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Thank you and a good choice with the switch. It ended up to be a pretty hard concept to pull off. 

Thank you. God, I'm so glad someone was able to play it (it's a bit buggy).
Honestly, I spend almost all the jam in a spreadsheet, writing down the texts. Because of that, I had no time to make a propper graphics, find music or even test it properly. :D
The fact that you played it and liked it means, that the sleep deprivation I still feel was worth it.

Thank you. It's almost a year since we made this prototype and it's still receiving so much love. I've discussed it with Jarnik, with which I made it and if our time schedules allowed it, we would like to try to think of a way to make it into a full-fledged game.

So thank you for your feedback and thank you for following me as it would help me to reach everyone with further updates.

Dungeon Exploration Prototype is Zelda-like game with focus solely on exploration. You play as an adventurer, but don’t be fooled by that title. Being in this line of work is not easy. Exploring old ruins and dungeons may be exciting and make you famous, but it doesn't have to bring food on the table. That’s why an adventurer has to make sure to bring back enough loot to end up with profit.

But should you stop there? After all, why would anyone leave this dungeon full of deadly traps, if they weren't protecting something truly valuable?

  • The dungeon has one floor and some hidden passages beneath it.
  • One playthrough takes around an hour.


The game is a complete experience from start to end, but it was originally made during the pre-production phase of the main project The Epocha Tower. Its main purpose was to gain experience with the genre and to test what has to be done to make the exploration fun.

If you want to share your thoughts after playing, you can do so on Twitter, Discord, on the TIGsource devlog or here in the comments.

That really sounds like a good advice a newbie should take. Ok, time to find out what that Discord is all about. :D

Hi, I started learning Godot a week and a half ago so there is a big chance that anyone participating is more skilled than me. :D
So as an absolute newbie with the engine I wanted to ask my senpais, what should I know?
What do you think is the most usefull knowledge/function/workflow, that you use most offten, no matter what type of project you make?
Or what is the most common mistake that I should be aware of?

Ok, seems like a thing that should be more considered next time. We tested it only with headphones and never had a problem hearing it, but you are not the only one who mentioned the sound absence.
Maybe at least we could make sound on/off button. That way the people will know there is sound. :D

Thank you, we are glad, that our game evoked deeper thoughts in you. After all, that's probably the main goal of this jam. :D
The inner logic of the game is something like this. Each action adds to outdoor, indoor, protect, gain. The bars at the top does not shows how many points you have, only which one has more than the other. That defines the survivel startegy, you are pursuing. For example, if your points are:
indoor = 5; outdoor = 70; protect = 25; gain = 38;
The game will estimate, that your goal was outdoor + gain = 108; because no other combination has more points. Then it checks if that number is enough for her survival or not. 108 > 85 (<-requirements) => She survived.

So in this case the main goal is to choose strategy based on the initial instructions and then go for it.  :)

Thank you! The number next to the actions represents how long it will take in days.

Thank you for all the praise that you gave us. Being acknowledged and appreciated is the most rewarding thing in the game development. They will be our fuel for months.

But to prevent discouraging others, I would like to say, that the qualities are mostly result of experience. At least that’s what I believe in. In years we did a lot of game jams, a lot of them even together. And with each of them the result is always noticebly better.

Yeah, we deliberately hidden the exact number of remaining days, as we wanted for the player to feel a little bit of tension from the uncertainty.

Thanks for the suggestions, but there should be guitar playing and sounds of the forest on the background. If you don't hear any of these, let us know.

Thanks! We tried to favor balanced gameplay over bigger variety in mechanics, so that the finished prototype ends up being enjoyable and fun. :)

The movie seems interesting. I would check it out for sure. And when it comes to the The Gods are Watching, what was interesting, is that the game popped in the talk only once, after the jam was over and we discussed the future potential of the prototype. The game that we thought off many times during the development was much more obvious, The Last of Us. And that’s even though none of us played it. :D

More dialogue and narrative will be favorable direction for sure. The concept that we thought of was each chapter = different people in different environment. And after a while the survivals meeting each other, sharing skills and preparing for new obstacles in front of them.
Each action in the game consume time differently. It’s represented by the number in brackets. The number you are talking about is just approximate time, as we wanted for the exact time to not be present to the player.

Thank you. Being someone's favorite is a big honor for us.

We should have put some analytics in there. I would love to know how many girls have died already. :D

You have really spend the additional time with it? That's amazing. We really appreciate that. And I'm also glad that you have succeeded! It's really not easy to win against the scenario.

That's awesome, and really flattering, but also very sad. Sorry.
If you want any tips, let us know.  ;)

After the jam we discussed the possibilities of the future development. At least in the sense of what other features / mechanics can we imagine in it. It was surprisingly easy for us to get the picture of the fully developed game, but we also had to agree, that even then it will be 4 - 5 hour long experience at max.

Go for it. If you want any other tip or deeper insight, let us know. :D

Thank you for playing and congratulations for winning.
To explain the gain - protect scale.
Each interaction has the protect/gain properties. For example repair or food preservation helps her to protect what she has. On the other hand hunting helps her to gain new resources. There are conditions like "I can't secure her enough." Which implies that it will be better in that scenario to focus on the gain type of skills and knowledge.

But you can always win with any strategy. Going against the scenario will only make it harder. :)


Game is almost done. All texts and images are done, no music though. The game is playable from start to the end.

Due the NaNoRenO deadline, we did not managed proofreading and additional improvements. But if you are still willing to try it we will more than welcome your feedback at

If you are by any chance English native speaker and you would like to help, please contact us at