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Same setting, same gameplay :/

I know the game was made for an gamejam , but the artstyle is fitting , the idea is simple but interesting and has potential. I didn't want to miss anything when I played it ;)

So just add some content and I will try it again the next patch.

the text of the added or lost coins and happiness overlap if you get a new one at the right moment

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the game should be harder in the "late game". im here with 3k people, 650 happiness and 4k gold.

maybe some other monsters like the dragon (ok i met a kraken once but he never came back). some kind of diseases and missfortunes would be cool, so you lose some % of your people or gold and maybe some kind to prevent this like a doctor, which is only good later, if you accept him too early he will do something bad or other challenges. the game at this state is fun but to short and you can press yes withou thinking to much.

some more ideas


-a mysterious man (with strange questions?!)


-a prinzess

-switch something up if you answer a question to often the same way

- add a "keep silence" button for more tactical decisions