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Matt Bixler

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It's nice to see Mort again.

I know you said you weren't looking to expand the game, but any chance at adding an "invert mouse" option? I feel like I'm trying to write with my off-hand. 

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I've played this game three times, it only seems to have saved after the first time I played. The second time was only for 20 minutes or so, so I didn't lose much progress. The third time I made it as far as getting the beta game emailed to me, then when the in-game game crashed, when I went to boot back up in-game, nothing I'd done had saved. Is there a setting I messed up or something?

EDIT: Turns out I did? I had "portable mode" enabled, when I turned it off, things seemed fine. Leaving this up in case anyone bumps into the same thing I did.

I'd like to see a history of my decisions/kingdom. Maybe just a chart showing the size of my happiness/treasury/population over time? Also maybe an editor so I could customize my king. I wouldn't want the game to get much more complex, gameplay wise, I think I just want more events/questions, and to better be able to reflect on how the game's going.

Incidentally, I love this game and I'm hooked on it. Great work.