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Just call me Life

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It has great graphics! continue please!

How do you change the skin color,face, hair? cuz I cant change it only the clothes

oh and that if you kept the cog the robot gamedev would come back with loads of money and people saying "thank you for fixing me and believing in me, and thank you for also keeping my cog!" then after that he gives you 1000 gold (cuz remember that King that came by saying if you sold him that cog that he would give you 1000 gold?) and he gives you 15 people

it would like nice if it was medieval.

I was thinking that if you keep feeding the cat (Boots)that maybe after everytime you feed him the next time he comes he gets boots then the next time he gets a hat and then he gets a little sword then after he gets his full outfit he gets renamed puss in boots and then next time he can talk but not really well and he has to say meow in each sentence after that make him come over and do missions for you!!!