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Unfortunately, I will be canceling continued development to Castle Looters. Castle Looters was my first game, so It was basically just a test to see how much I could do. This game will remain free and available to everyone but continued patching and fixing of the game will be put on hold... forever.

This page will be dedicated to all the new secrets and patches I've added to the game! Stay notified on everything "Castle Looters!" and stay one step ahead of the game!

Castle Looters community · Created a new topic Bugs/Errors!

If you encounter any bugs or errors, post them here! I may be able to help you with them!

Castle Looters community · Created a new topic Suggestions!

Tell me any suggestions you have for the game! I don't want to stray too far from my original idea but creative concepts will be considired!


I don't know if this might work out but here it goes. When a soldier asks you to join the army in battle and you select yes, you could be sent to a sort of army landscape, then the general will ask what to do. You (the king) will say yes or no to either question, each decision will determine if you win the battle. If you win you get +350 gold and +50 happiness. If you lose, you lose -25 population and -350 gold. I think it's a nice concept but I'm not sure you guys will want to put it in. I might also suggest customization of leaders, let me explain. Being a king is cool and all but I would like some customization too, you know?

Finally, I think there should be more modes. Something like, easy,medium,hard,Bananas! etc. Anyways these are just my thoughts take any you like :) Hope the game does real good!