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I love this! I got a "witchy girlfriend who really likes stealing from the rich" which sounds the BEST

Hello! Thank you for your quick help :D It was that issue, but for some recent, Sierra/High Sierra have the "Anywhere" option hidden, so I had to use the Terminal to get it to reappear! And now it's stopped giving me that error, and it lets it open, but then... nothing shows up. The icon just sits in the dock and no birds are fed! My apologies for coming to you with more errors, and thank you again for your support!

Hi there! I have downloaded this game on my Mac, and it unzips just fine! But every time I try to open the app itself, my computer says the file is broken and should be moved to the trash. Any help would be immensely appreciated!

There's a spelling error when the Petite Souris appears! It says 'offerring' instead of 'offering'. (The Petite Souris is my favourite, alongside Winston!)