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Thank you very much! We are glad that you are enjoying the game! =D

Thank you! If you want to try the latest experimental build you can download it on our discord server:

Thank you for the report! We will fix it as soon as possible! Meanwhile if you want to try out the latest, experimental build of Ciel Fledge, do visit our discord page here for the download links:

Thank you!

Thank you very much! 

Unfortunately due to the limitation of the game engine, the game will not be available on Mac...

Thank you!

Thank you very much! We are glad that you like the game and even made a video out of it! Sorry if the there are still a lot of bugs and shortcomings in the demo =D

Thank you so much for making the video! =D

Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the game!

Don't worry, there is no censorship at all on both version of the game.

Well, to be honest We don't know what we should do with this since the Paypal payment is being handled by Could you maybe try in another store like Steam? The game is in discount right now until November 29th! (though we will apply the discount to in our page)

Thank you so much for making the gameplay video! =D

Thank you!

Thank you for playing the game! Glad you are loving it!

Glad that the issue is solved, hope you are enjoying the game! =D

Wow, thanks so much for making the video!! =D

Thank you very much! =D

what windows version are you using? have you tried downloading and installing this?

You can just tell us about the problem here or you can email us: info at studionamaapa dot com

Thank you!Glad you are enjoying the game =D

 The help button in the esc menu doesn't work since it' still in development, we're sorry about that.

Thank you! Too bad about the credit card though :(

You can tell about the game to your friends and share the ks page link on various social media! it will really support us tremendously!

Thank you!

Hi ShiroLily, due to financial difficulties to acquire a mac to test and compile the mac version, we don't have a plan for it in immediate future yet. But this may change, hopefully!

Glad to hear that! We hope you enjoy the game.

Hi SwiftTheFox, a new fix for this problem have been uploaded in the new game build. It should be displaying ver 1.4.81 on the title screen now. Please try if the game is currently playable now or not. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

It seems that the main culprit is the difference in the system language, but we are still not sure. We will try to fix this problem, but we can't guarantee if it may work, so we apologize in advance. Also, if you have discord, it will be a tremendous help for you to join our server so we may get more detailed info about the problem and try to solve it immediately, here's our discord server link:

Alright, we will wait for your report tomorrow! In the meantime, you may try changing the system language to united states, not just region/language and see if it works. The better solution might be using applocale to change system language altogether.

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Thank you for the report. We will try to solve this problem as soon as possible!

Can you give us information about your PC OS and your system language? Also, if this problem persists if you run the game from another PC/laptops.

Unfortunately, Due to the limitation of the game engine we are using there will be no linux and mac version available. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you! We hope you're enjoying the game! :D