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Capt'n Joe

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I'm sending Michael Moore to Hell!!! XD



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Why not just include a save feature?

I'm already on day 83 with 3311 population, 604 happiness and 1352 wealth. Sadly I'm going to have to close my browser window at some point.

Oops, I just saw the post by AsuraKen.

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Love the game as it's coming along. A lot of care went into the graphic end. I also noticed that the game time was tied into the system time. When I played it, I noticed that the wall clock and digital clock both read as real-world time.

I've uploaded a Let's Play for RE77:


Just finished my Let's Play on Notes of Obsession, and I gotta tell you guys it's a nice bit of eyef**k and mindf**k you put together. What are you going to do for an encore?