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I love this game, though (just to preface I've only played an hour or so) I wish there was more when it comes to 'help' in the game. Like, the tutorials are great but I have yet to find a way to actually go back to that information because I'm quite a forgetful person and can't always remember explanations (particularly, I have no idea how to combat/deal with the monthly weakening even though I know there was explanation given). The help button in the esc menu doesn't seem to function properly and is a bit of an annoyance to get out of once I open it - though I attribute that to the fact that the game's in alpha and it might not be fully implemented. But overall, I'm enjoying this game tremendously and can't wait to see how it pans out. 

Thank you!Glad you are enjoying the game =D

 The help button in the esc menu doesn't work since it' still in development, we're sorry about that.