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I got her to survive! First time I focused on only outdoors type things, no cabin upgrades and mostly supplies like a bow, tent and giving her knowledge and skills and it worked. The second time mentioned that there were 'too many threats outside' so I focused on indoors type things. Fortified the cabin, dug her a shelter, gave her a farm, taught her how to handle a dead body so I didn't have to worry about dying alone, and I got her a cooker but wasn't able to repair it before I died. She survived then too. To be frank, I have no idea what the protect/gain bar was for, but apparently I kept it where it should be to win. 

Thank you for playing and congratulations for winning.
To explain the gain - protect scale.
Each interaction has the protect/gain properties. For example repair or food preservation helps her to protect what she has. On the other hand hunting helps her to gain new resources. There are conditions like "I can't secure her enough." Which implies that it will be better in that scenario to focus on the gain type of skills and knowledge.

But you can always win with any strategy. Going against the scenario will only make it harder. :)

If it's possible to still win when going against the scenario - I SENSE A CHALLENGE-!!!

Go for it. If you want any other tip or deeper insight, let us know. :D

Alright so I've won going against the scenarios to stay indoors, outdoors and the one to focus on gain type skills. I've noticed that certain things help her survive (like people coming after hearing her on the radio). I love how the game seemed so weird and impossible at first but with time it all seems to reveal itself with trial and error :D

You have really spend the additional time with it? That's amazing. We really appreciate that. And I'm also glad that you have succeeded! It's really not easy to win against the scenario.