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Watashi loved your bijuaru noberu! Watashi has never played anything so yoi, soshite watashi is a senmonka at these types of games. Some baka plebs just don't understand, soshite it's so nice to finally see ichibu representation in games!

(... have you ever felt like dying after writing something) (your game was great though! lots of laughs, and i already recommended it to my friend lmao)

when i saw this in my email notifications i freaked out! unfortunately i have class today, but i'll definitely download this and play it as soon as i get home (if i don't have homework)

10/10 too many walkies

What exactly is the purpose of the game? Is there an end? Is there an answer to all of this madness? Why am I touching this butter? Why haven't I stopped? Is this game addicting? Am I addicted to this game? Do I just have a thing for touching digital butter?

I have many questions and I fear they may not be answered.
(Great butter toucher, btw!)

Honestly? I really liked this dating sim. It's not too difficult to keep track of (by that I mean energy wise, having to keep track of how many energy points an action takes up before I have to 'recharge'), and any action I do just adds Love to the meter, which I appreciate very much, because I love these chiller types of games. Wonderful game, loved the pacing, I sincerely hope you do more of these in the future! (Happy New Years!)

Hi! I read this, and this was really nice. Afterward, I read your other comic, and I thought it was really cool too!

Very nice! I found this really calming...

I had no idea how to play in the first time and I only talked to Austin and then after that I realized how badly I messed up and then just guessed who did it. I can't believe I was right, though???

I have no bae, but I have gotten a pretty good score button mashing (18)

I love how the music starts after making 'that' choice, it was a really good touch and it made a surge of affection roll through me. *clap clap* I really enjoyed this game!


I... I got really attached to the game, and my baby cousin got to my laptop, and he exited the game.

I frantically opened it again, but... ; - ; All of my progress was lost. This was horrible to me, since I had already gotten fairly far into the game, and even if the situations were repeating, I was still enjoying it.

Do you think you would ever put a 'Save' option in the game?