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I felt this game was too easy in the end, I ended up with a ton of gold, and people, and I just kept spamming Y and got more.

I think with things like "The all seeing eye" it should be lose money or give money since I auto knew to press Yes to them and No to the others, possibly randomize it with a good or bad ending. For example:

"Kind did you want a spooky name?"

Good: "Creep King" (Possibly make an array with different names) and have that person call the king by that name not just: "Hi friend"

Bad: "Annoying King" (Array it) and make it negative one on happiness? (The king)

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The other thing I was going to say, I really do enjoy this game, but I feel the game is too easy. I played about an hour and got too 7000 and i was like oh, this is not so fun anymore. Especially since a lot of the events are similar.

Oh and the coin graphics is messed up, i mean at 3000 I think it reachs the end, but if you lose money it start decreasing the pile even at 7000

I found a text bug.