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Give your decree in simple yes or no answers, and help the kingdom grow! · By Graeme Borland

heart acheivemnt?

A topic by created Oct 06, 2016 Views: 3,494 Replies: 4
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the work place relationship has anyone got this? I cant find it anywhere, i think it might be that love potion event i once saw but i dont even know if thats still in the game(or its chances are so low that it absoultly ridiclous) . what else could it be anyone?

its not the love potion i was wrong you need to not join councel of crowns.


Ah, never mind.. I saw it on a wiki page, sorry for using caps

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Also sorry I should've processed your comment and that you aid we shouldn't join the council of crowns and said 'what do we do after that??" or I could have jut deleted my previous reply but I'm already writing this apology so there's really no point anymore as this is also a means to myself feel not so guilty about jumping to conclusions.. ANY WAY the point is I'm sorry for ' yelling' at you.