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A traviling merchant:

1.IL offer ya a magic wand for only 300

Yes:lose 300 gold gain 1 wand in tresure pile this makes wizerds deals better but when its a bad spell its worse

no:Awww Youl buy my next item lose 3 happyness

2.Im selling a magic cog wanna buy it? it will be 600 gold

Yes:lose 600 gold gain 1 magic cog this can be used to make a science project better

No:Hmph next item will be the thing you buy lose 3 happyness

(The no will be the same exept that happyness will start declining faster)

3.You want a Legendary hammer? it will be 1500 gold

You can give this to the blacksmith to make him work faster thus giving you gold faster and making him make the dragons bane faster

(that is all i have for now i might add more items and stuff)

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I think you should be able to play Robot game devs game (40 days after he leaves)

When the witch slayed the goblins i got plus 36 Happines becuase the Msg That says she slayed them kept on showing up


yes I like the idea with the tea and it being a drug

This is just a fun little idea i had:

OK,i think you should be able to Watch or Become The knight when hes doing a quest

Or going to fight the dragon, Like choosing wich path to take When going to dragon