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Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by AR14 created Jun 30, 2016 Views: 1,285 Replies: 93
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Developer (3 edits)

You can report any mishaps here. Or if you feel the need for it, you can post it as a new topic.

Please include basic system information in your message, (i.e. 'I am running on Windows 10 x64')


I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing issues with exporting their characters, but I have to re-render several times to ensure that all the elements are included in the output image. Else, I get something like this:

I run Windows10 x64 with an Intel(R) Core i7 processor, if that matters?


Ha! That's very bad indeed. I'll look into it, hopefully can be fixed in 0.1.3

Thanks for the report!


Hi there.

After some investigating, I think I found out what is causing this behavior. A hotfix (0.1.2b) build has been uploaded just now; let me know if this works or not :)

Again, thanks!


My anime self thanks you! The render is perfect on the first try.

looks great i got it months ago still didnt try it haha

Very Short (Three-Parted bangs) hairstyle shows as Very Short (Side-Parted bangs)

Side-Parted one shows just fine.

I don't think it's my computer's problem, but anyway, Windows 10 x64, Intel Core i5


Yeah, that's definitely not your PC, probably because of a typo in the hair config file.

Thank you very much for the report!

Issue with the layering on the Knitted Sweater and Long-Sleeved Shirt combo:


Thank you for your information! We'll be sure to fix it in the next update.

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Posting this in case it's already been solved before. Windows 10 x64. Pretty skilled on computers and I usually figure this out myself. The demo for Mannequin months ago worked just fine. So I purchased. Now, when I opened the .exe Windows popped up alerting me on the file, like it does for freshly built programs, I clicked Run Anyway. Then antivirus pops up with its usual fresh software scan. Afterwards, I can see the program "nwjs" running but it doesn't show up. Restarted, disabled antivirus, all that. No luck.

EDIT: Tried installing through the itch app and still nothing.


Yeah, looks like there are files that failed to get through server in the last update. Should've fixed by now. If you're installing through the itch app, just click 'Check for update' to let it auto-update.

Thanks for the info, and sorry for the inconvenience!

I'm currently running the most recent nightly build and I'm having an  issue importing the SVG files into Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Inkscape. I can only get it to render properly in a webrowser. I cannot tell if this is an issue qith Mannequin or my software. The SVG exports I have from older versions import fine.


Hi, can you send your .mqn file to us (you can send it via email to for further inspection? We've tried testing with several of our test files and it opens fine.



Hi, we just pushed an update to the nightly channel to address this issue. Just let the app auto-update via the itch desktop app, and try exporting again.

Hopefully this works (we've already tested it, but you know, things can happen), and thankl you very much for notifying us about this problem!

New issue, I've emailed you an update.


Confirmed that this issue is now fixed with the latest nightly release. Thank you very much for all the support and feedback!

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This may be a stupid user error, but there seems to be a secondary color to eyes that cannot be changed? I'm trying to have light grey eyes, but there is a default purple tint that shines through?

Also, changing the iris color seems to affect also the pupil color. This is problematic with lighter eye colors, as they create an unwanted cataract effect. Maybe instead either always keep the iris black, or have separate color control for it?

Ah, please disregard, this seems to be fixed already in the nightly build. :) Leaving these posts here just in case someone else using the demo has similar problem.

Minor bugs on Face tab, probably known / unfinished work but just in case (Version 72, Windows 7 64-bit):

  • Eye Height adjustment is buggy: +2, +6, and +10 actually lower eyes instead of raising; -2 is lower than -3, -6 is lower than -7; all steps are not of equal size
  • Eye Separation adjustment is buggy: +4 and +8 actually make separation smaller than their previous steps; -1, -5, and -9 actually make separation larger than their previous steps; all steps are not of equal size
  • Mouth Height is buggy: +3 and +7 actually lower mouth from previous step; all steps are not of equal size

Whoa, definitely missed these strange behavior. Thanks for the info! We'll be looking into this.

Some odd shadows.

Never  knew  shadows are boxes

Good luck fixing it could always fix in post if i have too

The shadows look normal. It's just the way the skirt is.


Thanks for noticing! That's actually a bug in our rendering algorithm. Let's see if we can fix it in today's nightly.

Ahh i see now i made my skirt black and theirs a red square in the middle i could barely see that on the image.


This should be fixed in the latest build (for windows only though; we've lost access to our VMs so we are unable to push new builds for Linux and Mac this weekend)

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I just tried the latest nightly build and just checking the default parts around.  When I move from Stroke to another body part, I notice the right eye was moving for some reason? The cause seems to be when I changed eye size width to -2 Here's the image:

However there is also another bug if I go from stroke to outfit tabs and even with reverting all settings to default, the eye moves to the right.


Whoa, that's strange. We'll look into that issue immediately. Thanks for the heads up!


This bug should have been fixed in the lastest nightly. Apprarently bumping the electron runtime was the cause of this problem. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the update!

I don't know if this is a bug or a problem with my computer, but I bought this awesome program yesterday, and after giving my characters two outfits and a few expressions, the program wont open their file any more, it just loads forever and nothing happens.

 I'm running windows 10 64 bit, and i'm also running the program trough It will open new files, but as soon as I give them a few expression presets and outfit presets, they wont open any more :(


Thanks for the info! We'll look into it ASAP


Hello! We just tested this scenario several times with up to 5 clothing presets, 5 hair presets and 5 face presets in a single character file, and we didn't encounter any problems except faulty batch export which should be fixed by the next nightly build updates.

Maybe we can examine your character file (the .mqn one) to better determine what is the cause. If you're willing to spare your time for this, you can send the file via e-mail to: hello[at]

Really sorry for your inconvenience, and thank you very much for your feedback!


Hello, I'd like to thank you once more for running this project, it really is awesome!

Here are two little bugs I've had (I'm using windows10 / 64b):

  • Mannequin won't run from, I need to open it manually. But this is not so important though.
  • Some poses won't allow to change eyebrows. For example if I choose the "Both arm raised" pose, only "Neutral" eyebrows will be displayed no matter which type I select.

Just a little thing that could be easily fixed: when you close your only project file, the app ends. So you must open a new blank file before closing the last one if you want to keep working on a new project without needing to re-open Mannequin. Would it be possible to just being transfered to some menu page from where you can open a new file? I hope my explaination was clear enough... sorry for my bad English.


Hey there! Thanks for the reports and suggestions! Your explanation is pretty clear for us. Let's see if we can accomodate your suggestions in the coming weeks. As for the bug, we'll investigate it immediately.

Again, thank you very much!

Had the same "won't run from itch" problem.


Did you experience this since the beginning, or just lately? Did reinstallation helps?

Lately; it just started happening out of nowhere.

And no, reinstalling didn't help.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hello! We've just pushed a new update which addresses the bug regarding eyebrows. We also adjusted how the app behave when files are closed. Now when you use the close button on the main window, the app will try to close all currently open files and then shut itself down. But when you use the close button on the tab, closing all files will make the app return to start screen.

We've just tested installing the app on 2 different Windows systems, and found that all of them are working properly through, so we might need to collect more information before we're able to fix the other bug that you've reported.

As always, thank you for your support and feedback!

Your efficiency is impressive, thank you!

Feel free to ask for any information you need.


If it's not a problem to you, it'll be very helpful to know more regarding this problem:

  • Are you installing through and running from the app?
  • Is there any clues onscreen when the app failed to launch?
  • Do you solve this problem by manually downloading via ZIP file through website, or by other means?

Thank you very much!

  • I'm doing it all via the app.
  • The fact is, nothing happens while launching Mannequin through the app. The launching  button displays "En cours d'éxécution" (I'm running it in French, so I don't know what's shown in English) then turns back to"Lancer" ("launch") after a few seconds, while not a single window will open. Lauching via the app perfectly works with other programs though, I'm only having this bug on Mannequin.
  • Downloading and updating Mannequin on perfectly works, I don't need to do it manually.

If nobody else is having this bug, don't feel obligated to help me. It really doesn't bother me, I just wanted to report it.

Thank you for your hard work!


Thanks for the info! We'll keep in mind that this bug exists and try to test it in other systems whenever there's a chance. Hopefully we'll find the root cause soon!

I don't think im supposed to see the skin here and it's in every female pose and clothing for me.

I've had the same problem but it worked perfectly after reinstalling Mannequin.


Are you using the nightly builds? If so, then it is kinda expected as we're undergoing a redraw for female clothing templates right now. It should be finished by next week, but until that time, it's better to stick around with the stable builds for now.

Yep nightly builds



on stable build and demo build it shows this

on the nightly build it shows this

am I supposed to download the template from somewhere else

any help would be appreciated

also I'm on Mac


Does that happen when you click 'New Character' or when you're opening an existing MQN file? If it's when creating new character then there's something wrong in the build and we'll have to check on the underlying code. But if it's when opening a character file, then maybe you can send your character file to so we can check what's wrong with the file.

its when I click New Character


That's strange. I just tested it on my own machine and it's definitely working. If it's not a bother, can you tell me more about your MacOS version (High Sierra? Mojave?) and the method of your installation (via the desktop app or by downloading the zip file via the website) ?

I installed it from the website and I use Mac OS Sierra, version 10.12.6. I use a MacBook Retina, 12-inch, early 2016. the Processor is a  1.1 GHz Intel Core m3. it's memory is 8 GB 1867 MHz LPDDR3. thats all there is beside graphics


Thanks for the info! We rarely tested the zip file download (we use the itch desktop app most of the time) so this might be an oversight from us. We'll do some more testing regarding this problem. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!


For your information, in the meanwhile you can install the app using's official desktop app. It's quite a bit of a hassle initially, but it has the benefits of enabling auto-update for Mannequin whenever the itch app is running. Mannequin itself has no DRM, so you can just launch it after installing without keeping the itch app running at all times.


Just to  confirm, I was in the same situation and saw the same problem (macOS, downloaded from the website); installing via the desktop app fixed it. My guess is that it expects the library folder within the archive to be in a specific location.


Yes, this is correct! We've been planning to move the library folder inside the .app as a fix but hasn't got the opportunity yet. Hopefully we'll be able soon!

While I'm sure this is unintentional, if you have "Gloss/Shine" turned off... you also turn off teeth, which leads to situations like this:

Is there any way that can be undone, or are they too attached together at this point?


Okay... That was clearly unintentional. Pretty embarrassing, that was. We'll look into it right away. Thank you very much for your information!


I've actually found that while turning on Gloss/Shine brings the teeth back, for whatever reason, with this character the inside of her mouth is all black instead of featuring the usual that you see with other characters. It's quite odd.

This is mainly a *background* problem, but: after messing with the background behind the character, I thought, "hey, maybe I can drag-and-drop a picture, use that as the background? Just a test."

The result: the image completely replaced the UI, filling up the window. And I had to close it with the Task Manager, because even the X button was gone.

(Windows 10)


Ah yeah, that's definitely a bug. We have plans for adding support for custom backgrounds, but it's not implemented yet. How would you like it to work? Should the image file be embedded in the character file (raising the file size) or just kept as a link (chances are the image link will be broken when you move the file into a different computer)?

Thank you for your information regarding this bug!

Keep it separate from the character files, please.

I was about to report this. Drag'n'drop any image into the editor makes it get stuck.


Initial fixes for this behavior would be blocking the drag and drop entirely, I think. Then adding background image feature by file browser, and proper drag and drop support after that.

Created an outfit preset with "?!" in the name. Now the program isn't responding!


Hello, thanks for the info! We'll patch this up in the next release, but as a workaround for now you can move into another menu and then back (i.e. move to face and then back to clothing again) and the sidebar will be working again as usual.

Tried that, but the program wouldn't budge. Had to redo the character from scratch. :(


Sorry for your inconvenience! The fact that it keeps freezing even after moving to another sidebar is something new to us. If it's not a hassle, would you mind telling us: 

  • What build are you using (stable or nightly)? 
  • What is your operating system?
  • Does this problem happened randomly or it is always happened? We tested this on the stable build by creating a new character and immediately made a new clothing preset, then renamed the new preset with characters mentioned in your previous post. Using this method, we can confirm that our previously mentioned workaround works; is there any different step that we're missing?

Again, sorry for your inconvenience, and thank you very much for your information.

Latest stable build on Windows 10. I only recently found out that this could happen.


We'll keep testing on this and will patch the app accordingly. Thanks for your information!

(1 edit)

More artifact lines? I don't think the lines at the breasts are supposed to be so visible. (You might need to zoom in with an image viewer.)

@AR14 To be clear, this issue doesn't occur when the model is "naked".


Confirmed. We'll check it out and see for the solution to that problem.

I can't launch Mannequin from the itch software all of a sudden? I was able to launch it from there, but now I have to go directly into the itch folders and launch the app directly.

Hello, i actually have problem with clothes, same Tops torned and IDK what is it, maybe its my mistake when i carelessly clicked on the menu or its a bug of programm,


Hello. Looks like you're using the nightly builds? If so, this output looks like something that is caused by an outdated version. There are significant redraw that are still ongoing in the nightly builds even until now, but if you're using the latest update it should look far better than the one pictured above.

(2 edits)

I've been playing with the demo version and it seems when I try to put the Tucked Shirt (Long Sleeves, Tight Collar) on a female model, it adds the short-sleeved variant to the model rather than the long-sleeved one. When I add the short-sleeved one, it works as intended.


That's certainly a mix-up from our part. Thanks for the info! Will make sure that it's fixed on the next update.

I know you're dealing with a lot on your end, but I feel I should put this in here for when the time comes so that you can look into this (and before I forget about it and run into it again... ;-_-): on my machine, the current Nightly build just stops between the start-up screen and the editing window. I click New character, the window changes to the editing window with a dark gray over it, and...nothing. It doesn't budge from there. It stayed like that during a 30-minute wait. I had to force quit it to make it stop.

If you need more info about my machine, let me know.

Developer (2 edits)

Sorry for your inconvenience!

We'll take a look into it right away.

Based on your previous post, I'm assuming you are running in Windows 10? Are you using the latest version of itch app?
(1 edit)

Yes, Windows 10.
I don't think the version of the itch app (which, BTW, is still 23; don't know why it won't update) matters, because this happened when I launched the Nightly build from the Mannequin icon.


The bug should be fixed by now, thanks for your info! The latest version of itch app needs to be installed manually if I'm not mistaken. It has nothing to do with this bug, however it also has a quite nice new feature which lets you install both Mannequin's stable and nightly build on one machine (and auto-update them both).

Again, thank you very much!

I wasn't expecting a response this soon!

Hello! Very excited to see an update to the program, or at least the nightly version. Unfortunately, there are some hiccups I want to report:

For starters, whenever I try to hit "new" character, I get this error. It will not open a blank character, I just get this or the program crashing. For that reason, for whatever reason, I'm not able to start a new character from scratch.

On the other hand, it does seem like I'm able to load up characters I've made in the current stable build... but what I get as soon as the image loads is this, and upon trying to change clothes I just get more like this.

After some experimenting, I did finally get something that wasn't ripping through parts of itself like this, but from what I can tell it looks like the bodies are now shaped differently than some of the clothes/poses, so some things just don't sync up like I suspect they're supposed to. From what I can gather, this means carrying over characters from previous builds won't work out well, if at all, as they'll end up shaped differently or be missing clothes that were previously available.

On the bright side, I noticed there were some new options for male characters added! But, well, this is all that would show up of them.

All that said, I do like how everything looks smoother now, and I love all the new pants options! Unfortunately for me, I think I'm so deep into my current game using characters from the previous stable build that I'd basically have to start everything over from scratch from the looks of things.


The bug regarding 'new character' should be fixed by now, but the various 'errors' that you see regarding the image is due to our ongoing redraws. Some clothing items also has new code names which resulted in the alert box shown in your screenshots.

Once the redraws are finished we will be adding a compatibility layer to automatically adjust older files to the new version without losing any clothing items, but that's still for the next time.

Thank you very much for your detailed info, and sorry for your inconvenience!

Same issue here, latest macOS stable build. I look forward to seeing how it works following the redraws.

Thanks for the awesome software!

Just purchased this.  Tried both the stable and nightly mac versions, and I'm stuck at the title screen.  When I try to create a new character, it just says the template cannot be found. 

MacOS High Sierra


Hello! Sorry for this inconvenience, but did you install it using the app? Unfortunately this is the only working install method that works on macOS (for now).

Excellent!  Thank you, I will do that now.

Nightly build not working, just gets stuck on loading when creating a new character. Stable build works fine, Windows 10 x64


Hello! We're sorry for this inconvenience. We have tested it in our test sytems and it appears to be working fine.

Are you already running the latest update? If so, you can try to reinstall the app using the option provided by the app:

Let me know if you're still experiencing problems, and thanks for the feedback!