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Studio Namaapa

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Glad to hear that! We hope you enjoy the game.

Hi SwiftTheFox, a new fix for this problem have been uploaded in the new game build. It should be displaying ver 1.4.81 on the title screen now. Please try if the game is currently playable now or not. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

It seems that the main culprit is the difference in the system language, but we are still not sure. We will try to fix this problem, but we can't guarantee if it may work, so we apologize in advance. Also, if you have discord, it will be a tremendous help for you to join our server so we may get more detailed info about the problem and try to solve it immediately, here's our discord server link: https://discord.gg/pR9vXJh

Alright, we will wait for your report tomorrow! In the meantime, you may try changing the system language to united states, not just region/language and see if it works. The better solution might be using applocale to change system language altogether.

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Thank you for the report. We will try to solve this problem as soon as possible!

Can you give us information about your PC OS and your system language? Also, if this problem persists if you run the game from another PC/laptops.

Replied to LiamD in Nusakana comments

Unfortunately, Due to the limitation of the game engine we are using there will be no linux and mac version available. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you! We hope you're enjoying the game! :D