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Version 2.0.0

  • Saving system: Your progress now automatically saves after every interaction, so you can quit the game without worry and resume right where you left off.
  • Main menu: The game now starts with a menu screen allowing you to sign in to Game Jolt and manage your save file.
  • New main story: The main story has been completely rewritten with a much more clear beginning, middle, and 2 endings.
  • Tons of new content: Over 100 new interactions have been added (about 5000 additional words of dialogue), including a few new characters.
  • Experimental Mac and Linux support: Mac and Linux builds have been uploaded. These builds may have problems of their own, but people have been requesting them so we're giving it a shot.
  • Mouse support: The game can now be played entirely with the mouse! Click on different parts of the screen and on the king's Y/N speech bubble to play without using a keyboard.
  • Mute button: Click the speaker in the upper left to mute the game's audio.
  • Aspect ratio support: The game's UI will now adjust depending on your screen's aspect ratio so no information is cut off. New aspect ratios have been added to the startup options in the standalone version.
  • New art for the city in the background, which now has a much more detailed growth animation as your population expands.
  • Game Jolt highscores: If you are signed in to Game Jolt, your stats will automatically be submitted to the leaderboards.
  • Game Jolt trophies: If you are signed in to Game Jolt, you'll now receive trophies for completing certain actions in the game.
  • Revised a number of existing storylines to make them less annoying (include the witch's haunting storyline).
  • Added some polish to the UI animation when starting a game.
  • Clarified a few pieces of dialogue where the character's intentions were unclear.
  • Fixed a bug where very large stat numbers would display incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the stat counters on the left would sometimes clip into each other.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the stat numbers in the bottom left would not be visible.