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honestly, this is a great concept. bit rough around the edges but i see potential. i love it! i know, been two years.

this a cool little gem, you did well with it 

3 years later. id still be into a sequel. maybe  a little story. dialogue options. perhaps. new items, magic and potions? ;o

nice , dedicated i see. i see you updated this year. Lovely little game

ETA on the early access love to test it, donate and maybe make a youtube video on it, if you allow

I love the level of detail of this simulation, good work

I remember playing this game, it was free at one point, i enjoyed it, just came back to it, still pretty cool.looking forward to the remake. definitely willing to help in whatever capacity

really enjoyed this, short but be cool to come across random planets, generated descriptions and such. nice work though

Bump,definitely wouldnt mind joining a discord server to share our creatures with people

would be cool to add an inventory and collect books you find funny or even interesting. 30 or 50 slots. 

Could you add a new category of items? such as ancient relics/Spiritual Relics? that would be cool! may add some lore to the game

looks awesome!

Im going to try the second version of this game, nicely done 

LOOKS amazing, Parkour sim yay

love this, hope to see more.  viruses?

I love the game/tool you created, dont get me wrong! :D

Kinda yeah,  it shouldn't just be there for looks tbh but it aint end of the world I suppose. I just think itd be cool to add a ladder. 

Sadly I agree. One can hope I guess

would be nice if we can reach top shelves...

very cool idea, love messing around!

Love the idea, hope to have more content, and ability to advance time much longer and find more ways to interact with your followers. Its pretty neat now though

hang on you can change colour? only just realised. Look at the thumbnail before you go onto this page

One way you could improve is that you can use plus and negative key to turn pages instead of using ''scrolling'' on your mouse. Not everyone always has a mouse available 100% of the time

Library of blabber is much better however the library of babel has been recently updated...  in 2018, this one however has not been updated since 2016 :( - This one happens to be my fav despite it being a bit outdated.

This is amazing haha love it! really weird and cool, excellent job   - Wish I could play t or mess around with this in full screen mode


Going to be an update any time soon?

Please update

Anything    new?

When will there be an update? :D

im willing to test future builds

This is really cool, could you do one for the middle east/africa or the whole world  - btw I have an MSI laptop, this runs so smoothly lol!  

great work

collected all swords 100%  great game

Really love this, hope to see more features soon. 

Really good layout and simple to use cool concept

This is awesome!:) nice work, keep it up

Are you thinking about updating ?? hope you have the ability to go down stairs, go upstairs.

oh PLEASE at least allow me to reach the topshelf :( I cant reach any books at the top shelf and for some reason, some of the books the titles are either really long or no title at all....

keep it up, what else might you add to this ??

I need an option to mute the repetitive audio, please