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Hi, I was able to use Mannequin perfectly fine until I saw there was an update. The actual app seems to open, but the window is completely blank.

I'm on windows, although I'm not sure what type...


Hello! We're really sorry for this problem. You can try reinstalling the app via the desktop app:

First, open Mannequin in your Library, and click the gear icon on the bottom right.

Then click the 'Manage' button of the version that you want to re-install.

Click the 'Re-install' button.

To make sure that your current app config is also good and not causing the crash/freeze, you can try deleting it by opening 'C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Mannequin' and deleting the 'user-preferences.json' file.

Yay, it worked! Thank you!