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agreed! yeah please! if nothing else at least extend the shirne offerings warranty to keep mortimer away.

have you tried playing after you decline the offer to join the counsel of crowns? idk what happens cause i havent done it but it might be what your looking for.

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i mean theres 2 endings one where you joijn the counsel of crowns and one where you dont. both endings have unique after game events. (though it might be a singular event from what i see) you only tried playing after joining the counsel of crowns right?

from what i understand try not joining the cousel of crowns and keep playing.

but only once to rip you off! there deals are bad and if its "mutually beneficial research" you will never hear from them again.

is it started yet? some data calculation regarding magicain or vampire guy would be cool kinda want to know there success/failure rate. just say yes enough times to get a fair average. also curios if the vampires question to eat/kill a person affects the vampire crystal success rate.

its not the love potion i was wrong you need to not join councel of crowns.

any chance you can add multiple save files at some point so i dont have to chose between giving up my game that has leaderboard pop,gold and happnisness and geting all the medals?

hi, i think you accidentally wrote the love potion event out of the game because i cant get that last heart achievement or matter how long i wait.early game.

the work place relationship has anyone got this? I cant find it anywhere, i think it might be that love potion event i once saw but i dont even know if thats still in the game(or its chances are so low that it absoultly ridiclous) . what else could it be anyone?

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that explains it, i guess dont give him a legendary sword unless he offers to kill a dragon with it!

but isnt the shrine for keeping the sea creature out? so it feels kinda werid you cant pay so the sea creature goes away since the mer people havent showed up yet.

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i feel like it would be cool if skully or the pink slime puddle had a chance at giving you info on the royal ambassadors, so you would/might know who to trust. or mabey if skully catches the necromancer the chances of ghosts striking would decrease.

also just a thought mabey the wizzard could ask for a 1000 gold for research material to increase his success rate 5-10%. (which ever you think is fair) probably better it happens only once though so the wizzard doesnt become too op.

after the the 2nd kings meeting (the first one after you become 1 0f 5 kings) there seems to be nothing new left.

so, whats the ending becoming 1 of 5 kings? and what about the second ending? is it the one where you lose? cause otherwise i cant find a second one. also it feels really odd that after becoming 1 of 5 kings theres one meeting where every one asks for stuff then thats it.

also is the craken suppose to come before you meet the mer people?