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Sort the Court!

Give your decree in simple yes or no answers, and help the kingdom grow! · By Graeme Borland


A topic by Graeme Borland created Jan 15, 2016 Views: 55,001 Replies: 246
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If you have any suggestions for the game, voice them here! We don't want to stray super far from the original concept of the game, but we're definitely open to hearing out any ideas you might have for future versions.


I don't know if this might work out but here it goes. When a soldier asks you to join the army in battle and you select yes, you could be sent to a sort of army landscape, then the general will ask what to do. You (the king) will say yes or no to either question, each decision will determine if you win the battle. If you win you get +350 gold and +50 happiness. If you lose, you lose -25 population and -350 gold. I think it's a nice concept but I'm not sure you guys will want to put it in. I might also suggest customization of leaders, let me explain. Being a king is cool and all but I would like some customization too, you know?

Finally, I think there should be more modes. Something like, easy,medium,hard,Bananas! etc. Anyways these are just my thoughts take any you like :) Hope the game does real good!


I actually quite like the idea of being able to move to different locations like a battlefield, and having people continue coming to you for advice in different contexts.. Will be thinking about that one some more! Thanks for the feedback :)



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Hey, I have some ideas, I think that the game would be awesome with them.

First why don't you have a system where your population would give you taxe income that would normaly be 1% of your population (ex: 250 pop=2,5 - that we round up to 3 coins per day) this 1% would exist if your pop was happy, if the were sad it would be 0.5% and if your were in deficit you could gain 2% at the cost of 5 happiness/day, this could be an option given by a new character a tax man.

You also could have sistem where after the pop metter you would have a soldier meter that would have your amount of soldier so that you would have to maintain an army to for ex: help the sultans' town. In that system to maintain a total of the 1% income you couldn' t have more than 30% of your pop has soldiers.

I have been thinking in other ideas but for now i think that these are the best for you to have in the game.

Also if want i can translate the game to Portuguese and Spanish it would be ny pleasure, and no payment need. If you want just send to may mail the data and I'll get it done in 2 week max.

Hope you see this!

When are you going to implement all these ideas you like?


That's a super cool suggestion!

I agree! (And Yes, I did create an account to comment on this game) I also wish when the Barber gave you a haircut, you could unlock diffrent hairstyles and such.


It's called "sort the court" and I assumed that this was sort of a strategic element game - that someone in the court was good/bad and you had to "sort" who by clues given - I guess that would be a whole other game...

Still a cool idea and that's kinda here..

That is not true, in the game, you had to make choices such as good or bad.


I feel like it'd be super cool if when someone asks to build something, like a blacksmiths or garden, that you'll have a button somewhere that takes you to like a simple little map with the buildings that you've let people build. And, you can check on their progress and stuff and then go back to your throne room. It might be a little complicated but it'd be a great addition in my opinion :)


Interesting thought! That's got me wondering about ways to be able to "check in" on various characters so you can get a better handle on who's doing what and remember what stories are playing out.. Thanks for the feedback :)


No problem I love your game so I want to do anything I can do help ^^


It'd be cool if such buildings appeared in the background, much like at the start of the game when the castle/town are slowly building up :)


After you say no to the devil guy Georgie several times, I think it'd be good if his questions got more difficult or tempting. Later on (post dragon slyed, lots of money) he kept coming a lot but we kept telling him no and it lost what made the character interesting.

These are just would be nice features:
Physics on coins would be cool, so that you could keep seeing more coins as you make more than 3000 gold. I'd also like to see the city in the background grow more.


Also it feels like it is mostly weighted towards saying Yes to most things, so it might be more interesting if there were more things that seem like saying Yes might be good, but that No is better.
As a general governing rule, just making the decisions more difficult as you get further along. After the dragon comes, and you have money, it kinda gets easier in general after that.


Your point about encouraging people to say "no" more is very interesting. I've noticed that too, how saying yes all the time is very rarely a bad strategy. Will have to think on that!

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I disagree, Geordie has several strategies and at one point even offers to do good deeds ("angel") or even a cataclysmic sacrifice in exchange of a lot of money. If you accept this ritual, you will never see him again.

Also, to really progress, I had to select carefully my answers, if you always say "yes" you may not lose but your progress will be horribly slow.

/EDIT: I see that these posts are old so maybe the geordie character was extended in the latest release (1.0.2).


Some specific suggestions from our play session: It would be great if there were more construction projects. Along with that: it would be funny if you scaled the construction worker up just a little bit every time you give him a sandwich. Also: Skully and Molder are great and need more content. I also had an idea later that it would be great if when the little kid comes in to ask you if his friends can come over to play if occasionally his friends were bandits, or pirates, or ghouls. Love the game. I look forward to playing it way more.


Those are great points! I'm thinking for our next update we're going to focus on another large round of content to flesh out the storylines like these rather than adding big new features. The repeating characters like Georgie and the Wizard should definitely have much more to them, I agree. The game was originally designed with very short play sessions in mind, and now that people are playing for longer it seems having longer storylines and more followup visits seems to be the #1 most common request in general. Thanks for the feedback!


I've been playing for about an hour and have 2.5k gold and not very many opportunities to spend it. I still keep getting events like the grandma, timmy, or the cat asking for food/gold and this only costs 1 gold piece. I think their demands should go up as time goes on, grandma does have the soup shop but perhaps timmy should ask for larger sums of gold and become a spoiled brat or something. I also feel as if opportunities to spend larger sums of gold are not coming up often enough, so that's why my king is drowning in a sea of gold right now. Maybe I haven't been playing long enough though!


You're totally correct! The game was originally designed with a play session of 10 to 15 minutes in mind, so there really is no "late game" content. This is something I'm trying to address in future updates by adding plenty of new content and characters. I never thought people would be playing for so long, but it's a good problem to have! :)

Yeah, I noticed that, since I have 17k gold, and I've almost reached one full year of in-game time passed.

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the game should be harder in the "late game". im here with 3k people, 650 happiness and 4k gold.

maybe some other monsters like the dragon (ok i met a kraken once but he never came back). some kind of diseases and missfortunes would be cool, so you lose some % of your people or gold and maybe some kind to prevent this like a doctor, which is only good later, if you accept him too early he will do something bad or other challenges. the game at this state is fun but to short and you can press yes withou thinking to much.

some more ideas


-a mysterious man (with strange questions?!)


-a prinzess

-switch something up if you answer a question to often the same way

- add a "keep silence" button for more tactical decisions


That's awesome you played for so long! Honestly, when the game was originally made I didn't think people would be spending nearly so much time with it, so there isn't really a "late game" at all yet! That's the first thing on my list right now for future updates, to add new characters and storylines that get added on as your city grows.


I know the game was made for an gamejam , but the artstyle is fitting , the idea is simple but interesting and has potential. I didn't want to miss anything when I played it ;)

So just add some content and I will try it again the next patch.

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I played for 3h until I had done all the stories (I think), including Project L.A.P.I.N., the videogame maker, the gold generating machine, curing chester, geordie sacrifice, trees protests, etc. I reached something like 10k people and 6k gold, but there is no more use to it sadly ;)

If there were more stories and the possibility to save progress, I would surely continue!


It's a minor detail, but how about when the barber cuts your hair, it changes? It can grow over time too. A couple of other suggestions:

- More things like the Dragonblade, such as a lizard eye or something which could be used/given to various character (witch, Georgie, etc.)

- Castle interior/town exterior upgrades which can boost certain stats or bring them down (such as ugly decorations or a golden statue, which can have a chance of being stolen and other chain reactions)


Thanks for the post! I definitely want to do more "big" storylines like the Dragonblade thing - and having more events that affect the appearance of your town is high up on my list as well :)

I'd love to see more chance-dependent/random outcomes. For instance, once I figured out that the All-seeing eye would result in a positive effect, I'll always give it a Y. If it was more of a 50/50 or one of several possible outcomes, there'd end up being a lot more variability and my choices might be more situational.


That's a good suggestion :) I also think the All-seeing eye deserves more of a story overall than it currently has...


I will say that since posting this I got some different results. I think I may have just coincidentally gotten the same results a few times in a row from some events.

lol didn't realise it was supposed to have 14 - 20 min play sessions, I think I played for about an hour and a half. is the little box in the left corner supposed to show stats? because on my browser it just appears as a plain light brown box. (I'm on the latest version of google chrome.)

I really like the concept! like i say, I was playing for several times the intended limit. I took some notes while I was playing though:

1. maybe the more morally ambiguous risky choices appear more frequently when you're hard up, but have a higher chance of success

2. if you want an ending, you could structure it a little bit like The Yahwg, in that you introduce the dragon as a threat early on, its a recurring problem, and then have an endgame sequence similar to the army scene SwiggitySwag came up with where the choice events are all based on fighting the dragon? That could be too similar to Yahwg though.

3. Maybe some recurring characters come back less and less frequently the more you refuse them. it was a little annoying to have to sit through characters I knew I was going to refuse no matter what.

4. to keep the challenge up throughout, maybe some punishments should be proportional to your stats, otherwise it gets a bit easy once you're rolling in the muns

5. maybe choose who to wield the dragon blade. I wanted the purple witch to have it!

thanks xox


Fun little game - really enjoyed it.

Some suggestions:

* Something other than the color-tinting for the time-of-day. I'd like to see the stars come out, the moon go up and down with the sun, etc. (Maybe you could do one of those "sun/moon" dials like you see on grandfather clocks in the background.) The town should grow dark, but the lights in the buildings should glow. The throne room could grow dark, but still have light thrown by torches. Etc.

* The lifeblood of this game, I think, is the set of decisions that have longer-term effects than just that one decision point. Recurring characters, town improvements, quests, etc., are what felt the most compelling about the game. You should add more of those.

* For replayability, I think you should have some of those decision choices be "branching", in the sense that if you, say, hire the witch, then some other character leaves town, and if you do not, that character stays and has its own effects. That would give you different characters on subsequent playthroughs, and also introduce an interesting meta-game where people try to decide where they want their kingdom to go based on the effects of the characters.

* I like the reports that show up that annotate the effects of your decisions at the end of the day. I think you could add interest by just having more of those, even if they don't change the effects. For instance, if you hire an exterminator to kill the bugs in the garden, you could dock the money immediately, and then show a placard in a day or two indicating that people are happy that the garden is free of bugs now. (More of this will also make it a little less obvious what the "correct" answer is, and make it feel like your decisions are more weighty, even though they have exactly the same effect. It would also be a nice opportunity to show a little drawing of the garden.)

* The people walking in and out so slowly gets a little tedious. Maybe speed that up a bit? And perhaps start the next person walking in when the previous person is leaving instead of having one person leave completely before the next person starts walking in.

* It would be nice for the king to be animated, giving thumbs-up and thumbs-down as part of the answer, or maybe nodding and shaking his head.

* I liked how the town was built up in the background over the early game, but it very quickly became static. Maybe just ramp that animation over a longer period of time? Or better yet, find a way to integrate the granaries, the gardens, etc., into the view of the town.

Anyway, that was a really fun little romp. Interesting how just yes/no questions led to some compelling gameplay.

I felt this game was too easy in the end, I ended up with a ton of gold, and people, and I just kept spamming Y and got more.

I think with things like "The all seeing eye" it should be lose money or give money since I auto knew to press Yes to them and No to the others, possibly randomize it with a good or bad ending. For example:

"Kind did you want a spooky name?"

Good: "Creep King" (Possibly make an array with different names) and have that person call the king by that name not just: "Hi friend"

Bad: "Annoying King" (Array it) and make it negative one on happiness? (The king)


The "throne room" is boring. You shold have someone (like interior designer) come in to ask if the castle looks boring. then if you say yes then he/she will ask for your money and time. If you say yes then they will come back, and three pictures (these will pop up) and you choose what one you like best (this might change things like:color of the wall, where your money is stored, a stain glass window, and/or a "hang in there" cat poster) the selected one is now what you have as your background. Other thing you can do is have the king be able to adopted a pet; cat, dog, bird, fish, monkey from a person that wants to set up a pet store. This animal can walk around the castle or sit on the kings lap.(PS: thank you for taking the time to read this)

Are the haunting problems random, or are they related to M. Esprit? If the latter a hint would be helpful.


The events about the spirits being angry and resulting hauntings are related to the witch, there are a few different times she will approach you about it.

She doesn't cause them, though, right? I had haunting problems for ages before she ever brought it up.


Oh interesting. She doesn't cause them, she can only prevent them by letting you make a donation. But it is possible through the randomization that she won't visit you until it is too late. On second thought this is probably something I should tweak..

I'd like to note she also doesn't seem to prevent it either. For me she just takes 200 gold constantly (then a wooping 1000 gold when she sensed the spirits were getting angry) and I get the hauntings anyways.

i think you always must says no to the ghost, they try to trick u


I wait for more events in the game. And i would love to see more history concept in the game, involving some citzens, the king and the past of the city/kingdom


I think that it would be cool if the dragon appeared more and if you gave him money he would eventually become more frienly or even beggin to ask more money before you kill him. It would be fun too if you say no to the dragonblade then the dragon would come and tell you that he(by some random way) got the knowledge that you didn't want to kill him and more interactions would be avaiable with him. these are my ideas after a 2 hours playtime

(1 edit) (+1)

I second this motion! as well as suggest that he maybe get smaller the friendlier he gets? I'm curious to know what his face looks like, plus I'd rather not have him continue to stink up the place with his giant feet

For some reason a few events are showing up multiple times in one day (haunting services, upgrading guards weapons) or almost every day (like upgrading roads) which is getting a little annoying. More variety is nice.


Ooh. Just thought about how cool it would be to have an idle version of this game where you check back once in a while to go court sorting. New issues come in every 5-20 minutes. Dear god I'd love a game like that.


Hello!! I just discovered this game not too long ago, and I absolutely adore it. So thank you for creating this game! I apologize if this has been asked many times, but are you planning to do a mobile version? I really think this would be a great mobile game, plus I want to snuggle up in my bed and play this game for hours haha.

I haven't discovered all of the scenarios and such, but I hope you continue to add more stories/characters/events! This is a very simple game that is somehow lots of fun. I would personally love to have some more appearance changes in the game, as others have suggested. Other than that, I don't really have any specific scenarios I have in mind. If I have any other ideas, I'll be sure to post in this thread again.

Thanks again! I'll continue playing now. :)

oops you can forget about the backround thing i just didnt played the update


Just spent an hour playing this game! Thanks!

If you want a suggestion... please let me save my progress!

I love this game, but the spirits are soooo annoying. I can go days and days with no offers to appease them, and even once they get out of control, it can still take 5+ days to get an offer to give them that pricey 1k :/ I kind of wish there was just a "donate to spirits" button or something so i could just toss 50-200 coins at them every 2 days and keep them off my back.


Yeah, the spirits storyline didn't really work out how I planned - a few people have mentioned this now so I'll be changing it in the next update!

Hello Graeme! I'd like to make a couple suggestions for this game.... I'd like if you implemented a feature in the game where the robot game dev comes back and gives you a bunch of money or joins the council (or whatever it's called) to passively grant the player money; but only if the player kept the cog and didn't give it away to the scientist or the luxury goods guy. I also think it would make the game more fun if you implemented a feature of time management where each yes or no question takes time to carry out. It would also be cool if you could go to different places to make decisions for your people as an add - on to the time management feature. Although those are just my thoughts, I think they would make 2 - 3 hour sessions like the ones I do more fun. Thank you for your time if you're even reading this. Goodbye.


I... I got really attached to the game, and my baby cousin got to my laptop, and he exited the game.

I frantically opened it again, but... ; - ; All of my progress was lost. This was horrible to me, since I had already gotten fairly far into the game, and even if the situations were repeating, I was still enjoying it.

Do you think you would ever put a 'Save' option in the game?


Create a full-functioning game out of this. You've got gold, just add a rough-patch 'ending'(However, leave it in an 'endless' mode) with a save-feature and your'e good to go. Even if you don't want to use this one, reskin it to make a new one. This game is legit one of the best "Kingdom Controller" games out there, as it's neither too complicated or too simple (as even though the controls are simple, the outcomes are intricate.)

Also, the witch appearing to ask for donations on the ghost failed several times--as she was 4/5 times too late. Some tweaking in the chances need changed there. Add more with the shady girl, she has a nice design but no story from what I could manage. Please make it possible for townies who left to return later, even if just to check in and ask for/give stuff. I only got to see Miriam once before she left. Mercury needs more details, as she only ever asks for money after I decided to stop construction. This game is also incredibly opposed to Science, as the only good thing to come from it is the machine--whereas all other's seemed to almost always end in negative effects. Jester is also incredibly annoying, coming in and always asking for 700 (although he asked for new juggling equipment once)--and needs more variety.

Some dialogue from Grandma talking about random things would be nice, like her just stopping in and saying "Oh, I remember back when my husband was still around how small this place was. He'd be proud of how the kingdom's grown, don't you think?" (With Y/N just giving similar response to her asking about the newspaper's heading.) She could unveil a underlying story with her long-term existence in the town, even if she's just talking to the king about by-gone days (I.E. during the dragon fiasco, she could mention how "that old brute" wreaked havoc back when the king's father was in charge.) Old people are cute, y'know?

A seasonal change every so many days would also be nice, where new events for the season could arise and the art could shift to a more seasonal thing (I.E. during Winter, the gardener woman no longer appears unless she needs something to protect seeds. During spring, she comes more often. Summer, she gives alot of fruit/vegetables away--and Fall she requests alot. Ghost-dude/Skelly/Lil Fang/Happy (or angry) spirit events and visits may be more common (or restricted to only appearing) in Fall. Mercury/Kracken visits more in Summer.)

All in all this is a wonderful game and I am very much emotionally invested in it.

So i have been obsessed with this game, getting up to 105 days with around 4500 citiens and getting plus 50 everyday, with 566 happiness and 3700 gold and i do love this game, i really do but it gets really repetetive, if you do plan on making an endless game without a goal other than dont go bankrupt then you need a lot of variety, events and etc, and that bloddy witch who you have to pay 200 gold, if not 1000 later is not a good way of making the game hard, its annoying. There is the few scientist projects and such but they too are rare. Also after you make all the good decisions and have enough of everything choices dont matter as much, maxbe a thing where it measures how good your doing will increase the severity of your choices, i know its easy to ask but hard to fulfill but it is just my extremely vague suggestion. Like i said things like the wizard and a chance of gaining or losing stuff become an extremely minor gamble because i simply make those 15 pop and happyiness up in no time. Also since im getting a fabolous haircut from my fabolous hairdresser i make so much money of it would be pretty cool if you actually get a new haircut. One last thing, it would be really cool if your choices matter on the long run, for example if you have been a really evil king you might get overthrown (and you could then play as the new king), but only if you have been allowing your town to get harrased by tree stumps, mermaids and octopus monsters with a million spiral teeth, every single day. And also a king customisationg and maybe you could chhose an advisor with a selection of many other advisor with different views who can have an opinion and gain or lose happiness depending on the choices you make like a proud military advisor would lose happiness if you agree not to anger the mermaids but a considerate advisor would gain happiness from agreeing to stop extending your borders.

If you read this far i appriciate your patience with my horrible spelling and not gettign annoyed with my big chunk of text, i had no plan on how how i set it out. And thanks for reading and if youre the game dev thanks for checking out my opinion and suggestions, loved your game, spent a lot of time on it.

Can I say "autosave" loudly enough?


I hear you loud and clear -

Consider it "coming soon" :)

When you keep having ghosts haunt the town, maybe there could be an exorcist? But when you pay the exorcist the town becomes a little sad? It would be a hard choice because it would cost you a lot of gold, but they wouldn't keep scaring the town's people. Also it would effect the witch's happiness because she didn't want the ghosts to leave. It would also make Monsieur Esprit sad because those were his friends?

I think an app version of the game would be amazing. I've seen the game played on YouTube, but since I don't have a computer I can use, I can't play it! So I think an app would be really worth while for those without computers or who wanna play while outside or such.

Being able to see the city grow some more would be awesome (maybe even be able to see the garden/blacksmith etc out your window?)

The only other thought I had was that it'd be interesting if the Purple Witch could advance through ranks of how well known of a hero she is, as well as the monsters she faces.

Anyways i love the game, and I've played it much longer than I probably should :D

I wish there was a save option. I got to day 60 something and quit the game because I had to go to bed and when I opened it again it started me all over again. If it had a saving option it would be the perfect time waster. In a good way of course.


Saving is coming in the next update, whenever I'm able to get that out! Thanks for playing :)

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an idea popped into my head while I was playing after the butler gave me some of "the good stuff", if you deny him the rest of the day off for a party (or whatever it was) enough times, it should be poisoned, but it shouldn't kill you immediately, after enough times of drinking it you (the king) should be visibly sick, and should get help from a doctor character or the Royal Adviser and there should be either a small chance that the antidote is sabotaged by the butler or there's a Y/N answer that, given your choice, will result in your getting better or early demise

if someone hasn't already suggested it, and it isn't already part of the game, the potions the scientists make should have more things happen than turning people into gold (has only happened once for me) and turning people purple (the only other thing that's happened with them so far in my experience), like for instance, people should gain powers or turn into other creatures, like deer, wolves, frogs, cats, hell, make people dragons of all shapes and sizes! that'd be pretty cool .3.

Alright, i've discovered this game because of Markiplier video on it and not gonna lie, i had to play it. I LOVE this kind of game where you decide and in which decision are making your world walking in a direction or another. I've been playing a bit(and got 6000 people, 1000 love and roughly 3000 gold at some point. And if the game had kept giving me something for my trouble, i'd be still playing it.

Some people said that we should use the "No" button more and i have to agree. I even booted up a soft that press Y every 500ms to see if it would fuck up my game. But even then, the event are so regular and the "good event" is so commun that it does kill the interest. But you are totally on the good path with your game already. The gameplay is simple yet really fun and effective. What it really need is more work on character and choice. If you would add new character, if you would add more game changing decision, if you kept adding fun and weird and nice news scenario to the game i could end up playing that game WAY more.

Let's be faire, the gameplay is simple and so it's not really what kept people in the game. The graphism is great but yet simplistic and that good too, cause people don't really play the game for 4k graphics anyway right? Well... hopefully... No, they play because they want to know more, they want to know what the fuck is going on in this kingdom, why does this guy showing, why does he ask for money, why does that woman does with her worker for the garden, who the hell are the plant people, where does that robot come from? We want to know who's gonna show next, a troll? An astronauts?

Also, another good way to change the game a bit but keeping the same gameplay and the same vibe? Having decision impacting on what ever going on next. Let's say guard ask for a new "look out tower" then if you say yes, they will be on the look out for ennemy and might spot bandit or such and prevent "bad event". Having the garden could help cure some plague during special event.

So, i guess what i'm trying to say is that your game is pretty much perfect as it is. It just need more meat around the bone and it would keep me playing again, and again and again and again. I'd like to discover more about this town, this castle, this country, this world, those people, those alien, this dragon, those ghost... i think you get the idea. Anyway. Keep the good work :)

i haven't seen an option for muting the music? could that maybe be added? the background music is nice for a little bit but it get's a bit stall when you're playing for a long time.


That's fair! I will add a mute button in the next update.

You're going to get an influx of new comments thanks to Markiplier! He's the reason I'm here, too. This game is so delightful, I've lost count of the hours I've spent playing it today.

Others have made suggestions much more substantial and constructive than mine. I have just one request: Can you please give us the option to make that adorable Royal Advisor into our Royal Queen? 😍 She has such a cute design, and the kingdom would simply crumble without her assistance. That alone is enough to make any ruler fall in love, I think!

In all seriousness, though, it might be nice to implement some personal development for the king: obtaining a queen, siring a royal family of future heirs, etc. -- Something to consider. This game is wonderful enough as it is in its simplicity.


Hi I've been playing this for hours now and I absolutely love it. I'm sorry if this has already been suggested but I have an idea and I was thinking that you could have a weather and season system! Maybe?!

To keep the style of the game I don't mean having like a month / time / calendar in the top corner or anything (unless you want to), but rather a slow transaction into the seasons (like every 5- 10 days). Each season has their main difference in the way it looks through the window - like in winter the roofs are covered in snow; in autumn a breeze shows a couple of colorful leave fly past the window randomly once in a while, but nothing hugely major.

With each season there would be possible consequences. Like in summer/autumn the clouds could randomly turn to grey one day and it start raining and this has the possibility of turning it into a storm, which the consequence would be a possible fire (lightning hitting a roof) and or a small flood and you just repair the damages by recruiting workers or whats appropriate to the situation etc. This wouldn't happen every time it did storm - randomly generated obviously, but then that's the point, one year you have no problems then BAM you have to fix everything the year after :D

I hope this was inspirational or at least something that catches your eye to think about. Anyways congrats, this game is really adorable and has amazing charm, I love how you can get so invested in the characters and even feel so many emotions and get conflicted so easily. Keep up the great content !

I agree the Month/Time calendar would be a cool addition also the season things too and there could be events where crops die and you have to save food for the winter so you could add a food bar in one of the corners and it ties in with the happiness of the people

Hi! I came over to play your game after I saw Markiplier do a short play through on youtube. And I've read through a couple of the other suggestions and saw that you said this game was intended or only a short play through. But because their's no real way to win or lose or know your winning or losing I think it just makes people not stop? I played for a good long while before I decided I needed to stop.
I think it would be a good idea if you could sometimes ask the witch if she could do the ghost sacrifice for gold? like summon her? I was having trouble with the ghosts haunting and I just couldn't get rid of them until she came again after a long time and asked for the 1000 gold coins for the gold sacrifice for the ghosts.
And maybe have some of the plant people that grew in the garden come and ask for some stuff, like money for fertilizer or whatever a plant person could ask for.
Or have the mer-person (fish person?) get mad at you and possibly curse your kingdom if you say no to giving them the gold for the sacrifice for the ocean?

This is a really cool game btw, easy to just play for an hour or two. Keep up the good work!

I would like to see the city in the background change based on my choices or have the options to live out stereotype kings like the gold loving king, the mad king or the king who sold his soul the the devil. I rather enjoyed the interactions with the demon so with the addition of an angel could add some more fun contrast or options.

Being able to actually move and have more options besides Yes or No could also affect the game dramatically. Maybe have a war system so we (I) can deal with the stumpy ents once and for all.

I Personally love this game and only have a few issues with it. I think that there should be more changes to your throne, your character/king and the city in the background when you make certain decisions. I also wish that there were more huge, excited or devastating events that occur like the dragon event and crafting the sword and then finding a hero to wield it was an amazing event and I wish there were more just as exciting. This game is awesome and a great idea and there is lots to expand off of so good luck on development and ill be ready for future updates :)

So, first of all, I wanna say I love this game. It's so simple, but yet so good. I would put it up there with To The Moon and Undertale. One feature I would very much like to see added to the game though is the ability to save your progress. For example, I made it pretty far...I had over 2000 population and things were going well...I pressed escape thinking I would have the option to save my progress and the game exited...I lost so much progress...still love the game though.

This. It's already a fun time-sink, it would be even more so if you could make solid progress by keeping your current city status.


Saving is going to be in the next update, which will be out as soon as I can finish it :)

I think some of the smaller, repeating bonuses for Happiness or a small gold amount (1-5 gold) should have a slightly longer continuation - like if you pet Boots' belly enough, he goes and keeps the streets clear of rodents, raising happiness by a larger amount, or if when you pet Pancakes, there's a slight chance something will happen from the slightly magical cat - perhaps even the ghost who inquires about the castle being a castle return and offer a small gift as a way of apology for his lack of manners, getting gold if you accept, happiness if you decline.


I have been playing this game since yesterday and if there was a way to log my hours I would say I have over 10 hours in the game as of now. I finally stopped once I reached over 10000 people and 5000 monies at one time however I did realize that the original content ended about 4 hours into it after I'd created the infinite money machine, sorted it out with the trees, got saturn and mercury, got the plant and pineapple people, killed the dragon, got the bunny robot, etc. I would like to say the game should add a suggestion saying something like, "You've completed all the game has to offer, I think you should take a break," Or something like that because damn I spent a lot of time doing basically the same things xD


Wow, it's incredible you played the game for so long! Sort the Court is a tiny game that was originally only meant to be played for 15-20 minute stretches. The update I am working on includes plenty of new content including a "main story" that will make it more obvious when you've completed the game. Thanks so much for playing!

(1 edit)

Hello! I found this game to be quite charming and heartwarming. I'm from Argentina and I would like more people to experience it, so I can translate it to Spanish. Thanks for this piece of art!

You could maybe include some more voice acting in the game, other than the king's yes and no sounds. Like, sounds of disappointment or joy depending on your choices, with each character having a different sound. You can get tons of free sounds like that online, or otherwise amature voice actors are often happy to do things like that :)

I cant save the game. Why ???


Sorry! Sort the Court is a tiny game that we never expected people to be playing so much. A save system will be included in the next update, which will be out as soon as I can manage.

Haha, don't be sorry. I mean... Most of the best game i've played are game which where not ment to be played extensivly and let's face it, it's probably why i love those game so much. Your game is simple but yet fun, and i feel many game creator forgot that game is mostly supposed to be fun XD

So don't be sorry for being succesfull in that regard :P

These are really more questions than suggestions but 1) I have seen a few people bring up a mobile version but i haven't really seen a response from you and I was just wondering if it's on your to-do list at all? Even if it's a way far in the future thing I think it would be a pretty cool idea. But if you think leaving it as a pc only game will keep it more authentic or something that fine too (it's your game obviously!)

2) I was also wondering if you had an ETA on your next update? I'm really excited to see what you have in store for us!


I've played the game and was wondering if there is any "You Lose" or "You Win" Scenarios? I can dig a whole endless play style and I never came across a situation where anything but gold went into the negative and even that wasn't that big of a deal. Maybe adding a "You Win!" screen or pop up after 500 population or something with the choice of continuing on the same difficulty or maybe doing a new game+ with an even higher goal would be nice. For the "You Lose", I would imagine having 0 Population would result in a loss, having happiness at 0 or maybe a -20 or -50 could result in a loss, and say a -500 gold could result in a loss as well.

The New Game+ would start you off with say 200-250 population, 150-200 Happiness, and 300-500 gold with increase in difficulty and an end goal of say 1,000 population or something. Could essentially do this endlessly an just adjust the number to have higher risks and higher rewards for your choices and each New Game+ could add cosmetic changes to the king and his throne like a trophy shelf, nicer throne/clothes/crown, so on and so forth.

Other then that I like the ideas of switching scenery to get to new locations with different decisions, checking on people, and deciding where buildings go. One idea I had and I'm sure others have pitched is changing how the king looks, having a customization option to change hair color, beard, and maybe face.

Other then that my last idea, concerning the "You Lose" part of the game, while not reaching negative in stats or stat of 0 is one way to stay alive, I was thinking about the wrong decisions could result in a loss. For example I was drinking the Butlers "Special Tea" that cost 10 gold and he always seemed so shifty the whole time during that and I was just thinking "OH GOD HE'S POISONING ME!" but after like 10 cups I just figured he's being creepy. So maybe a decision of the butler poisoning you could be one and say drink 3-5 poison teas consecutively could result in your death or basically a "You Lose Scenario". Other's would be like sending out the dragon blade with the wrong hero and the dragon comes back to kill you because the hero fails, letting the wrong person join your court or guard and ends up being an assassin that kills you. So on and so forth. Not saying the butler will poison you every time, and if you get suspicious you could send skelly or the mold to investigate.

Well that got me to thinking about another idea; Skelly, the mold, and the other various people who join your court or end up arriving in the city tend to be just there and random. So having more impact to the decisions could lead to relying on random chance of the right person arriving. So what if the various people you can add to your court or various unique people like the witch, skelly, or the mold, could be sent out to deal with problems or decisions that require you to choose one of these people to send out instead of just a Y or N. This would put them on "cooldown" since they are away, Skelly and the Mold would both be investigators but specialize in different stuff, the witch and wizard the same way, so on and so forth.

I would like it to be a way to look at your army. Right now I have a huge army but no way to interact with it :/

(1 edit) (+1)

Why not just include a save feature?

I'm already on day 83 with 3311 population, 604 happiness and 1352 wealth. Sadly I'm going to have to close my browser window at some point.

Oops, I just saw the post by AsuraKen.


So i have like 20 hours on this game and the only problem i got is the haynting system that was very anoying because even i if payed the thing to the witch i would be haunted either way buy anyway is a nive game good job.

And i didnt like the npcs that you give money too and they really dont get nothing back,,,,,

My best run:

Hey, I have some ideas, I think that the game would be awesome with them.

First why don't you have a system where your population would give you taxe income that would normaly be 1% of your population (ex: 250 pop=2,5 - that we round up to 3 coins per day) this 1% would exist if your pop was happy, if the were sad it would be 0.5% and if your were in deficit you could gain 2% at the cost of 5 happiness/day, this could be an option given by a new character a tax man.

You also could have sistem where after the pop metter you would have a soldier meter that would have your amount of soldier so that you would have to maintain an army to for ex: help the sultans' town. In that system to maintain a total of the 1% income you couldn' t have more than 30% of your pop has soldiers.

I have been thinking in other ideas but for now i think that these are the best for you to have in the game.

Also if want i can translate the game to Portuguese and Spanish it would be ny pleasure, and no payment need. If you want just send to may mail the data and I'll get it done in 2 week max.

Hope you see this!

The issue about this is that you will always say no to Chester and Georgie because you will make more money off of your people then them.

From playing the game, I like it! but here's where I get serious. It seem to me that later in the game we have lots of of people in town but how about when you hit a certain number in the population, someone new appears. Also since I feel the need that you can choose to be a good king or bad king XD

Hey so, for Sort the Court, this isnt a suggestion as much as it is a question. Haunting. I dont understand it. Like im constantly getting information on hauntings but i havent been able to find a solution. idek what to do. i dont want a direct answer like i want to figure it out myself, but if you could give me a hint perhaps? or something... idk

other than that, i really love the game!! so thanks ^-^


Mute option. This is the only thing I ever want in every game. Just let me turn off the damn sound.

It would be cool to have a fraction of the red and blue (or 4 and each one corresponds to a heart, a club, etc) houses of nobels. They will be elites that would argue to gain influence in your court, and each one has a certain mindset. And the more you lean on in one side, slowly your sceneray changes. You lose if one house takes over. If all houses are stressed to beyond composure and are no longer faithful. The ending( potentially a chance of inheritance to give your power to a youth of a house, and there rule will directly correlate to how you had ruled ) gives a sliver of the future of what comes in the next reighn.

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Please make a pause menu with a mute button! :)


Mute button will be coming in the next update, as soon as I'm able to finish it!

Thats awesome! Means i can watch youtube and play at the same time! Thanks heaps, love the game!

I currently have one suggestion.

Could you give the king some animation because he looks like a sitting doll on the throne.

I have an idea for a side thing with the dragon. So we all know the big bad dragon comes in and steals your gold, kills your populace if you don't comply, what if there was a way instead of slaying the dragon you were able to befriend it, or depending on previous circumstances and other decisions that a slightly different dialog came into play, were the dragon will guard your kingdom in return for gold, something along those lines. But your game is awesome and I can't wait for future updates. Good luck with this game. :D

Okay so I personally LOVE this game, but I do think there needs to be a few changes. Like there need to be more outcomes where you HAVE to press no, cause I can spam Y and make it through just fine. Also the ghosts come out even when you pay the fines and that's a problem.

I also think that the "special tea" you get should actually be a drug substance in the tea, and it kind of affects the character in decision making by kind of making the words fuzzy, and if you don't take it as often then you end up saying no to most everything not by your own will. Now of course there's a way to fix it, maybe the witch or a doctor can fix it! But you'll have heavy withdrawal symptoms and such. I dunno I thought it'd be a neat idea. The game is super fun and I played for like 4 hours without noticing how much time I spent on it but I feel like there needs to be more negative outcomes to balance the game out and maybe add like a gypsy and she kind of half predicts a good or bad outcome in the near future like a troll suddenly attacking or meeting a new person who will bring you good fortune in the long run if you play your cards right!

Anywayssss~ Thanks for making an awesome game and being even more awesome and putting it for Browser too! I wouldn't have been able to play it if it wasn't thanks to my stupid Chromebook.... I hope to see more updates and maybe one day even a mobile version!

yes I like the idea with the tea and it being a drug

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Not gonna lie, I kinda thought the butler was lacing my tea with drugs because of the way he calls it "the good stuff" and assumes I'm addicted to it.

More late stage events would be good :)


This is just a fun little idea i had:

OK,i think you should be able to Watch or Become The knight when hes doing a quest

Or going to fight the dragon, Like choosing wich path to take When going to dragon

I would really like to see more opportunities for gold that aren't from chance or granny/fisherman situations. At the beginning of the game I really struggled with that and had to sacrifice happiness to be able to expand and since just haven't been able to keep that happiness and coin balance which is disappointing and frustrating.

Also I would really like to be able to have other games (save and load so I could play a bad king and a good king etc.

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I think you should be able to play Robot game devs game (40 days after he leaves)

(1 edit)

I would like to see the ability to summon an advisor to the court, for example, summon the witch to have her appease the spirits (Because, as it is now, it's random, which isn't good for my coffers because she might show up before they get angry, she might not, she might not even show up until several days after the haunting has started to devastate the happiness of my kingdom, as well as it's coffers. The royal knight also seems to refuse to ask for the sword (Every time he comes by, it's to go on a dangerous adventure, and in this particular playthrough, he seems to be incredibly unlucky), and the thief hasn't come back. I'm starting to think that the thief isn't all that evil, and is the only way to kill the damn dragon.

Also, maybe add a little window that pops up from behind the dialogue box if someone is asking for money telling us exactly how much they're asking for. Only the little boy and the things over 100 gold seem to actually be told up front.

It's really annoying when the spirits get super upset and then the witch person doesnt come to offer me to appease them for like, 20 days. It should be scripted so that either just before the spirits get mad, or shortly after they do that she comes in to offer the ceremony. That way you don't end up going 25 days with angry spirits making you lose sadness constantly.


I agree - the haunting storyline is being tweaked a bunch in the next update, which will be out as soon as I can finish it.

And maybe allow you to summon the witch so you can appease the spirits whenever you want.

It'd also be cool to see some benefits for appeasing the spirits, beyond "they won't fuck your shit up" :)

The vampire could find more fun spooky names ! The ghost could be used to haunt people you don't like (bandits, treepeople and such). But as everyone says, just generally more late game and being able to save because that game is just awesome :D can't stop playing !

Oh and it's always sunny, maybe add meteo ? It could do bad or good things for the garden and market !



So I just started playing Sort The Court and I looked through the suggestions, and here's an idea to add ore consequences for your actions, what if you could have a significant other? You could romance anyone within reason, the witch, the lady who eats candy (I forgot her name, sorry!), or if you swing the other way, perhaps people like the jester and the knight, and then they become a special advisor and wife/husband, and they give you suggestions on who to say yes and no to. If you disagree with them, sometimes they'll be unhappy, and a happiness meter for them, separate to the townspeople's will go down, and when it reaches 20 out of 100, they begin to conspire to kill you, so that since youre married with them, they become the new king/queen. In addition, if an outcome of something you disagreed with them on intially ends up raising the townspeople's happiness up, his/hers happiness goes up too! And also, with more addition to that, I read about the whole Idea of going into battle and making decisions there on the battlefield, what if your wife/husband could die, and lower the townspeople's happiness by HUNDREDS! or even have them worry about requests at home, and depending how long youre gone for, or what they're morals are like, they could have changed your stats a bit. I dunno, I thought it might be interesting.

You could put before the game a option if you want a queen or a king you know I understand if you don't want to put his idea in your game

I played this for a few hours and have to say I love so much about this game, the art is cute, the game has potential, and it's nice to see your kingdom progress.

one thing I would like to see implemented the most is more character development, have characters grow over time depending on your choices. maybe the "sneaky girl" could change her ways with the right choices, maybe little Timmy could become a spoiled brat if you always give him gold, or maybe the wizard will get better at magic if you keep letting him try. either way excited to see what this game has in store for the future.

I think some things that could definitely make the game a bit better would be:

-save option (though I'm sure that's being worked on already)

-more story arcs and a way to show time is passing (characters like yet yet and Timmy getting older, yet yet becoming a more skilled adventurer, your beard growing etc.)

-hair and beard changing when you get a hair cut from the barber

-more achievements and rewards for doing certain things

-more dialogue from other characters (such as from those that offer gold in exchange for peoples or souls)

-different more tempting deals with the characters that offer gold in exchange for people or souls (witch, chest and devil guy)

-more dealing with the other kingdoms and creatures (mermaid people, tree stump people etc.)

That's all I can think of for now!

(2 edits)

I thought about a new feature that could potentially affect the way you make decisions in this game. For now, the placeholder name I have made for this feature is called "Tyranny". Tyranny, is the amount of fairness you treat your people with. Sometimes you give certain people more approvals than others. Anyways, when making a decision that is not in the best interest of your people, your tyranny level may rise. When you let your tyranny level get too high, your royal advisor will come more frequently to warn you that people are threatening to leave. To decrease your tyranny level, you have to approve to choices that are fair to your people (Which may come to your expense). Letting your tyranny level get to the maximum level will make people become fearful of you, which may cause people to leave after the day ends.

Next, I have came up with a few ideas for choices you may have to make during the game:

- Decide wether or not you will allow people with a criminal history to enter your kingdom

- Decide wether or not to build a pet shelter at the expense of a hundred gold

- Decide wether or not to lift the ban on the consumption of bananas (If tyranny is implemented this could affect your tyranny level)

- Decide wether or not to put a ban on sneezing (May affect tyranny)

- Decide wether or not to pay for a girl's education

- Decide wether or not to pay for a dog for a child

- Decide wether or not to fine alien hunters (May affect tyranny)

- Decide wether or not to fund a renovation to Grandma's soup shop

- Decide wether or not to fund the construction of a petting zoo

- Decide wether or not to ban the art of wizardry and witchcraft

Here's a few suggestions!

Game Mechanics Changes:

-New (possibly unlockable over time) skins!

-Save codes (get a code generated to encode your current stats in one session, paste it into another session, resume from where you were)

-Customizable town! (when some things are "built", you get to decide where they go. Different locations affect how well they do)

-Character development (some characters "remember" your decisions, and begin to like/dislike you over time)

-Resource changes (people die over time, possibly add "materials", "relations with other towns", "sketchiness" resources)

-Other Towns (other towns develop on their own: you can buy stocks in the town in separate windows. Stock values change every round)

New Encounter:

Aspiring Mayor: I wish to start my own town! Can I have some money and people to get started?


Aspiring Mayor: Thank you so much! I promise I'll be back!

-30 people, -500 gold, +10 happiness

After about 5-10 rounds:

Aspiring Mayor: My town is so successful! Here are some funds back!


Aspiring Mayor: Here you go!

-10 people, +800 gold


O-Oh... Okay then.

-10 happiness


B-but... Everyone was so excited...

-20 happiness

This is all I could think of for now... I hope it's good enough!

The king's hair should look different when the barber gives him a haircut.

Overall I think the game is fun, but a little too simple. If there were multiple endings I think this game would be much better. Managing resources is easy as the questions are usually predictable to answer, and there isn't anything you are really building towards. If there were multiple endings, I think it would be more challenging and could be played for longer than just one sitting.

So I love the game, right? But I do have somethings I'd like to suggest!

First of all I think there should be way more quest lines, like the one with the dragon, instead of the majority of the things in the game being random encounters that lead nowhere. It's very nice when you actually have some progress with diologues and go down different paths in questlines. Perhaps there could even be a tab to keep track of quests or something like that. And speaking of menus, I'd really like it fi the game had a main menu, a title screen with options and multiple save files. Just three or so squares that have some basic information about the file, like how many resources you have (money, population, happiness) which day you're on and how much tim you've spent playing the game. Perhaps there could even be an option to play as a Queen instead of a King. I'm not one for gender politics but that would be a nice option ^^ I found myself enjoying playing as a female much more in the game "Kingdom" for some reason, so maybe that would be a nice little feature :)

I'm not sure if it's just me but I've noticed that there's a transparent pixel in the yellow part of the courtain that's hanging over the window in the game, perhaps that could be corrected. And the King also looks like he's a little depressed. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not but he looks really sad, instead of interested and invested in the situation.

I don't have anything else I can think of atm so...thanks for your time!

Perhaps add more variable besides Money, Happiness, and Population.

Others could be: Hunger, Reputation (to other Kingdoms), Reputation (to the Kingdom), (Or just one Reputation in all), Fear, or others.

And also have alliances with certain Kingdoms, but one would have to be careful because some Kingdoms may have conflicts and dislikes for other kingdoms.

Similar comment to a couple above. A reputation meter. Because when the purple monster comes in mad about the fisherman, if you give him a sacrifice, he's cool but if you don't, he eats 5 people. I feel like if you gave him a sacrifice, your reputation with the people should go down. Ditto with letting Chester give you gold for eating people. Putting a price on your peoples' lives is pretty skeezy but there's no game mechanic that punishes that behavior at the moment.

Oh! And I got to cure Chester's curse, but then he came in later saying he'd eaten people and I'm like, Dude, come on. We talked about this.

All in all, great game, obviously a lot of people are really enjoying it. :D Good luck to you!

It would be nice if when the barber gave you a hair cut your hair got shorter, then slowly grows out as the game goes on. Also when the barber keeps asking to raise prices, there should be a negative consequence eventually. Last time I played I raised the prices 6 times, I'm sure other people wouldn't like that eventually. Also with the hauntings I will always pay money to make the spirits happy, but they always still get angered a few days later. Then the witch will say I should have payed them, when I did.

I love this game me and my cousin played it for an hour and we beat it (End of storyline) We wanted to decrease the amount of cats to 1 cat a day and salso it would be pretty cool if you added more sotry line and added a reputation bar like if you don't care about vandalism you reputation will go down and other cities won't accept you to alliances...

(1 edit)

i didn't read all messages but i think it needs save game feature.sorry if its suggested already.

This game is so amazing! From the art style to the mechanics on choices, this game will be in my personal Top10 Indie Games list.

Here are my suggestions (Keep in mind, I don't know if these ideas had already been said)

1. A 3rd option (Like "Stay Silent" or something along the lines)
2. Save Feature (Via File or ingame browser)
3. More background castle animations (from the population)
4. A stats feature (For some characters, it'll show +/- Gold, Population, and Happiness)
5. A day limit option (Like in "Stick RPG Complete", you can choose how long you play (30 days, 1 week, etc.) )
6. A Scoreboard! ( Kind of a follow-up to #5 you can share scores with other people who play)
7. Make it Mobile! *and possibly Steam* (Be able to play on iPhone, Android, ETC.)

This what I have so far, I hope to have more ideas in the future and to see what this game!

- Da Maxinat0r

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I've been playing this game for HOURS. I love it so much! Currently my population is 8000 with 900 happiness and 3200 gold. I just finished up day 150. I have a ton of suggestions for you!

1) Like most people have said, gameplay for people further down the road. It's gotten repetitive (but it's still fun)

2) I really think that there should be a sort of celebration for 100 days, and people could hold a festival or something that lasts a few days and brings in a lot of gold.

3) While I was playing this, I was really getting the "different outcomes come from different choices" feel. However, it didn't seem to be this way. I think that based on your decisions, different things should be available. Maybe if you constantly are evil to your citizens (through lil fang, chester, etc.), you can have more evil options, and if you do more good, more good options will appear.

4) I think the king should age as you progress through the game, and should die after 200 days (unless more material is added to make people want to go further than that), which leads into my next suggestion.

5) ENDINGS. I actually have ideas for 2 -- both would be where the king dies after a set period of time, but what happens next depends on if you took the 'good' or 'bad' route in the game. If you chose the good one, the screen will fade out as the king closes his eyes, and this light soft music will play. It will show everyone in the kingdom mourning together, then having a farewell festival thing. It could cut to the "Knight" character in the game who always wants to go on quests with an awkward fitting crown on his head, and then finally, it would show everyone together in the kingdom, even Mercury and the tree stump guy, and it would zoom up into a night sky, and fade out into darkness all peacefully and nice like that. For the bad ending, I'm not so sure, but it definitely wouldn't be as heartfelt.

6) I feel like there should be potential war between other towns at times, and that's more where the whole thing about "having more swords" is safe. The king would have to make decisions to lose some population or not based on what he thinks the war needs. It would cost money & happiness, etc., and you might have to surrender 2000 gold if you lose, and if you win, you win 1000.

7) (I really want this) Instead of a huge pile of gold, after every 1000 gold, the 1000 will turn into a "chest" (like a treasure chest) and will represent 1000 gold.

8) I'd love it if the barber actually cut the king's hair.

9) Chester should lose his teeth when you cure him. He should also ask for the king to put the witch into the dungeon for doing this to him, and the king can say yes or no. If not, she'll turn him back into a man-eating chest, and if you do, she won't tell you when to pay offerings. You'd have to 'hire' the ghost who always asks the "trick question" to do the seances for the evil spirits instead of the witches.

10) I'd love to see the kingdom turn into a city over time. Mason could be a much bigger character. And if that happens, maybe clothes on characters could slowly become more and more modern.

11) I'd love to see some pirate characters added into the game.

12) Maybe less 'yes' questions, and more questions that make you think.

13) If the scientists can make gold machines, certainly they can make more things that are really cool and beneficial.

14) I'd like to see more quests for knights to go on.

15) Little timmy needs to come in and ask him if he's seen a "kitty cat" and if you say yes, Timmy will always come into the castle carrying the cat. The first time he does, he'll thank you.

16) All the kids should age.

17) Instead of constantly "the people are happy! The city is growing!" Maybe include some humorous news report or something.

18) Like others have said, a reputation level.

19) Also like others have said, a save game function.

... I just closed out the game.

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Began playing this game today, binged on it for a few hours because I liked it and I figured I'd look for anything wrong with it since there is an open suggestions thread. Dunno if you're actually still accepting them or if the game has been finished/finalized but here goes nothing. I didn't read any of the suggestions on here because I wanted to get right to the point of my own opinions of this game so I apologize if I suggest/say something that's already been said and handled.

Things I noticed/Would like to see:

-After a certain indeterminate amount of time, your gaining population/money/happiness seems to start to make the game lag slightly. I'd guess it's a half second slower than it was at the start, making the lines of text from the citizens and their dialogue sounds sound and appear slower. The game begins to feel like it's dragging on after a certain point. (I noticed this once I reached about Day 75-80 and had around 3000 Population/450 Happiness/3500 Money)

-The events don't really seem to line up and seem to be randomized. I get that the people who show up every day is randomized, but to give a proper example, this happened: Dragon came, I gave it the money it was demanding. The blacksmith crafted the Dragonblade. It sat in my possession for 23 days before an action was prompted by a member of the town asking to wield it. Then, because the only person who actually set up the prompt to wield it was the common thief girl, I gave it to her simply because I wanted to see if anything would be triggered by it. She was never heard from again, and there was no event other than an alert at the end of the night popping up saying "The townspeople are worried about a common thief wielding the Dragonblade." I was hoping to see something come out of it, like maybe the girl running off with it and triggering a Dragon attack because she never slayed it, or her using the blade to kill the Dragon and steal all its money, I dunno, something.

-Continuing off the previous point, there are certain events that aren't able to be fixed. For example, at certain random points, the spirits get angry and start terrorizing the town, causing the townspeople to be unhappy and the merchants to cease trading due to their fear. Well, usually the witch would come to you and say something like "We must make an offering! 1,000 coins!" followed by the occasional "Small offering of 200 coins!" text. After a certain point, she simply stops spawning in and you don't receive those prompts to stop the hauntings, resulting in the town constantly losing happiness and business. If it's able to be fixed, it would be a great help, because the hauntings have been going on (for me) for about 40 days now and there is actually no way to stop it, because the witch simply didn't come in and say anything about it. Instead, she'd offer to slay the goblins. Great.

-I successfully had the Scientists build the gold making machine and it seemed to not quite know what it wanted to do. At first, it steadily raked in 20 gold coins a night, with the occasional "big bag of coins" or "gold statue" coming in. Some nights it brought in all three at once and other nights it didn't bring in anything, so I was confused by what its rate of income was supposed to be.

-Some alerts of differing nature like "+50 coins" followed by "+5 people" would appear on top of each other and would render them both unable to be read. Not a huge deal, because you could always just look down and see how your stats changed, but it still would be nice to have those alerts stacked above one another, not appearing right in the same place on top of each other.

-After a certain point of "town growth", the animation for it ceased. You saw that your town was growing by the thousands, but there stopped being an animation to follow its progress. I want to suggest adding an animation for it. Like, after the town has grown to the max that is shown currently, you could have the background of the town pan out, and show the ever growing land and have the player actually be able to put a picture to the numbers they're seeing.

-To follow along with the town growth animation, I want to suggest a coin growth animation as well. After about 2,900 coins, the animation for coins dropping in around the throne stopped. I don't know if it was that exact number, but that's around when I noticed it. I think it would be good to have a way to track that progress as well, like maybe after reaching the limit (which I assume to be between 2,500-3,000 coins) in the throne room where the king sits, you could be prompted with an event by your adviser, like "My lord, we have an abundance of gold. Would you like to build a new place to keep it?" And there could be an animation of that, like a building in the background slowly filling up with gold. Once you reached the determined amount of money where it stopped spawning into the throne room, it could be deposited into this "bank" and the animation would reset, allowing you to collect another (supposed) 3,000, so you can keep up with the animation and feel like you're actually accomplishing something.

-After a while, like I mentioned before, the events don't seem to line up or really have a sense of progress. Days on end are just spend with "Would you like to buy these swords for your soldiers?" and "We need to spend money fixing up our roads!" but there is no real sense of you doing anything with them. I feel like my decisions have stopped having meaning. In the beginning of the game, everything felt like it had real consequences and meaning, but by day 50 it feels like you're just going through the motions. I'd like to see an event following things like "Would you like to buy these swords for your soldiers?" and such, and here are some "event" suggestions I have in mind (that stay true to the idea of the game):

- "Would you like to buy swords for the soldiers of your town?" Could possibly trigger an event where you actually go to war and if you chose not to buy swords, you'd lose a number of people, happiness, and money.

- "Would you like to buy my flowers? They're at an all time low price just for you!" Could trigger an event where if you buy enough flowers, the plant people have them magically imbued and they rise up against you in a revolt.

- "We need to spend money fixing up our roads so they don't fall into disarray!" Could trigger any of the following events: Not fixing the roads means you are physically barred from your population rising for any reason until you spend money to fix them, and the more days consecutively you don't spend repairing them should add a certain amount of gold to how much it costs to repair them; By fixing the roads, you draw attention from local thieves and raiders, causing them to raid the caravans as they enter/leave your town; Having fully fixed roads could allow you to have a festival, where you can have the jester, caravans, and tavern all open at once and have a max event list triggered at the end of the night.

- "I got sick from eating too much candy.. Can I have gold to go to the doctor?" This one has always bugged me. Giving her money just results in loss of money, and no added happiness; Not giving her money results in a loss of happiness. No real reward here. I suggest either adding a happiness trigger or an actual risk/reward system; at the current moment, this character in the town is nothing more than a nuisance, despite her "candy business." I think any of the following are good ideas: Giving her money results in her selling more candy and you getting more in return; Giving her money results in a happiness bonus; Not giving her money results in her breaking her candy business off with you and removing you from the earnings she receives; Not giving her money results in her actually retaliating, by either hiring a thief to steal your money, or leaving the town, etc.

These are just some of my suggestions. I only played it for a few hours but I really enjoyed it, though I believe there are certainly things that can be done to improve the gameplay. That being said, I got through about three hours of it before I got tired of it, so that says a lot about what's going for this game.

Good luck and I hope it continues to succeed.

I'm not sure if maybe I've just missed it in my hours of playing (which seems to happen; I still randomly find new events I hadn't gotten before) or what, but it seems like Louise (the cake man; I think that's his name) disappears after you accept him in besides the off-screen event of handing out cake and producing happiness. I'd like to see some more events with him? Maybe he can offer you different types of cake that will boost a certain stat by a couple or maybe have the off chance of it being bad?

I also think having a system of being able to lock up people who come to see you would be cool. Like maybe you have to see them a certain number of times and then the advisor comes in and asks you what you think of them? After so many days they (depending on the character) either get released or kept due to crimes (example: If you locked up Grandma she'd be released the next day but if you locked up the Thief girl she'd be kept for say, 20 days?)

Maybe the event would go something like this?

Advisor: Say, king, do you like Thief Girl?

  • If Yes: Oh, really? Well, that's good. (+1 happiness)
  • If No: Oh, is that so? Should we have her thrown into the dungeon, then?
    • If Yes: Very well. We'll have her (him if male character) locked away immediately and see what they've been up to! (-1 person)
    • If No: Very well, my king. Carry on, then.
But then maybe if you lock up a good person, happiness would go down. If you did it often, people would leave the kingdom. If you locked up a bad person, happiness would go up because that means things are more and more safe. And maybe those captured people (specifically the bad, I would guess) could 'break out' and you would choose whether or not to pursue them or let them go, and either put a bounty on them or so long of not finding them the guards give up. If you choose not to pursue them, they later come and grant you gold and or an apology due to you letting them go.

I guess this would probably be really hard to program though. Just an idea, really. Perhaps it's a little too much for the scope of the game, I'm not really sure. Just thought I'd share the idea!

I noticed this game has two cats but not one dog. Can we remedy this situation?


A friendly street mutt.

  • Woof! (It has a stick… does it want to play?)
    • Yes +2 Happiness
    • Wrowf wroof!
    • No -2 Happiness
    • *whimpers*
  • Wroof! (It's sitting and offering me a paw… should I shake it?)
    • Yes +1 Happiness
    • *pant pant* (It's looking at me expectantly… does it want a treat?)
      • Yes -1 Gold +1 Happiness
      • Woof!
      • No -1 Happiness
      • *whimpers*
    • No -1 Happiness
    • *whimpers*
  • *whines* (Does it want food?)
    • Yes -2 Gold +1 Happiness
    • Wroof!
    • No -1 Happiness
    • *whimpers*
  • Wrowf! (It has some kind of pouch… is it giving it to me?)
    • Yes +1 Happiness +25 Gold
    • Woof!
    • No -1 Happiness
    • *whimpers*

HELLO! im maffebas and i have an idea! what if you guys add that when past 1000 people that the city starts expanding more in background and the glod-machine in the background too its just an idea btw i LOVE your game +rep

in the game the blacksmith approached me asking to make the dragonblade but no'one ever tries to claim it

and as a result of this i lose happiness maybe there is a way to give it to someone but im missing it but it would

be fun to be able to fight off the dragon yourself

(2 edits)

I would like to see more character development or choice consequence. After about 100 days, I started giving all bad answers in an attempt to gain money, lose people, and make people generally unhappy. Even after 35 days of this, my city was still growing. It wasn't a challenge at all! It would be great if more varied answers were added to keep me interested and if characters remembered choices you made and responded in the future based on that. (i.e. if I denied swords to my guard, a criminal may more easily steal money). I would also like to see more characters in general as a new citizen arriving was always fun and interesting! Lastly, I really enjoyed the small treasures added to the money pile (cog from robot, sword for dragon) and would like to see more small additions like that. Perhaps show the garden being grown in the background, or show the tea on the throne arm rest.

Awesome game! Super cute animation and I really enjoyed playing.

P.S. I also enjoyed the bunny robot's name. I chuckled :P

you know........... i think it would be really cool if you could have more than money and the dragon slayer next to your throne, also id like to try suggesting a few modes....

1. The Demons Throne: where you play as george in the underworld (hell).

2. King V.S King: a 2 player mode where you compete for a certain amount of popularity, happieness or money

3. Under The Kings Thumb: you play as a citizen making decisions to survive the kings decisions wich are random, work with monsters and even rebel against the king

4. Powerfull Rule: a 2 player mode like Under The Kings Thumb except one player plays as the king making desicions well the one playing as a citizen tries to survive the outcomes, King wins if he destroys the town and Citizen wins if the king gets thrown off his throne.

:D i would like at least one to make it through if possible

from: ESN 64


My suggestion after playing and loving this little game.

Regarding the military it seems that you can only help your ally and always win. What if you lose? Also, what if your kingdom is attacked directly and you lose?

For example: your kingdom is attacked and you have the choice to give gold to improve your forces (increase chance of success by, let's say 20%, from an initial chance of 35%). If you lose, you would have to pay a weekly sum of gold to the winner kingdom. After you lose, perhaps the knight can offer a chance for liberation. If you win, you can perhaps gain gold and lose people.

Another idea would be to attack other kingdoms with the same mechanic, inverted.

Not to mention you can add a chance for the devil to appear and offer another bargain for souls (example: give 30+ souls to win a battle etc.), or for a chance for the knight to appear after the war started and offered to lead to troops (gain extra happiness and increase chance of winning).


I'm on day 290 at the moment with around a 12k people and a few thousand happiness, and gold sure isn't a problem. I know you're working on developing the story a bit more because as you know it's boring in the "late late" game. However i feel there are a tiny things that could make them game a little more fun here and there.

- a morning time, where you get 1 person, then it would shift to day for the next few... (the person that arrives during the morning would be taken from the midday section)

-An easy way to make the animations for gold to grow above about 3kish or so, is to just start turning them into bricks of gold (each one is worth 100) and they would take up about 3x as much space as one coin.

-Maybe use Molder to advance the story line that will tie in with aliens? and might contain the all-seeing eye?

just a few thoughts, the one about molder is a gamble, but it could be cool. Love the game! :D

I have a few suggestions you can use.

1. Natural disasters: Every now and then a disaster (tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and even a godzilla looking monster) and the city in the back ground gets destroyed and you have to rebuild the city

2. Payoffs: A barbarian horde will enter your throne room demanding gold if you pay them off they will leave but if you refuse they will get angry and the city in the back ground will catch on fire

3. Experiments: An alien will come up asking if he could abduct some of your people. If you say yes you'll lose 10 people and he will give you 200 gold. If you say no he'll say "Oh fine i'll go somewhere else" and walk away.

$. Zombie apocalypse: At a random point a bunch of zombies will show up and start eating people. Your knight comes up and asks if he can be the one to fight them off. If you say yes he leaves and beats the zombies but if you say no the zombies come in and the screen goes black and when it comes back you become a zombie and play as a zombie king.

6.Thirsty vampire: A vampire will walk up saying she's thirsty. She ask you if she cann drink the blood of some of your people. If you say yes she leaves and you lose some people. If you say no she gets angry and threatens to come back (she does too).

A traviling merchant:

1.IL offer ya a magic wand for only 300

Yes:lose 300 gold gain 1 wand in tresure pile this makes wizerds deals better but when its a bad spell its worse

no:Awww Youl buy my next item lose 3 happyness

2.Im selling a magic cog wanna buy it? it will be 600 gold

Yes:lose 600 gold gain 1 magic cog this can be used to make a science project better

No:Hmph next item will be the thing you buy lose 3 happyness

(The no will be the same exept that happyness will start declining faster)

3.You want a Legendary hammer? it will be 1500 gold

You can give this to the blacksmith to make him work faster thus giving you gold faster and making him make the dragons bane faster

(that is all i have for now i might add more items and stuff)

For the love of god please make a save button, i pressed view all posts but i forgot that it sended you to another page. Now i can start all over again and i was over 130 days D:

Btw this game is truly amazing to play.

I have a handful of suggestions, but I would like to preface this with how much I enjoy your game already! It's such a great game to play in order to kick back and relax at the end of a long day. I like everything about it and can't wait to see what it grows into with all of the updates. The music is calming, the art and animation style is incredibly cute, the sound effects make me chuckle every time I hear "mmhmm", and I've yet to encounter a bug. Thank you so much for coming up with such a simplistic yet ingenious game concept!

It would be really cool to see randomized changing weather outside of the castle and different game events associated with the weather. For instance:

  • rain -
    • there could be flooding if it rains too many days in a row
  • sunny days -
    • drought affecting the crops if it's too sunny too many days in a row
    • houses could catch fire if a drought lasts for too long
  • seasons -
    • grass & trees change color in the fall
    • snow piles up in the winter
    • flowers in the spring
  • different possible natural disasters depending on the season
    • more likely to flood in the spring & fall
    • avalanche from nearby mountain in winter
    • fires and drought in the summer

I think it would be neat if there was a small area of town where you could see the temporary events that take place in town, like the circus, and jester show, and caravans. It could be just a small clearing in the center of town that is occasionally filled depending upon the special event taking place that day.

Another suggestion is to have the jail/dungeon with barred windows visible in the background. Then, when you jail someone you could see their character behind the bars of one of the windows.

And lastly, it would be cool to have the lighting change depending on time of day instead of just having a color filter over the entire game screen. So the sky outside would become darker, and the lights in all of the villager's buildings would light up, and you could even add candles inside the castle that light up.

Hope this hasn't been suggested already and I missed it. This thread's been busy! I realize the pull of the game is that everything is a simple y/n response, but would it be possible for the player to specifically summon one member of their court each day? An option to make no summons would also be nice, but I feel being able to call a specific character would help a lot. You could advance through the character's stories more easily and, more importantly, call the witch to appease those pesky spirits more hastily! You probably shouldn't be able to decide what SPECIFICALLY you'll speak to them about, but raising your chances to advance would be nice. Maybe give this feature a gold-cost? (Have to pay the messenger for their service!)


Uh if you're thinking about improving the game and are still taking suggestions then here we go. ok first of all great game for the price tag of being free and is so simple its amusing. But here are some annoying features i find and me overall giving suggestions. ok 1st of all some of the questions are way too easy, for example. why wouldnt i throw out a few coins to give to little timmy and get crazy happiness. why wouldnt i rub a cats belly? why wouldnt i give the mason a sandwich? i want more complex decisions. Also, the scientists should do more than create the crappy gold machine early on. I gave them 100 gold every 1-5 days and eventually gave 500 again and i only gained averagely 20 gold per day... Also choices are usually yes which bugs me. Can settlers move in? yes do we place a bounty? yes do we do this? yes how bout that? yes. great game but has room for improvement.

...what about a mac compatible download o:

Hey! I'm kinda obssessed with this game at the minute, you guys did a great job! I want to be an indie developer myself eventually, so I like supporting stuff like this! :). A suggestion I have would be, for example, when you're supposed to give money to the spirits to stop them haunting your town only you don't get a chance until it's too late and you gotta give over 1000 gold, I think it would be good to integrate some sort of map, so you can visit the graveyard and maybe have the option to leave a pouch of gold there to appease them for a certain amount of days. Visiting other locations would be good too, like if you choose to let the scientists construct the gold making machine or something, maybe you could visit their headquarters and have some kind of option to see how much progress they've made... does that make sense? It might be similar to what other people have been saying, but yeah. I agree with these people..! haha.
Another idea would be maybe to have options to make it more or less difficult by adding other variables to keep on top of. Food might be a good one, like every time that mason guy asks for a sandwich,or the kitty cat comes in wanting to be fed, you'd lose a bit of the food as well as gold or something. Maybe include some other characters related to this. Maybe one of the neighbouring towns lost a load of supplies in a fire and is asking for help, so you have the option to send like -50 gold and -200 food or something like that? I'm not sure whether that would be adding too much complication, the game as it is is beautifully simple in a way so messing with it too much might not be in it's favour haha.
Other than that, you guys did an awesome job!! As soon as I have some in real life gold, y'all can be sure I'll send a donation over!!

Could you put in a Corgi that if you pet him you get 2 happyness but when he comes back he wants to join your court. so you have a little companion at your throne.

I feel as though there needs to be, firstly, a separate area where your money is kept - a treasury. Also, that one should be able to actually see where your town's borders are, which could help tip one off to when the Mermaid and Tree events may start. It would be pretty cool to be able to see my full to the brim treasury and expansive city from more than just my window and the seat of my throne. In addition, possibly more court members and decisions would be awesome, along with already reported miscellaneous bug fixes, such as hauntings, for example. However, on a whole, it's still a great game! Especially for free. I saw Markiplier's video on it and was drawn to it for its humor and quirkiness. Late in the game, however, it can get tedious. The addition of more population rewards would also be nice, along with a larger cap on happiness to population growth? My prior point about the game still stands, however. Very well done indeed.


I recently found this game and have gotten pretty addicted. I know you've said several times that you hadn't anticipated people playing for such long sessions, and so didn't plan much late-game content, but I had a few suggestions for some. I apologize in advance if these are repeats of other people's contributions.

I think it would be interesting to see more long term effects for repeated decisions, such as if you make choices that result in the sacrifice of your subjects, perhaps something of an uprising? If you refuse the sea monster often enough, perhaps the fishermen stand with you to fight it? I think some more unexpected consequences would be interesting to see as well. Like, occasionally if you let Granny keep her soup shop money, she pays it forward and gives out free soup, leading to more random happy points? Or, giving Little Timmy his coin will randomly result in him investing it in a lemonade stand that ends up making a good chunk of money and he pays you back?

Also, when your treasury balance is in the red, I think it would be cool if characters that you've helped several times (Granny, the Blacksmith, Pancake, etc) would show up from time to time to just help you out. Also, it would be nice if events that normally occured that would just give you gold like the candy tax, or profits from the Blacksmith or Granny's soup shop still showed up during negative balance situations instead of being stuck with only trading citizens or happiness for money.

I know people have mentioned expanding on some of the character's stories. I would personally love to see more going on with Pancake, or the Mouse, or Yet Yet.

Anyway, that's just a few thoughts I had. Thanks for your time!


Just a few suggestions: Make it possible to kick someone out of the kingdom, like the girl who eats too many sweets.

Also if you can make the change that happens to the monster treasure chest permanent.

Perhaps set an in-game time limit. Like you have to have "X" gold and people by "X" many days.

Another idea could be that after you've made alliances with other neighboring kingdoms you can borrow money from them if you go into negative. They the king would send someone to you to collect once you have double the amount you borrowed.



I think it would be cool if the pile of gold next to your throne changes from time to time. For example when you reach the 1k mark, a chest shows up or some jewels.

Besides this: really nice game guys, really like it! Keep it up


A suggestion I believe will be implemented or if not, should be, is to have an endless mode once you finish the 'endgame' you talked about. Love your game, keep up the good work! :P


Im quite confused I didnt see anyone suggesting this: please, give us a save button. after playing for hours I had 10k people, 6k gold and about 800 happiness and I wanted to get higher, but since I had to go to school next day I went sleeping. Wish I couldnt continue that.


A lot of people suggested that... and if you check the other post made by Gramae Borland seperate from this thread made 2 days ago on the games page, he even said he's adding one.

shouldnt take 20+ days to add a save feature

He's not just adding a save feature, he's adding a huge update to the game consisting of a very very large amount of the suggestions made to this thread. That save feature is going to be bundled in with that group of updates as well.


if thats the case, then waiting even a few months would be worth it instead of comming back weekly and replaying the entire game over and over with just a few extras each time.



Are you planning to add a version/app for smartphones/tablets? That would be pretty nice.

this game is pretty much ment to be an app.

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I have a few ideas

First I think that the kid characters, like Timmy, should do a back flip animation and yell "whawhooooooooo!" just because it would be funny and unexpected and would fit the characters.

Second Look through different mythologies and incorporate in some of the characters and monsters, as well as d&d monsters maybe? Also kings and rulers inspired by the real world cultures that you can interact with like the sultan, and even non human rulers.

Third you should be able to recruit the goblins that the witch fights, kinda like with the monkey bounty. also wild animals, bandits and mercenaries and the like should show up at some point.

Also maybe a priest and more mystics/ magic users, and I think the stump and plant girl story lines should be interconnected if they aren't all ready.

Also groups that are only mentioned like the captured soldiers and the pineapple merchants should have Characters to represent them. Also political factions like the Roman Demes and job class guilds should be introduced as well, and political leaders like your kingdoms lords and senators and chieftains as well.

Finally more buildings like the Tavern and grainery, maybe aqueducts, and libraies ? and you can see them in the cityscape outside the window.


Nah nah, he'll do a backflip and yell, "Kaaaaazooooooo!!!" xD

Yes, bitch

(2 edits) (+2)

I keep having to pay 1000 for hauntings, and the witch contiunes to suggest making small offerings to prevent it, but then she doesn't come for anything but goblins, and I end up having to drop another 1000 on hauntings when she finally shows up! It's frustrating. I get word of hauntings, the ghosts stay for days, and then she shows up and wants 1000. Maybe either the random hauntings need to be changed, or the witch needs to change.

Also, it'd be nice to see different things from the poeple. I keep seeing the same 5ish people on a daily basis, and it's getting really repetative, to the point where I just say no to try to change things.

Dude you need an mobile version pleasssseeeee!!!! Think about playing this relaxing nice game in your bed or any place as a mater a fact!!!

I love this game! It took me a while to realise it wasn't meant to be a long playing game (mostly cause the drummer and the scientist only showed up about a minute before i headed to bed the first time so it felt like there was a lot more story) but even now i realise its not it has so much potential to be! I definitely have suggestions.

Autosave! though i know thats coming don't worry. then little animations, like lights being on in the city at nighttime and off in the day, or seasons so snow in the winter and maybe the city covered in flowers and vines crawling up the walls in spring and summer. Also that purple witch never came back in time for me to not get haunted which was pretty costly and irksome. Saying that though, i'd love to be able to have more positive interactions with the monsters and undead! I loved the little vampire until i realised everything i agreed to with him apart from getting a nickname ended up impacting me negatively. Same with the ghost, i thought maybe i could pay him to haunt my enemies but it just ended up making my people unhappy. Maybe if there was an undead kingdom we could have relations with? Or just more relations with other kingdoms, nothing really happened with my tree appeasment, or my army alliance once we'd helped them in battle, or with the merpeople apart from them asking for money to give to their god. Also more moral consequences - I've never so far let the shifty girl steal from the people for me because it felt bad, but i get the feeling that if i did all that would happen would be a loss of a couple of happiness, and i'm so good at keeping my people happy that this wouldn't have a great effect on me. I have let the chest eat people when i've been in debt from anti haunting rituals, which again should probably have had far more consequences than it did. Mainly more big stories and more consequences.

This would make for a great app though! Running similar to real time, with decisions lining up throughout the day to be completed either as they appeared or before the day resets. Also a little customisation, maybe a king or a queen model, with the ability to change the hair and robe colours from a wheel, something simple (well seems simple, i don't know about coding) but will really add an extra feel to the game. and decoration upgrades for the throneroom, just for when you have more money than you know what to do with!

I played for probably a total of 2.5 hours, loved it by the way, and I came up with a couple suggestions. Fairly often the spirits would get disgruntled without me even having a chance to appease them beforehand, perhaps the witch should visit more often. I'd also like to see her have some sort of sub-plot of her own. Lastly, I think it'd be fun to have more of a little story around the alien and Molder, maybe be forced to choose a side of some battle.

(1 edit) (+1)

I have some character ideas (I apologize if this has already been implemented, but I doubt it since I've been playing for an hour straight).

1. Assassin: You have the choice of either giving them money(ex:300) or having them kill a good sum of your citizens(ex 30).

2. Mercenary: Can be hired to protect you from the Assassin for a sum of money(ex:150).

3. Royal Guard: Can be hired for free! Reduces the negative effects of other characters. (ex: if the eyeball comes in and the offer is a negative answer, the result wont be as bad, or if the Assassin wasn't given money, instead of losing 30 citizens, you would only lose 20)

4. Black Dog: Just barks, but it is unknowingly evil. If you give it food it will roam around the city dealing no harm to citizens, but if you refuse to feed it, everyday it will kill off 2 citizens, until it reappears again.

5. Live Stock Farmers: Farmers! Brings in money, produces live stock for citizens.

6. Cyclops: Can be killed just like the dragon. You are given the choice to give it 400 gold or it will take the lives of people and live stock everyday until you meet it again.

7. Elf: Specializes in only good magical spells for free.

8. Grim Reaper: For a sum of 1500 it will leave you alone for the rest of the game, else it will kill off citizens at an alarming rate. The only way to stop it if you do not pay up is by having the witch reappear and have her say she will kill the grim reaper for 1000 gold instead of the 1500 (which must happen quite sometime after the grim reaper if you refuse to give up the gold... Its a punishment).

9. Imp: Harmless in nature, likes to play pranks on people. Some people may find it disturbing or annoying to keep around.

10. Shapeshifter: Can imitate any character in the game. The only way to find out if the character is real or not is by noticing the bad grammar.(you will ALWAYS want to say No to this character as it will take twice as much money as the original offer, without telling you that. EX: (the joker needs 200 to upgrade the juggling balls, it will show it needs 200, but in-turn it will take 400 instead, with the reply "FOOL, YOU UNDERSTAND NOTHING"(totally not from soul eater - *sarcasm*).

11. Werewolf: Only appears in the afternoon, Considered a threat to citizens and must be captured. When/if captured you are given the chance to give him to the scientists to cure him or throw him in the cell'er.

12. Leprechauns: If you let them sell their new cereal brand, you get free gold at the end of each day! ;)

13. No more ideas. D:

(1 edit)

i feel like it would be cool if skully or the pink slime puddle had a chance at giving you info on the royal ambassadors, so you would/might know who to trust. or mabey if skully catches the necromancer the chances of ghosts striking would decrease.

also just a thought mabey the wizzard could ask for a 1000 gold for research material to increase his success rate 5-10%. (which ever you think is fair) probably better it happens only once though so the wizzard doesnt become too op.

This is a small request, but i have heard a few people complaining about how Lil fang only has 1 nickname for you. im thinking he can have multiple nicknames, which each give a slightly different ammount of happiness.

I just got the Dragon on day 3. i had just gotten 200 gold from the wizard, and i only had a little over 300 gold. now im in debt. you should put a restriction on the dragon, making him a lot less likely to spawn, untill after a few days.

odd. Ive played the game like 8 or so times, and the dragon Always pops up on day 30

Not always, or atleast not before. I've gotten in within the first 10 days before, however it might've been updated.

When does sneaky girl return from killing the dragon.Im on day 120 and i beat the game

Its random to be honest. It once took my knight about 60 days to return from one of his missions and it peeved me off because I had to send the sneaky girl off to do it and she kept some of the money. He came back 2 days after the fact and I was so angry that I sent him to prison.

Please help

I Was Thinking, What If The Sneaky Girl Was Your Long Lost Daughter And You Ether Reunite With Her Or Execute Her, Reuniting With Her Will Make Make You Gain 25 Happiness And 150 Gold, Well Executing Her Would Make You Loose 25 Happiness And Gain 200 Gold But She Will Know Be Known As Alexia Or Something Like That, Just An Idea, Hope You Like It

I think that you should add some achievements and that there should be more celebrations for population. I also think you should be able to call the Court of Crowns (or what ever its called) and be able to ask for money is you are in debt, need to get rid of spirits, or need something else. of coarse if you did this to much the I think that the should deny you until you help some one out

some charterers I think you should add are

- robber - this guy would come and steal a medium sum of your money randomly/ when you get too rich

-killer - this person should come to your town randomly and kill some of your population

-police - puts robbers/ killers in jail

-3 little sheep - these are a group of sheep that come ask you for materials to build there houses (one asks for weak stuff, one asks for medium strong stuff, and one asks for strong stuff)

- big bad nice wolf - this character would come and ask you things like "have you seen any sheep lately" "do you have a strong fan of some sort"

thats all the ideas i have now

I would like another meeting with the Council of Crowns.


If you keep on playing, you they come back :3


but only once to rip you off! there deals are bad and if its "mutually beneficial research" you will never hear from them again.

hes right you know? lol

Hi! I just wanted to say that it feels like the king is a little lonely... maybe make a queen-like quest? For example, let's say that the skeleton guy found a girl & asks if you would like to meet her. After that, you can start talking to her and after a few days, you can say yes or no (DUH!) to her asking if you like her or something similar. :) THANKS FOR READING :) AND FOR THE GAME I'TS AMAZING :)

from what i understand try not joining the cousel of crowns and keep playing.

what do you mean?

(1 edit)

i mean theres 2 endings one where you joijn the counsel of crowns and one where you dont. both endings have unique after game events. (though it might be a singular event from what i see) you only tried playing after joining the counsel of crowns right?

how!? i really wanna know!

(1 edit)

Yea actually yesterday was the 1st time I played it lol ended in 59 days but I didnt know there was another ending.... Cool... It would be cool if there was an ending where you could go to the negatives (evil ending).

I just wish you could use the arrow keys, instead of y/n letters :-P


My single suggestion...

Whenever you accept the barber's haircut, can the king's hair actually change?

Heh, that's all, I love this game regardless~


It's just a little thing, but I would like the option to play as a queen. Also i think it would be nice to be able to name characters or if some of the characters like the Knight had names.

I would love to see this game on steam. Heck if new features like the one about the king going traveling and getting asked questions about these locations are planned, I would even pay money for this game. I mean not MUCH money, but I would pay SOME money for extra cool and amazing features.

that would be great and (maybe i dont know) easy to make a backround backround view that would start building when you reach 500 people and end at 1000! also make a reward for reaching 5000!! (I know its very long to get there but still for people who wanted to hear what eveyone can and will say and say "yes or "no" to everyone they can)

Hey, I don't know who else is playing but I'm at the 90+ day mark and have played about 5-6 hours on the game and I want to see more challenge/characters/responses/features because I actually love the game for it being so silly and odd, and maybe add a feature that involves keeping the golden cog from the robot!

That was already implemented. I later gave up the gold cog to a scientist (its worth it!)


Hey there. Not sure if this has been suggested before, but I'd love a way to get rid of Mortimer permanently. It was nice to be able to cure Chesty and it seems odd that I can have my knight slay a dragon but no one can get rid of a citizen-eating monster that attacks relatively frequently.

Maybe have the mermaids take him out since he apparently lives under water? Or the mage, the witch, or just tell the guards to slay him when he comes to visit you. Anything reasonable to get rid of him, really.

I mean, my military has countless swords made for them at this point, surely someone can do something about this murderer.

agreed! yeah please! if nothing else at least extend the shirne offerings warranty to keep mortimer away.

Is this game suitable or downloadable on mobile.If yes then thank you if not then that's my suggestion

First off great game I've been playing it for several hours now IDK how long really and I have 7.2K people, 976 joy, and 4K gold. in terms of suggestions I see a couple have already been talked about and done but what what it needs is more world building really as I would finish everything but find my self thinking whats happining outside my kingdom, and a couple serious chooses to pick as I found things just set me back a bit but in 1 - 2 the days later the problems would be gone. like the tree stump asking for 1000 gold I would just give it to him then gives souls to Georgie then the problem is over. Also More interaction with the other kingdoms thats not me giving more to Mercury which is the only time I ever talk with really, and the others I don't even talk to exept for when I'm joining the council of crowns and the one meeting they had. I like some of the comments I saw too like being about to check up on people and customize your king. Sorry for being VERY late to the party and some of the stuff I say you might already be putting in the next update but just wanted to give my thoughts.


Soo, I was thinking. Since the witch / goblin slayer is a local hero, she should be one of the people who could go and fight the dragon as well.

Great game! Keep up the good work!

Also, I could help in game translation ^-^ Greek language, to be more specific~

I think more route choices should be available for certain characters, eg: Louis. (I dont know how are you going to implement that, but just seeing him only giving out free cakes to raise the happiness stat after every day is kinda.... dissapointing? I mean, he is basically just giving out free cakes; he doesn't really affect the storyline or future choices very much. maybe giving him a role somewhat similar to Yet Yet would be good?) The All-Seeing Eye could play a significant role to future choices (give it a role similar to what its name suggests, seeing the future.), eg: When it is sad, same stat decrease as always, but also other choices like granary being infected and route choices like the dragon's and stumpy's chance of appearing (if the player has not encountered any of them yet) increases. When it is happy, same stat increase as always, and with choices like the wizard's spells and blacksmith's rewards will appear more frequently. you could make this "buff" last for 1-2 days. Im not sure about this, but maybe you could give Georgie a storyline? seeing Chester's storyline in the recent update was quite fun (in a sense). This has always piqued my interest, but why wouldn't the Sneaky Girl steal from the MC in the game? I don't see any guards around, so she should be able to steal from MC some gold (obviously not all, because if stumpy arrives, he is going to rob all our money and make us fall into bankruptcy.) maybe you could add the concept of guards (only being available in a certain period of time) in the game? With that addition, you can expand into adding new characters and maybe even add the concept of other towns raiding the castle. This is just an idea, i wouldn't expect whatever i said earlier to be completely correct theory-wise.


An update for boots the cat. I think that after using it for quests and such. After 1000 total pets/feeds the cat wont leave and there would be an option to allow it to stay in the castle. It would be positioned against the window next to where the cog would be. And at the end of the night the cat would add +5 to happiness.

The prompt would say something like "Seems like the cat boots wants to stay in your castle. Would you like it to stay?"

Also the cat against the window would be sitting up during the day and sleeping at dark. Maybe there should be a tiny water and food bowl next to the cat.


I'd like to see a history of my decisions/kingdom. Maybe just a chart showing the size of my happiness/treasury/population over time? Also maybe an editor so I could customize my king. I wouldn't want the game to get much more complex, gameplay wise, I think I just want more events/questions, and to better be able to reflect on how the game's going.

Incidentally, I love this game and I'm hooked on it. Great work.


Options to register alternate keybind, like UP for 'yes' and DOWN for 'no'.


how about be able to mod the game to create events and even characters

me and its simplicity. ANother cool feature to add would be the ability to have more detailed answerrs. LIke later in the game when the turtles come to clean the house I wish you could te;l them what to do

1. Every new game you start, the lucky eye could either be blue or green. Game just picks one. Adds more randomness. Also brown too.


Name the first townsperson


crime waves and robbing sprees. Also does the gold machine work?

(1 edit) (+3)

I have two suggestions:

1. The city from about day 150 would start becoming more modern and at about day 350 it would become like New York City.

2. A super rare chance of a real angel showing up and saying "god has blessed your city" and you would get + 2000 population.

I actually like that idea, like to bump this idea


I loved playing Sort The Court, and I recorded a 5 video series of it! The only problem was, I finished it by day 72, and each video was about 10-20 minutes long. My only request is that you add more problems and goals to accomplish after being conducted into the Council of Crowns.



Suggestion:- The ability to do more scientific projects throughout the ages, like the time machine, I guess you could expand on that with more story to it maybe? Also the ability to see population graph, happiness graphs, so you can see your progress throughout the ages, You should also have a map mode, expand your empire on land and beyond... infinite maps to conquer , so basically a monarchy civlization simulator, so even after the story has finished, you can still mess about . Perhaps more yes or no questions, to do with science , technology upgrades and perhaps issuing decrees ,say yes or no to a proposal for a decree, which can have a positive or negative effects on your stats?

just a thought


i think if you bye flowers that they go near the cog and you can call the witch if your being hanted


I think it would be cute to see the hair stylist give you actual hair cuts, just to make the game a bit more charming. I'd also be interested in seeing bonds form with the other kingdoms: Ocean, Forest, etc.


I think it would be cool if later on in the game you met someone else who would become king/queen beside you. Maybe a few people that you would choose from and maybe after a while there would be a Prince/Princess.


Choose what kind of castle you want it to look like.

Examples: Japanese, Modern, Futuristic.


it would like nice if it was medieval.

(1 edit) (+1)

and you can chose to progress to more modern ages after some time


Although it would be quite a small detail, it would be awesome if whenever the barber came and offered a free haircut, you actually got one.

(1 edit)

I have some suggestions! Please consider some of these, I think it would make the game more fun!

I personally think the game should have more aftergame activities, such as minigames and quests you can go on and you can either lose happiness, or gain lots of gold depending on the choices you make. You should also have more fun things you can do while playing the game, like the dragon slaying one. Also, you should be able to customize your character (no offense but the characters you already have look... kinda diseased...) There should also be a king/ queen opposite of your gender so it's like real life!

Please consider some of these ideas!


I just thought it would be cool if you could customize the king/queen and get extra haircuts from the barber instead of it doing nothing.

hell yeah

Love this game!!! 

In terms of gameplay, I don't think I can add anything that hasn't already been said. But visually  I would suggest giving more feedback to the player, for example when the dragon comes maybe add some screen shake, or add little animations or just change sprites for when the king's reaction to things.  Maybe even stars at night or a sunset at dusk.

Essentially just subconsciously let the player know they made a difference to reinforce the player's experience.

I was thinking that if you keep feeding the cat (Boots)that maybe after everytime you feed him the next time he comes he gets boots then the next time he gets a hat and then he gets a little sword then after he gets his full outfit he gets renamed puss in boots and then next time he can talk but not really well and he has to say meow in each sentence after that make him come over and do missions for you!!!

oh and that if you kept the cog the robot gamedev would come back with loads of money and people saying "thank you for fixing me and believing in me, and thank you for also keeping my cog!" then after that he gives you 1000 gold (cuz remember that King that came by saying if you sold him that cog that he would give you 1000 gold?) and he gives you 15 people

make the general have a bigger purpose and make it so you can pay mortimer money later and maybe more people and so you can choose ho you want to kick because i always wanted to kick lil fang and maybe more city tiers and more mile stones i have 5k people and a badge for geting your money out of the game

keep the style!!!!!!!!!!

(2 edits)

Great game, but I think that more science related things should be added and the gold generating machine should have some kind of exponential money gaining amount.

So, lets say that there's a 50/50 chance of the machine to give money one day, in some way, like if the scientist, in some random days,  ask you for more money, you could upgrade that and goes to 75% chance or 100%, after that, there could be upgrades to the amount of gold gained, lets suppose it is 60% ($20), 35% ($60) and 5% ($150), by investing you could increase like, 50% ($20), 42,5% ($60) and 7,5% ($150), or even more after that.

You could make Jester's $700 show cost less, last more and have a greater return on money.

I think the Sultan should have more "agreement' options too, or maybe you could ask your assistant (Royal Advisor) to make YOUR agreements with him, like sending or buying spices, merchants, etc.

I love your make and I with you could read this and agree with my ideas.

Thank you for your time.


It's so easy to get sucked into the game and realize you're over a hundred days in. What if you added a family system? You need to marry and have children in order to keep your country moving along. Also your character ages as the game progresses. So when the character you are playing dies one of your children takes over. Also maybe add characteristics? For example, you could start with kindness and therefore you are more loved by your people or you could start with greedy and get more money at the end of the day. Who you marry will help determine what the next generation is like.

Love this game! Next time I get paid I'll donate to you. Please keep up the good work. I have anxiety and this game really helps me deal with my bad days. So thank you for helping me with that. I'll help you out as well when I get paid :)

I like this idea

i have one question... how can you get into a 'workplace relationship' in sort the court? because it it one of the achievements and i didnt get it even though ive been trying for ages

You have to reject the council of crowns. Your Aide will approach you after that.

I think that there should be in-game yearly events, so every year that you are king, the difficulty is ramped up a lot. Also, I agree with others that we should be able to customize our monarch, even changing the gender.

As far as I know, there seems to be no other option for the "Hero who wields the Dragon Blade" other than "Sneaky Girl". I really didn't want to give her the sword, but no one else was coming and she kept coming back so I gave it to her, and then the people didn't really like that.  I guess I just want to know if it's even possible to choose someone else? If it isn't then it should be I think.

Actually, the knight will do it, too, because he's the person who did it for me.


I played this game without a account and the two things i want is the option for a bad ending aka not joining that group of kingdoms and a option to be a king that's not human


There is another ending if you don't join the council of crowns. It's not really a bad ending though. It would be cool to have nonhuman options!

After you join the court and it says you've completed the game, does anything happen if you continue playing?

I would like to make a suggestion: Add more possible spells, and make it so that you can select a spell for the scientists to make. Also, make days last ten turns instead of 5.


We should be able to have husband's or wives like we choose who we want to marry and how it will effect the kingsome also we need more to the story like the kingdom will go to the heir if you get married and have a kid and adoption is only available if you are married and you can also marry your own gender for those who are in the LGBT community and before you get married you have to date the person a certain amount of times then you decide if you want to settle for the girl or guy you are dating or if you want to break up and look for another if you want to talk to me about ideas  I would love to.

I think you should make it so once you are nice to timmy enough you can adopt him. It seems as though timmy does not have parents because of the fact that he has to ask you for his friends to come over. If you do decide to adopt him he with sit by your throne sometimes, or he can maybe walk around a bit. I would really love to see this added into the game.

I think when people give you things (like flowers and the such) they could decorate the throne room, like the walls or maybe there's some flower pots now? And maybe food items can also be there but for only the remainder of the day. This doesn't seem like anything too complicated either since the robot can give you the gear that stays in your throne room, it would just be a nice and subtle decorative detail.