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A member registered Jun 13, 2016

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Going to be an update any time soon?

Please update

Anything    new?

When will there be an update? :D

im willing to test future builds

This is really cool, could you do one for the middle east/africa or the whole world  - btw I have an MSI laptop, this runs so smoothly lol!  

great work

collected all swords 100%  great game

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Really love this, hope to see more features soon. 


Really good layout and simple to use cool concept

This is awesome!:) nice work, keep it up

Are you thinking about updating ?? hope you have the ability to go down stairs, go upstairs.

oh PLEASE at least allow me to reach the topshelf :( I cant reach any books at the top shelf and for some reason, some of the books the titles are either really long or no title at all....

keep it up, what else might you add to this ??

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I need an option to mute the repetitive audio, please

:) One of my favorites

Thank you! :) I will have a check at your facebook page. I have seen your twitter-page though

My email is Wigan96@hotmail.co.uk - just to verify it iis me, I will copy and past your comment in the mail too that you just sent me :)

I will be looking forward to testing a build once it becomes available. Sorry, I have just seen this comment. I have been busy today

Im willing to use my time to test your game

You still working on the bigger fermi paradox game/??


Another idea would be the ability to save certain sentences and select them into a directory :p

You know how you could make this better? why dont you have procedurally generated book covers as well? :O just a thought, love the new update, can see a few poem like books - random but uhh some make some sense actually, keep it up! love the buildings, be cool if you could add down stairs and upstairs too... increase the size so to speak

Whaaaaat about nowwwwwwwwwww?:D

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Suggestion:- The ability to do more scientific projects throughout the ages, like the time machine, I guess you could expand on that with more story to it maybe? Also the ability to see population graph, happiness graphs, so you can see your progress throughout the ages, You should also have a map mode, expand your empire on land and beyond... infinite maps to conquer , so basically a monarchy civlization simulator, so even after the story has finished, you can still mess about . Perhaps more yes or no questions, to do with science , technology upgrades and perhaps issuing decrees ,say yes or no to a proposal for a decree, which can have a positive or negative effects on your stats?

just a thought

I actually like that idea, like to bump this idea

Lovely! :D

any update?

ill be looking forward to it :D

it would be like sim earth but so much better, i can see this being a lot better than just a screensaver, whilst you can use it like that , think it has the potential to simulate climate and weather - also land should move/continental drift from geological activity, if there is any

I am glad you're going to add to it

Give us powers lol

no point based crap either, just powers we can use indefinitely such as

1 cause a disaster(s) - EarthQuakes (also cause Tsnuamis depending where the EQ is.

2. Place volcanoes wherever you please

3. chance of intelligent life to form? like see little blobs make towns/villages which could represent as different colored squares/circles

4. Stats -atmospherical composition, population if there is any life, age of planet, percentage of water and land. Once planet dies / disappears - time lapse footage at the end, ability to save the footage? idk?

I am not too sure how you could code this, itll also be cool if we can edit the world our self once, then watch it evolve/change over time once initiate simulation, its pretty neat

:D keep it up

This seems like a cool idea dude, volcanoes .-. ooo noice

Would be cool to download an EXE for this

Ill try this and I may upload a video to mrcheekymonkey1996 on youtube about this. seems promising!!

Similar idea to SSSS = SUPER SEA SERPENT SIMULATOR. I really like the idea of Ophidia though, definitely impressed with the ancient looks. nice graphics, reminds me of mayans glyphs for some reason

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Nice. Im considering to donate once funds are available sonny jim

Interesting concept, but will you deliver;o nice gif btw seems promising hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Nice :D

Average duration? few minutes. Lol. an hour for me.

one more weird bug :- ships joined together either on surface or underwater. I am like. Oh. once I forced them a part, flew the inhabitants of into the distance then into the water. Funny but weird hahaha

Dude can we contact each other on Skype or email? I have noticed this bug , well two bugs , not bad, its funny actually. the ships/ship once oxygen tanks exploded I think thats what they are, the ship flies through to uhe air, if it gets hit hard enough onto the serpents body...well the ship and the serpent are stuck together ahhahaha you can still swim but it slows you down and after like a minute, it either disappears, the ship/boar that is or it unattaches itself

The only bugs ive seen so far. I love this simulator game, its fun! I suggest new upgrades, once enough 'points' or 'score' you can press pause, go into 'upgrade' menu and choose whether you want to be longer in length obviously/faster/waterjet-blowing/

Oh giving us the option to ONE:- Customize the look of our Serpent

2 Name our serpent

3 change the eye color of serpent

4. whether is should have a tongue or not

5. once you have reached a critical mass, should give us an option to ''multiply'' and allow 'ai' serpents to exist in game ,as babies, lol allow them to learn or do stupid rubbish to the humans, could lead them to extinction or...prosperity , make them somewhat dumb and intelligent ish... not sure if you can program it but ermm.. AI /NPC more should be added. AS FOR THE HUMANS


the humans, even though they're in water, they can still throw spears at you??

that doesnt seem right to me but makes it more challenging I guess. the humans , if in water, they should drown after some time and still be able to eat it

should allow more control over the mouth of the serpent press a certain key to open and close mouth whilst still automatically close when you're near a human(s) if that make sense, so I could bite the erm ship, cause damage or be able to bite into the ship and drag it under-water. making all inhabitants ..well vulnerable.

Do you like my ideas??

I have ideas but I dont have any clue how to program or anything, im just mainly good at thinking them up but when it comes to implement, meh ..

great game, I have a few hours of playability, so thats cool! I put it on my steam list as a non steam game people are like ''whats SSSS'' Im like ''WELLL.....SUPER.SEA,SERPENT, SIMULATOR''

response:- ''Oh''


Must play this!:'D I will rate this 5 stars for being so simple , easy to play and manages to capture your imagination. I love it. When you die , it will tell you who is the monster now for killing the last of the ancient Serpent species. I like that. Which made me think of ideas straight after the 'game over' type thing.

More can be added and this game simulator thingy has potential to be better, a lot better. still 5 stars but if updated 234567890 out of 200000000 or something, pretty decent , thought it were just gonna be a boring play but its quite funny.

However, please do give us an option to turn the repetitive music off whilst playing that is my grudge lol , for me it dont bother me too much but for others , it may just put you off.

^ my review^

I hope to see more from 'Cosmic Adventure Squad' I may do a lets play if my ideas are taken to account :P

For now, I will 'follow' this author.

Great work!