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save game Locked

A topic by Rozh created Aug 21, 2016 Views: 4,837 Replies: 7
This topic was locked by Graeme Borland Nov 07, 2018

Saving was added to the game in September 2016, so this thread is no longer relevant. If you have any issues with the save feature, feel free to make a separate thread.

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I have played this game and I love it
I've been playing since it was released
but I have a doubt

how to save the game??
I have 6460 peoples already
and 1006 of happiness
and I need turn off my computer but I don't want to loss my progress


There's no save feature in the game yet, but you will be able to save in the next update, which will be out as soon as possible. If you've been playing since we released it in December 2015, you may remember that it was built for a game jam and thus not really meant to be played in long sessions like people are doing now. Sorry about the loss of your progress, but we had no idea people would be playing this game for so long!

Any ETA on saves?


Saving was added about 2 years ago :) See this post.


Rest in peace, my 10k villagers.

Ahah RIP mine too ! But its okay. I can't wait this update to happen. This game is really great, it won't bother me at all to replay it all the way back to my actual progress ♥

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ohh ok
RIP my 12k guys

by the way, thumbs up for this game!!
Im anxious to play the new updates

PD. I would to support for this game if you need (the event chains must be a nightmare xD)

Rip My 100k Villigares

Developer locked this topic