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"confia no pai" 馃榿

145m 馃槶

103m 馃槬

Nice game, I managed to find 9 species

The description of the species is a little misleading, at first I thought it would be possible to use the sharp species to scrape food 馃槅

Oh I see now. I after get the lamp, I back to corridor and find the end(for now)

The idea of modify the book on the run are really awesome, it's a good innovation compared to games adapted from choose-your-own-adventure books. It really deserves a full game. Maybe more pop up children books will give you some inspiration to make the navigation less linear.

Nice book gameplay, unfortunately I cannot pass the Brain Scrambler, tried few times, but the card fight is too much cryptid

I really love the game, played several hours. Once you master the controls, gameplay is extremely satisfying.

In my  playstyle I focused on using primarily the charged shot, and the normal shot only to defend or finish off the enemy. Therefore, I found it much more useful to invest all the upgrade points in more health instead of damage, since the charged shot already does a lot of damage.

After few tries, I managed to finish on game+

Hi in my computer, the game crashes(just closes without warning) after start the loading icon animation.

My specs:
windows 10 (22H2)
processor i7 930
ram 20gb
geforce gtx 1660
running on HDD

Thanks, i found it, awesome! :D

I played on mobile and worked very well(android). How many endings does the game have? I cannot pass the faceless statue  馃槬

Ultra nice and fun!


Nice one! I think this could be a short length paid game(3-4h). Search for items and bring back to activate energy, repair vehicle/doors/elevators, activate escape, that kind of thing

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Nice upgrade system! Deserve a full paid game version

Niiiiiiice! 馃榿

Hi, is there any way to retrieve the tab history? I had left several tabs open and accidentally clicked the close all button. 馃槬

I investigated and realized that there are folders named in the pattern "gamesession_XXXXXX" in "AppData\Roaming\itch\Partitions", would it be possible to recover the tabs by some file present there?

On the client there are the urls "itch://library/" and "itch://collections/" - is there something like chrome's "chrome://history/"?

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In 10 floors I received almost only "heal"/"remove-die" options, no "upgrade" option, and the "new dice" below floor 10 you receive only weak dice. I learned later, the best option is to restart if you don't get many upgrade options until room 10.

That's exactly what I suspected, the game only allows few strategies. For example, it's impossible to win the game just by choosing/receive new dice and heal, without upgrades or removing dice.

I managed to finish the game with some regularity, but always following a strict strategy, which doesn't allow much improvisation and rely a lot on luck on receive upgrades and really useful new dice:
- deck size 8 or 9
- start upgrade 2 attacks to max
- then upgrade 2 defense and 2 boost while trying remove 1 boost and 1 attack
- restart if you dont have 2 attacks max when reach floor 8
- new dice only after floor 10 (remove old dice after receive a good one)
- heal only if no better option

edit: I loved that game played 20+ hours, but the situations like the first screenshot are really frustating

How to deal against a comp like this?

Because randomness, I upgraded only one blue dice and receive ony heal/remove-dice options, my attacks are very weak

If beginning attacking, the damage will be recovered by moth and beetle, and I receive 4 free hits(double hit from archer)

If I start defending, the archer just wipeout my blocks and the beetle boost the shield

The screenshot are after 2nd turn, started defending

Awesome!!! Im addicted haha :D

The core is ultra fun, but the balance ruin the fun in long run. Moth heal(2x wat!), beetle shield(boring battle) and purple fly(5x oof!) are too much. Appear impossible to complete the game without heavy heal dice - and the annoying proccess to loop through the dices until recover total heal.

I suspect that are only one optimal strategy that can beat the game, and the game balancing was created with this single strategy in mind. The problem is that the game allows many different strategies, and if the player chooses the wrong one, he will be doomed from the start 馃槬

Love it! :)

Can you change game config to open vertical in mobile phones? The icons are almost hidden in horizontal phone screen.

Really nice! Great music and atmosphere!

nice!!! :)

Short, but nice!!!

Options to register alternate keybind, like UP for 'yes' and DOWN for 'no'.

How many bottles to complete the game? I walk through the entire map and find 17

I think the sound is a hint, but dont works for me, any hint? =/

ps: awesome game!