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The main priority so far is to get the SDK working with mobile devices (both Android and iOS), but this priority can change depending on the needs of our supporters. Actually, we just included desktop support in our development roadmap.

We're glad you're excited about Android support. This is ready now and available here.

As for your advice, thanks! We really appreciate your feedback. In fact, the target price for the SDK in version 1.0.0, including support for HTML, Android and iOS platforms will be $39.99, but we're offering it at lower prices for our early supporters while it's still on development. Price will be increasing as we add more features, but all our supporters (early or not) will receive all subsequent updates free of charge.

Hey Cowlord! Thanks for the headsup, we're just updating the asset now so we'll take the opportunity to get in touch with Yoyo Games about that error.

Thanks! We're glad you liked it. Also thanks for your feedback, we'll add it to our tasks.

Just spent an hour playing this game! Thanks!

If you want a suggestion... please let me save my progress!

Hey shadree! Sorry about that. This is a quick game we developed for a hackathon in 50 hours, so a few issues are expected, like this. However, we'll check and fix that as soon as we finish updating our last game (give it a check, you may like it:

Finally... it is indeed possible to get every piece of clothing without jumping on the trees, you just have to try a couple more times.

Thanks for your feedback!

Love it!

You should port this to mobile!

Love it!

You should port this to mobile!