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he doesn't want to respond to you because he knows you're right. I hope my great grandfather is in this wonderful world too. thank you armel

I'm on day 290 at the moment with around a 12k people and a few thousand happiness, and gold sure isn't a problem. I know you're working on developing the story a bit more because as you know it's boring in the "late late" game. However i feel there are a tiny things that could make them game a little more fun here and there.

- a morning time, where you get 1 person, then it would shift to day for the next few... (the person that arrives during the morning would be taken from the midday section)

-An easy way to make the animations for gold to grow above about 3kish or so, is to just start turning them into bricks of gold (each one is worth 100) and they would take up about 3x as much space as one coin.

-Maybe use Molder to advance the story line that will tie in with aliens? and might contain the all-seeing eye?

just a few thoughts, the one about molder is a gamble, but it could be cool. Love the game! :D