi Dev said, that the mouse controls are a little hard, perhaps you should find another way of getting this game to work with different controls?
Great job at making this game in 48 hours! Give yourself a high-five!



I think the mouse controls hurt it instead of helping it. Runing towards the mouse doesn't work for faster paced platformers. 

The loop mechanic is cool. But I think  that  it needs a slower pace. Maybe it'd be better if it was like superhot (i.e time moves when you do).

Also, you should add a faster way to restart.

But A+ for creativity.


Like it. I would add a quick way to restart level.

I guess this is like portal without the gun? A bit hard. But yeah, interesting stuff.

Submitted (1 edit)

Not bad ! A little bit difficult to control ,but it has a lot of potential .

Well done !


This was well fun, needed to think fast.  Very hard but very interesting, I'll be keeping an eye on this for post jam updates for sure.


Quite a cool puzzle game. Had me thinking for a long time on some levels! It took me a while to get how it worked though (my sister tried it and got it right away :'D) Also the black level I was able to do without needing my second guy. Overall, cool game :)


I'm glad you and your sister enjoyed it! Do y'all have any suggestions for communicating controls/how it works?


I understand the concept, but the game is hard as hell for me. Firstly, because of the controls, using mouse in a platformer game for PC with autorun isn't a good idea, I struggled with them a lot. Secondly, levels are to difficult from the beginning, alongside lack of feedback on my actions. Eventually, I struggled with the game instead of reaching goals. However, if you changed these problems, you would make this game more playable and understandable. 
Despite getting such feedback, keep trying!


I'm sorry to hear that! I was debating adding keyboard support and decided against it for time and precision reasons, but I should have gone with it. The levels are not very well balanced and I'll have to work towards that in the future.

I'm not entirely sure what feedback would be most helpful. Do you have any suggestions?


Considering my feedback or all?

Developer (1 edit)

Either. You mentioned "feedback for your actions" and I'm wanting to add that (post-jam), if you'd be willing to describe anything you had in mind.


Firstly, give feedback on using abilities. If they're passive show the differens between characters not only with colors, add some effects.


Will do. Thanks!

Hats of to your creativity!!! This game needs to be played by more devs here.. Inspiring work...


Really nice concept!

I first thing that game about peeing 🤣 sorry nice game, thank for it

Please check our too:


Only one sentence. (& rating)
Game is cool.


Interesting concept! I like interacting with my past selves! The only gripe I had was I would have liked to get back into the game a little quicker after failed attempts. Other than that, I thought it had a lot of charm! Good game!


Cool concept, but definitely too hard for me. :( I found it really difficult to accurately control the characters when they automatically follow the mouse. I also was a bit confused when a purple-ish character showed up... Really cool idea though!


Thanks for the feedback! Is there anything I could do to make the game control better? Or is the root of the problem the controls being centered around the mouse?

Submitted (1 edit)

For me it was just that it's based off of the mouse position. It might just be because I'm on a laptop with a trackpad, though. It was just hard to stop the character then move the mouse when necessary, especially considering the changing speed. The actual mechanics of the game were really impressive though!


Cool game! Definitely worth checking out.


Very original and amazing mechanic for the game! Minimalistic, reminds me a little of "Baba is You"


Thank you! I realized partway through naming levels how much Baba was influencing me.


I love the minimalist graphics and well thought design, kudos :)


Cool concept, I like it! Especially since it uses the player color in some way :p

I found it pretty hard though. Felt like needed to have some good planning and timing to figure some of the stuff out. 


Thanks! I definitely should have given players more time. When I work on this more, I hope to account for that better and create some levels where there are a variety of solutions to play around with.


Really interesting, perhaps more control when to switch characters? The thing I wanted the most was the final Yellow guys timer to never end as I came close multiple times to the goal but the timer ended. The use of multiple versions of yourself that interact differently depending on a condition is really interesting, you should keep working on the concept and turn it into a full game!

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