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Definitely one of the best addictive fun game I've played from Itch
it reminds me to my childhood, I should have this when I was child

by the way, the dog start shaking crazily for no reason many times
seems like it is a problem with the camera-character following but not sure, you should check it.
Otherwise are only details ;)

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ohh ok
RIP my 12k guys

by the way, thumbs up for this game!!
Im anxious to play the new updates

PD. I would to support for this game if you need (the event chains must be a nightmare xD)

Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic save game

I have played this game and I love it
I've been playing since it was released
but I have a doubt

how to save the game??
I have 6460 peoples already
and 1006 of happiness
and I need turn off my computer but I don't want to loss my progress