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Sort the Court!

Give your decree in simple yes or no answers, and help the kingdom grow! · By Graeme Borland

Version 2 released!

A topic by Graeme Borland created Sep 23, 2016 Views: 12,374 Replies: 15
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Hello everyone! At long last, version 2.0.0 of Sort the Court has been released. This brings a huge number of changes with it, you can see the full list of new stuff here. If you find any bugs or typos in this new version, please do report them here in the forum, it's much appreciated! I hope you all enjoy the update, we've been working hard on it :)

Awesome update!

so, whats the ending becoming 1 of 5 kings? and what about the second ending? is it the one where you lose? cause otherwise i cant find a second one. also it feels really odd that after becoming 1 of 5 kings theres one meeting where every one asks for stuff then thats it.

also is the craken suppose to come before you meet the mer people?


what about the second ending?

You can choose to join the Council of Crowns or not, resulting in 2 different endgame states. You can also lose by reaching a population of 0, but I don't consider that an ending.

is the craken suppose to come before you meet the mer people?

The Sea Monster isn't tied to any mermaid character's storyline, so yes that is entirely possible.

but isnt the shrine for keeping the sea creature out? so it feels kinda werid you cant pay so the sea creature goes away since the mer people havent showed up yet.

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Although the new version is much better and I'm grateful for all of your hard work so far, I'm afraid that I have to report an annoying bug that is ruining the game for me. Specifically, that the knight offers to wield the legendary blade before the Blacksmith has made it, before the dragon has attacked, and in some cases, before the Blacksmith has even opened his business, meaning that he doesn't offer again when the sword is actually made! And while yes, I know that I can just allow the thief to use the dragon blade, if I do, then she just keeps all the gold for herself. So assuming that it won't take much to patch this problem, can you please do so asap? :-)

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that explains it, i guess dont give him a legendary sword unless he offers to kill a dragon with it!

Developer (1 edit)

Hi there! I responded to this report in another thread so I'll link to it here for your convenience:

hi, i think you accidentally wrote the love potion event out of the game because i cant get that last heart achievement or matter how long i wait.early game.


The love potion event is still in the game, but that's not how you get the Workplace Relationship trophy ;)

Hint: Getting that trophy relies on you doing a certain ending and then continuing to play for a while.

There's a spelling error when the Petite Souris appears! It says 'offerring' instead of 'offering'. (The Petite Souris is my favourite, alongside Winston!)


Thanks! I'll have that typo fixed in the next update.


I saw that jack played it like 3 hours ago on his channel and I was like, "Does this mean there is an update? Is there an update? OMG I HAVE TO CHECK IF THERE'S AN UPDATE!" I love this game and I'm so happy the update is finally out!

any chance you can add multiple save files at some point so i dont have to chose between giving up my game that has leaderboard pop,gold and happnisness and geting all the medals?


Possibly! It's not ideal, but there's a workaround you can use for now: If you use the download version of the game you can actually just make a copy of the game in a duplicated folder - when you run the game it will look for a SortTheCourt_save.dat file in the folder it was run from (the same folder as the .exe), so multiple copies of the game in different folders can have their own saves. You can even get creative with backing up/renaming/exchanging the SortTheCourt_save.dat file if you're comfortable doing that.

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Btw I know this isn't really the thread to say it in but Im still going to anyway. I was talking about disputing the land with the ocean and plant kingdoms and I said no to the ocean kingdom expecting their to be a resolve saying that both could share the land but no. It made me support the plant kingdom when I said no to the Ocean kingdom and I was like, "Ugh thats not what I mean ;-;"


King Andromedus just spoke to me and told me she split it with the ocean queen anyway xD Oi...