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Create a full-functioning game out of this. You've got gold, just add a rough-patch 'ending'(However, leave it in an 'endless' mode) with a save-feature and your'e good to go. Even if you don't want to use this one, reskin it to make a new one. This game is legit one of the best "Kingdom Controller" games out there, as it's neither too complicated or too simple (as even though the controls are simple, the outcomes are intricate.)

Also, the witch appearing to ask for donations on the ghost failed several times--as she was 4/5 times too late. Some tweaking in the chances need changed there. Add more with the shady girl, she has a nice design but no story from what I could manage. Please make it possible for townies who left to return later, even if just to check in and ask for/give stuff. I only got to see Miriam once before she left. Mercury needs more details, as she only ever asks for money after I decided to stop construction. This game is also incredibly opposed to Science, as the only good thing to come from it is the machine--whereas all other's seemed to almost always end in negative effects. Jester is also incredibly annoying, coming in and always asking for 700 (although he asked for new juggling equipment once)--and needs more variety.

Some dialogue from Grandma talking about random things would be nice, like her just stopping in and saying "Oh, I remember back when my husband was still around how small this place was. He'd be proud of how the kingdom's grown, don't you think?" (With Y/N just giving similar response to her asking about the newspaper's heading.) She could unveil a underlying story with her long-term existence in the town, even if she's just talking to the king about by-gone days (I.E. during the dragon fiasco, she could mention how "that old brute" wreaked havoc back when the king's father was in charge.) Old people are cute, y'know?

A seasonal change every so many days would also be nice, where new events for the season could arise and the art could shift to a more seasonal thing (I.E. during Winter, the gardener woman no longer appears unless she needs something to protect seeds. During spring, she comes more often. Summer, she gives alot of fruit/vegetables away--and Fall she requests alot. Ghost-dude/Skelly/Lil Fang/Happy (or angry) spirit events and visits may be more common (or restricted to only appearing) in Fall. Mercury/Kracken visits more in Summer.)

All in all this is a wonderful game and I am very much emotionally invested in it.

A cute, short game. It takes a few tries to learn how to play, but after that it's fine. Art is simplistic, but stylish. Music is atmospheric for the mood, but rather repetitive after a few loops. Story is hard to weed out (as with any good mystery), however uneventful and not-quite built up. Ends on a soft note, leaving no bad taste in the mouth. Worth a play in the browser if you're in the mood for something to pass the time.