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Risk Leonhart

A member registered Aug 18, 2016

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if someone hasn't already suggested it, and it isn't already part of the game, the potions the scientists make should have more things happen than turning people into gold (has only happened once for me) and turning people purple (the only other thing that's happened with them so far in my experience), like for instance, people should gain powers or turn into other creatures, like deer, wolves, frogs, cats, hell, make people dragons of all shapes and sizes! that'd be pretty cool .3.

even after lifting the curse on chester, he came back when I was in debt and offered to eat people and pay me, should that not happen after he's uncursed?

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an idea popped into my head while I was playing after the butler gave me some of "the good stuff", if you deny him the rest of the day off for a party (or whatever it was) enough times, it should be poisoned, but it shouldn't kill you immediately, after enough times of drinking it you (the king) should be visibly sick, and should get help from a doctor character or the Royal Adviser and there should be either a small chance that the antidote is sabotaged by the butler or there's a Y/N answer that, given your choice, will result in your getting better or early demise

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I second this motion! as well as suggest that he maybe get smaller the friendlier he gets? I'm curious to know what his face looks like, plus I'd rather not have him continue to stink up the place with his giant feet