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Neural-net evolution in a chill aquatic environment 路 By urocyongames

Discord for the game ? Sticky

A topic by Butanium created Dec 11, 2022 Views: 381 Replies: 11
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I just bought the game and I love it ! It'd be amazing if you had a discord on which players could talk about the game / share their worlds and creatures. I'm on The Bibites server and discussion are very exciting.



Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Not at this time -- to be completely honest, I don't think NeuraQuarium has enough users to support a private Discord server. Feel free to share anything neat you see in your sims here on the Community page!

EDIT: See the link below for the Discord server.


I think you underestimate the motivation of some people concerning those Alife projects! I mean, the discord doesn't have to be only for those who bought the game, but also for those who are interested. It would be more comfortable than using itch I think.

And if the user gets higher, you'll already have a discord set up!


Haha, I guess I'll keep the idea in mind!

Another consideration is, if I had a Discord up I would probably spend literally every waking second watching it which would not be great for my day job / real life. :)

That's fair, getting good mods can be tough.


I'm persuaded. Check the thread for the link.


Don't tell anyone, but I would encourage you to neglect your real job in order to work on Neuraquarium more actively 馃か




Bump,definitely wouldnt mind joining a discord server to share our creatures with people

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Developer (1 edit) (+3)

Okay, against my better judgment, y'all have convinced me to try it out -- public server is here. If I come to regret it (i.e. I find I need to spend any time dealing with spammers, etc.) it will probably come down.

Hope you have fun!


Also, please note that I do not plan to actively participate in Discord discussions (although if it picks up steam I might do the occasional scheduled Q&A or something) so please continue to direct questions, feedback, etc. to this Community page.