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I understand the concept, but the game is hard as hell for me. Firstly, because of the controls, using mouse in a platformer game for PC with autorun isn't a good idea, I struggled with them a lot. Secondly, levels are to difficult from the beginning, alongside lack of feedback on my actions. Eventually, I struggled with the game instead of reaching goals. However, if you changed these problems, you would make this game more playable and understandable. 
Despite getting such feedback, keep trying!

I'm sorry to hear that! I was debating adding keyboard support and decided against it for time and precision reasons, but I should have gone with it. The levels are not very well balanced and I'll have to work towards that in the future.

I'm not entirely sure what feedback would be most helpful. Do you have any suggestions?

Considering my feedback or all?

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Either. You mentioned "feedback for your actions" and I'm wanting to add that (post-jam), if you'd be willing to describe anything you had in mind.

Firstly, give feedback on using abilities. If they're passive show the differens between characters not only with colors, add some effects.

Will do. Thanks!