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nice job, and thanks for playing! :)


Great score, your video was fun to watch - thank you for playing!

Thanks! The link's at the top of the page, but here it is again as well

Thanks for playing, and nice score! It was fun to watch you work out a strategy in the video :)

The shield battery is to the right of the main screen with all the information on it. Look around for red stuff!

Ah, unfortunately the game will not run on a Chromebook. Chromebooks use Chrome OS, which is not the same as Windows or Mac OS - and Carroneath only supports Windows.

Hi there! You'll need to unzip the file you downloaded in order to run the game. Windows has the ability to do this built-in, you don't need any extra app. Just right-click the file and click "Extract All...", then follow the instructions to unzip its contents.

We still really love Sort the Court, but we don't currently have any plans to update it any further. We might return to it one day or make something else in this universe, but for the time being we've moved on to other projects.

Hi there, I am still working on this game albeit very slowly! There's a lot more I have planned for it that I hope to get to eventually, I just work on it bit by bit when I have time.

Wow! Glad you were able to find it :)

Not that I'm aware of! With the way the sequence works there is a limit on the minimum possible completion time, if you're fast enough to rewire everything before you're asked to.

Hi there - even though the graphic just says Space, you can actually also use the Y or N buttons to advance regular dialogs :)

There is now an option to invert your mouse via the menu!

I don't currently have any plans to expand this game, I'm quite pleased with how the jam went so I intend to let the result stand as-is for the time being :)

Nice job! You should include a link to your Ludum Dare entry page so people can give you votes :)

I appreciate the additional info! I've updated the mac build to hopefully resolve the issue. If you're willing to give it another shot, try downloading a fresh copy of the game. In researching this a bit, I've read that another potential issue is that the game may not work correctly if you use an app other than the default Archive Utility to unzip it.

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Hi! My apologies, there appears to be a bug in this version of the game engine where mouse sensitivity becomes very high for some people when using vsync. Try turning off vsync in the game's pause menu. Failing that, I've also uploaded a new build with a better mouse sensitivity setting that you can turn all the way down to 1% - so if you're willing to give it another go, download the game again to access that updated setting.

Hi, sorry to hear that - can you check your security settings as described here? You may need to allow the app to open from Security & Privacy as described at the bottom of that page. Let me know if that helps!

Nice garden! I'll fix that footstep issue in the next update :)

Thanks! Yeah I intend to keep working on it going forward, adding a whole bunch of stuff and tweaking things like that :) I started a bit before procjam's official start date, since I don't have time to jam most weekdays - so this represents the equivalent of roughly 5 or 6 actual days of work I think..

At the title screen you can hit either of the player's action keys ("." or "1") to start - then at the Ready screen each player has to hit their action key to signal that they're ready.

We still really love Sort the Court, but we don't currently have any plans to update it any further. We might return to it one day or make something else in this universe, but for the time being we've moved on to other projects.

Try the blue magic circle :)

We don't have any actual system requirements figured out, Sort the Court is a pretty minimal program so it should run fine on most PCs. It's made using the Unity game engine, which lists their minimum requirements as follows:

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1+, macOS 10.11+, Ubuntu 12.04+, SteamOS+
  • Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.

Best way to know for sure is just to give it a try! :)

Hi there - would you be able to follow the steps in this post to send me your log file? It would help greatly with being able to diagnose this issue.

Would you be able to send your save file to ? If the save is in the correct location then there must be some other issue, it would help me to have a copy of the file in question.

Hi there - it would be greatly helpful to me if you're able to follow the steps here to send me your log file in order to diagnose the issue.

Saving was added about 2 years ago :) See this post.

This was a lot of fun to play! Looking forward to checking it out on the Winnitron later :)

Hm, does the red part of the button light up at all when you move the cursor over it? I'm having trouble reproducing this issue.

We still really love Sort the Court, but we don't currently have any plans to update it any further. Might return to it one day or make something else in this universe, but for the time being we've moved on to other projects.

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The first update to Field of Fate since its original build is now here! In the game, you will notice on the title screen and in the bottom right corner of the menu there is now text saying "Version 0.1.0". This is where you'll be able to keep track of which version of the game you're playing, should you ever need to know.

Version 0.1.0 fixes a bunch of things I didn't like about the prototype build, addresses several points of feedback from the prototype feedback thread, and starts laying the groundwork for the game to expand out into a larger project. Here are the details of what's changed:

Field of Fate Version 0.1.0

  • Added the Codex.
    • Accessible via the main menu, or by clicking on trait names and unit titles, the Codex is a compendium of information about various aspects of the game. New topics will be added to it in future updates as the game becomes larger.
  • Added several new types of units.
    • Alongside the traditional chess-based units, 5 original types of unit have been added.
  • Re-balanced all unit stats.
    • Health and damage values for all unit types have been tweaked as the first step in the ongoing process of balancing.
  • Battle grid now shows a green preview of where a unit can move when you mouse over it.
  • Added new map generation logic for a greater variety of enemy encounters.
  • Your first 3 summons are now balanced instead of being completely random.
  • Added support for different aspect ratios when playing the game fullscreen.
  • Changed the UI for gaining summoning XP, and sped up the animation.
  • Sped up some of the movement and battle animations.
  • Julian made some tweaks to a couple of the music tracks.
  • Added new icons for all traits.
  • Added version number labels to various places in the game.
  • Fixed a bug where a unit's traits gained through relationships would sometimes not count.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes lock up when transitioning between scenes very quickly.
  • Attempted to fix a bug where shaders did not render properly on some machines.

Thank you to everybody who tried the prototype and offered their feedback! This update is the first of what I hope to be many, as I start building out Field of Fate into the larger game that I want it to be. Please let me know what you think of this new version in this thread!

Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea of being able to switch out or improve traits.. will give that some more thought :)

Thanks for the report, I've added this to my bugs list (as well as your other comment).

The game reads from and writes to a SortTheCourt_save.dat file in the same location as the executable.

Yep, that's definitely something I need to improve haha

At some point in the future, yes.