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What should a Godot newbie know?

A topic by Please wait created Oct 11, 2018 Views: 242 Replies: 2
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Hi, I started learning Godot a week and a half ago so there is a big chance that anyone participating is more skilled than me. :D
So as an absolute newbie with the engine I wanted to ask my senpais, what should I know?
What do you think is the most usefull knowledge/function/workflow, that you use most offten, no matter what type of project you make?
Or what is the most common mistake that I should be aware of?


Hello! I think you should definitely join our Discord server if you haven't already as there are all types of people with varying levels of experience there.

We also have many newbies in said Discord server. In fact, many people tried Godot for the first time in our last game jam, so you're right on target!

What has been useful for me is reading the Godot documentation and being a part of the Godot Discord server. So many helpful people who have worked on the engine are there and love bringing new people on board. It's a great community, honestly.

Glad you're here and look forward to seeing what you make!

That really sounds like a good advice a newbie should take. Ok, time to find out what that Discord is all about. :D