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Hey! I made a video about your game! I cannot wait to see what you do next!

FPA: 1 Tera Toaster

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Hey! I played your game, and made a video about it! It was really fun, and I hope to play more from y'all in the future. Congrats on the LDJam win!

Check out my video!

When the sea monster leaves the screen, there's still some tentacle visible on the edge when de-spawning. (This was playing on the Windows .exe in a 1280x720 window)

Some specific suggestions from our play session: It would be great if there were more construction projects. Along with that: it would be funny if you scaled the construction worker up just a little bit every time you give him a sandwich. Also: Skully and Molder are great and need more content. I also had an idea later that it would be great if when the little kid comes in to ask you if his friends can come over to play if occasionally his friends were bandits, or pirates, or ghouls. Love the game. I look forward to playing it way more.

I am most certainly doing this.