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Lake area one should be given a higher chance to proc.

Glitches out after opening cutscene, only see a trail of blood, and cannot progress.  Camera presumably should be moving, but isn't.  What I assume is the PC (All I can see is the prints left in the blood) just moves off-screen.

Latest update (0.4.4), some of the new text for sex scenes (and one case with old text, in the male-player submit sex scene with Lizardman Warrior) cuts off early, usually after the phrase "Your ass was".  Occasionally, there are also other instances of the text being cut off, though I cannot remember them.

In fact, there's also at least one instance of the yellow character text appearing where it shouldn't (I think with male-player swamp monster fight, on a failed tease).

The site won't let me download the latest version, just the version that was the latest when I bought it.

Restarting did it.

Viewing the flawless victory in the gallery won't animate.

>Claims laughably easy third boss

>Third boss was utterly unfair for me


In case you didn't get my tweet:

The third boss is unfair. Not just difficult, unfair. There are way too many stones falling to get anywhere near the boss during his vulnerability period, and his head is too tall to dodge by jumping (it sticks out over the platform above it, which makes down the only safe place to go), not to mention the fact that boulders will quickly cut your attacks short and send you to the bottom to get your ass handed to you by the head, where you cannot dodge it at all, and there's a particular flame ghost en route to the Hall of Two Truths that will invariably take off a hitpoint as you're trying to get rid of it. And this is all WITH the Bikini, Magic Sword, Magic Shield, Water Jug, pretty much every treasure in hand (not counting a few like the sandals and scarab charm), including the Salt.

It's not skill that's required in this boss battle, it's luck with the Random Number God.

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Bruh, you haven't even seen the third boss yet. It's literally unfair. The horns are too tall to dodge effectively, there's shit flying everywhere to a quite psychotic degree, the platforms are too damn small, he has a huge pool of hitpoints, he has way too short of a vulnerability window to do any more than damage equal to 3/10ths of his hitpoints, if you're lucky and get the full three jumps worth of thrusts and dog spirits. Not to mention a particular enemy before hand that will invariably remove one hitpoint off of you before you even get there (The other is laughably easy if you have good reflexes and timing). And all of this is WITH the Bikini, Magic Shield, Magic Sword, Water Jug, etc. This is like taking the Sans battle from Undertale and making it far harder to effectively dodge anything. And honestly, the first boss isn't too shabby. Good luck getting back onto the platform after you get knocked off. Add more hitpoints, and it'd be difficult enough. But yeah, the second boss is a complete pushover once you've gotten the Bikini and Magic Sword, which you can get as early as halfway through the second dungeon, if you're determined enough.

And maybe allow you to summon the witch so you can appease the spirits whenever you want.

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I would like to see the ability to summon an advisor to the court, for example, summon the witch to have her appease the spirits (Because, as it is now, it's random, which isn't good for my coffers because she might show up before they get angry, she might not, she might not even show up until several days after the haunting has started to devastate the happiness of my kingdom, as well as it's coffers. The royal knight also seems to refuse to ask for the sword (Every time he comes by, it's to go on a dangerous adventure, and in this particular playthrough, he seems to be incredibly unlucky), and the thief hasn't come back. I'm starting to think that the thief isn't all that evil, and is the only way to kill the damn dragon.

Also, maybe add a little window that pops up from behind the dialogue box if someone is asking for money telling us exactly how much they're asking for. Only the little boy and the things over 100 gold seem to actually be told up front.