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Hi! I just wanted to say that it feels like the king is a little lonely... maybe make a queen-like quest? For example, let's say that the skeleton guy found a girl & asks if you would like to meet her. After that, you can start talking to her and after a few days, you can say yes or no (DUH!) to her asking if you like her or something similar. :) THANKS FOR READING :) AND FOR THE GAME I'TS AMAZING :)

from what i understand try not joining the cousel of crowns and keep playing.

what do you mean?

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i mean theres 2 endings one where you joijn the counsel of crowns and one where you dont. both endings have unique after game events. (though it might be a singular event from what i see) you only tried playing after joining the counsel of crowns right?

how!? i really wanna know!

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Yea actually yesterday was the 1st time I played it lol ended in 59 days but I didnt know there was another ending.... Cool... It would be cool if there was an ending where you could go to the negatives (evil ending).