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Alright so I've won going against the scenarios to stay indoors, outdoors and the one to focus on gain type skills. I've noticed that certain things help her survive (like people coming after hearing her on the radio). I love how the game seemed so weird and impossible at first but with time it all seems to reveal itself with trial and error :D

If it's possible to still win when going against the scenario - I SENSE A CHALLENGE-!!!

I got her to survive! First time I focused on only outdoors type things, no cabin upgrades and mostly supplies like a bow, tent and giving her knowledge and skills and it worked. The second time mentioned that there were 'too many threats outside' so I focused on indoors type things. Fortified the cabin, dug her a shelter, gave her a farm, taught her how to handle a dead body so I didn't have to worry about dying alone, and I got her a cooker but wasn't able to repair it before I died. She survived then too. To be frank, I have no idea what the protect/gain bar was for, but apparently I kept it where it should be to win. 

oh my gods, im just so smitten with this game. i followed the recommended play order (definitely well done, waltz to end it off was just so satisfying an ending) and as i was writing this the little credits cut scene that i won't spoil popped up and yeah, i'm just so happy that this game exists

i second this question, i have no clue

A game where it was actually a decent balance of challenge without losing the ease of understanding that allows you to figure out how to play without explicit tutorial. I like it.

I love the simplicity of it - also find it hilarious because i find the birds to be the biggest threat of all XD you can stay at the big guy's feet and he can't touch you and the normal grunts are easily knocked back into oblivion - the birds however, i fail to roll past often and always slow me down/mess me up.

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I love the game, but the mid-late game does get a bit boring after all the stand areas have been filled, even after I replace a few of the less profitable stands.

 A fill all the stocks button would be a great idea especially when you only have like 1 or 2 stock left. 

As well, when the days themselves ending it would be great if either the day waited for all the customers to leave to end or the customers stopped spawning at like 11:30pm because the day will end and some of the stands that have yet to run out of stock still have lines of people to sell to...especially if it's one of the stands with 1 stock left that is cut off in mid-purchase by the day ending. 

Also, the little +[Amount] pop-up that appears next to the amount of gold you have becomes rather useless when you reach 3-4 stands because all the profits overall each other into a green blur of unreadable numbers. It's great for making someone feel like they're making a lot though XD!

There was also a time the Isaw stand when into -1 stock. No idea how it happened, but it did. 

The game overall is quite lovely though!

Also - Hiya tigidig. Had to google it, but nice

EDIT: Oh, and as an after thought, because I know a bunch of people were recommending new customers to spice up the end game - it'd be funny if the ever-so mysterious source of the red blinking sewer eyes decided to come buy some Isaw or something XD

EDIT 2: I just finished it and now I'm silently raging when she returned only to say the market wasn't as profitable as she wanted it, considering I had ~30,000 gold just sitting there as I was just going through the motion the last view days and she's like, "Oh the net value is only like 19,000, that's not good enough. If she said a goal value, I completely forgot, and I couldn't exactly tell the net value (or maybe I missed something that said it, dunno). I don't have the patience to go through the game again for the sake of trying to get it above whatever profit she wanted (assuming it's like 20k or something?). The gameplay itself, I still did enjoy mostly though.

I love this game, though (just to preface I've only played an hour or so) I wish there was more when it comes to 'help' in the game. Like, the tutorials are great but I have yet to find a way to actually go back to that information because I'm quite a forgetful person and can't always remember explanations (particularly, I have no idea how to combat/deal with the monthly weakening even though I know there was explanation given). The help button in the esc menu doesn't seem to function properly and is a bit of an annoyance to get out of once I open it - though I attribute that to the fact that the game's in alpha and it might not be fully implemented. But overall, I'm enjoying this game tremendously and can't wait to see how it pans out. 

Lovely game but for the life of me, I have no clue what the third item for the tractor is, unless it's a potted plant or the fish in the water. I see the key under it to, I just already put the gas and what I think was a battery into it. During my rampant clicking though I did get a nice time to enjoy the scenary. Got the radio to play some nice music. Noticed a lil detail and I'm also questioning 'How did that get there...'.  Overall, even if I'm stumped, lovely game. 

Beautifully simplistic but great nonetheless :)

My single suggestion...

Whenever you accept the barber's haircut, can the king's hair actually change?

Heh, that's all, I love this game regardless~