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Okay... That was clearly unintentional. Pretty embarrassing, that was. We'll look into it right away. Thank you very much for your information!

Thanks for your suggestions! Those are really good points that we admit we've missed. Will be working on it immediately!

I think we can add some advanced options to the export preferences sidebar, which contains a checklist of the currently available layers; so people can simple check and uncheck what they want to see in the exported image. Should be useful too for people who want to split the face layer to a different file (seen those in a lot of Japanese visual novels).

Thanks for your suggestion!

We don't have the specific need for doing it manually. The ideal solution is of course preventing access automatically by system just like what you said; our suggestion about manually revoking keys is just "eh, if we can't do it automatically then manual is fine" kinda thing, since by making claims mandatory each key is already bound to a specific user 😉


I just tried the Patreon access feature. Based on my short experience trying it, I found out that unlike download keys that are manually created by ourselves, keys that are created via the Patreon access feature cannot be revoked by ourselves. Can this feature be added?

We want to give flexibility for people who are willing to support our project by offering two choices: paying one time via itch.io, or by becoming a patron on Patreon. We think that a choice between one time payment for permanent access and monthly smaller payments similar to subscription is quite fair; but without the ability to revoke the keys generated by Patreon access, people can just become a patron for one period and then remove their pledge. This situation is obviously unfair for people who chose the one-time payment via itch.io

As far as I know, itch.io don't automatically remove the access when patrons delete their pledge, so in my opinion there should be at least a manual switch?

Thanks for the consideration.

For your information, in the meanwhile you can install the app using itch.io's official desktop app. It's quite a bit of a hassle initially, but it has the benefits of enabling auto-update for Mannequin whenever the itch app is running. Mannequin itself has no DRM, so you can just launch it after installing without keeping the itch app running at all times.

Thanks for the info! We rarely tested the zip file download (we use the itch desktop app most of the time) so this might be an oversight from us. We'll do some more testing regarding this problem. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!

That's strange. I just tested it on my own machine and it's definitely working. If it's not a bother, can you tell me more about your MacOS version (High Sierra? Mojave?) and the method of your installation (via the itch.io desktop app or by downloading the zip file via the itch.io website) ?

Does that happen when you click 'New Character' or when you're opening an existing MQN file? If it's when creating new character then there's something wrong in the build and we'll have to check on the underlying code. But if it's when opening a character file, then maybe you can send your character file to hello@ar14.works so we can check what's wrong with the file.

Alright, thanks for the info!

Oh wait, so this is what you mean. My assumptions is wrong then (lol), sorry about that. Anyway, glad you found it, and thanks again for your interest and support!

I'm guessing that what you mean by account access/pop-up is when you're running the app itself? If so, it's because the app itself doesn't have any kind of DRM. It doesn't need your account information to work.

Your account is used for the auto-update (which comes as standard if you installed it via the itch.io app). If you're not using the Itch app, then the only way to update is to re-download the app again.

We do want to publish on Steam when the app is ready, and we'll of course give every previous customer on Itch a key, but that's still quite a long time for now (likely several months) so until we have something concrete, we won't talk about it too much. By now you might've heard that recently Steam purged quite a big amount of anime/manga-styled games from its library, so there's a chance our submission might not be accepted.

Fingers crossed. Anyway, thank you very much for your interest and support!


From what I've read in the docs, enabling Patreon access will grant a key to our patrons who have connected their account. Is this key permanent? If the corresponding user decided to stop being a patron, will it be automatically disabled/revoked, or will it stays active?

Thank you very much, very happy to hear that!

Are you using the nightly builds? If so, then it is kinda expected as we're undergoing a redraw for female clothing templates right now. It should be finished by next week, but until that time, it's better to stick around with the stable builds for now.

A plain one looks easy, but with prominent textures like this, well, let's see if we can make one that looks nice :)

Our drawing speed are pretty slow so I should say that there are not really a lot of differences between the nightly builds and the demo version (we always tried to push finalized changes to the stable/demo builds as frequent as possible).

That is, unless we're doing a big redraw to our currently available components, in which case you can always see our devlog to get more information about it (it's located in the bottom area of the itch.io store page).

Thank you very much for your interest!

Hello, thanks for your interest and info! The drawings for female pants is not completed yet, the bug is actually how it is shown in the library in the first place :) We'll look into it, and make sure it is fixed before the next stable/demo update.

Hopefully we can show some progress in the PSD exports soon!

Thank you very much! Just FYI though, you are not actually required to credit us, although doing so is greatly appreciated :)

Yes, you can use it for commercial purposes.

We're currently experimenting with layered PSD export, which I believe can be imported to Live2D. Nothing concrete yet, but we'll make sure to let everybody know if it's going well.

Thanks for your support and suggestion!

Hi there! If you're using the itch.io app, just let it auto-update and this should be fixed by now. We're really sorry for your inconvenience, and just let us know if another problem happens!

We'll check it out ASAP. Thanks for the info!

Hello! If you don't mind, can you provide more information regarding this but? We've tested various clothing company and found no problems. Is this a one-off situation or a repeated behavior?

Thanks for the info! We'll keep in mind that this bug exists and try to test it in other systems whenever there's a chance. Hopefully we'll find the root cause soon!

If it's not a problem to you, it'll be very helpful to know more regarding this problem:

  • Are you installing through itch.io and running from the itch.io app?
  • Is there any clues onscreen when the app failed to launch?
  • Do you solve this problem by manually downloading via ZIP file through itch.io website, or by other means?

Thank you very much!

(Edited 1 time)

Hello! We've just pushed a new update which addresses the bug regarding eyebrows. We also adjusted how the app behave when files are closed. Now when you use the close button on the main window, the app will try to close all currently open files and then shut itself down. But when you use the close button on the tab, closing all files will make the app return to start screen.

We've just tested installing the app on 2 different Windows systems, and found that all of them are working properly through itch.io, so we might need to collect more information before we're able to fix the other bug that you've reported.

As always, thank you for your support and feedback!

Hey there! Thanks for the reports and suggestions! Your explanation is pretty clear for us. Let's see if we can accomodate your suggestions in the coming weeks. As for the bug, we'll investigate it immediately.

Again, thank you very much!

Thanks for your interest! The only limitation we have in the demo version compared to the full version is the ability to export your character to PNG and SVG.

We're actively thinking about how to implement those features :)

One thing that make it quite difficult is Mannequin's core concept of using 2D instead of 3D; but in the other hand, all graphical assets used are vector-based images which are able to be scaled to theoretically unlimited resolution.

Can't say anything concrete for now, but we'll let you know as soon as something viable is planned.

Hello, glad to see you liked it!

  • We'll be working on new clothes as soon as the template limitation function for clothing is done. Currently you can see in the library that every clothing available for every template is displayed all at once without consideration whether those particular template are compatible with the current selected body type template or not. With the limitation function added, these problems will go away. Shouldn't be too long to implement!
  • Yes, we're planning to do different body types. Our planning for the base content are at least 3 body type variations for each gender with school uniforms and several modern clothing templates. Other kind of clothing templates will be distributed separately using the (yet to be implemented) custom contents functionality.

As always, thanks for your support!

Hello! We just tested this scenario several times with up to 5 clothing presets, 5 hair presets and 5 face presets in a single character file, and we didn't encounter any problems except faulty batch export which should be fixed by the next nightly build updates.

Maybe we can examine your character file (the .mqn one) to better determine what is the cause. If you're willing to spare your time for this, you can send the file via e-mail to: hello[at]ar14.works

Really sorry for your inconvenience, and thank you very much for your feedback!

Thanks for the info! We'll look into it ASAP

Thank you very much, glad you like it! Hopefully we'll be able to push updates faster and faster!

The nightly builds contains some work in progress stuff, so yeah, there is more contents. But the amount shouldn't differ too much because we try to keep the stable release updated often.

Thanks for your interest!

You're welcome!

Currently there's no concrete plan for that, but I'm also personally interested in the potential workflow of this combined with Live2D/Spine. Still has to do more research before I'm able to give a more concrete answer.

This bug should have been fixed in the lastest nightly. Apprarently bumping the electron runtime was the cause of this problem. Thanks for the heads up!

Hi, sorry for the long update time!

A this point, we've decided to hold off saying anything about release date until next month when our day jobs should have been less hectic than now. Previously we've stated this date and that date, but we keep missing on those promises again and again, so we thought that we should take a little bit of time to straighten ourselves first.

Currently we're still finishing the catch-up of the new female template components so the clothing options will be the same with the stable release, and while it has definitely taken a long time, it is progressing quite good.

Really sorry for this inconvenience, and big thank you for your patience.

Yeah, the target has been missed by quite a big margin. A bug in the layer processing has been hindering the progress we've made, and it was resolved just last night.

For now, we're still short on several clothing items to catch up on the old stable release: Sailor uniforms, some skirt variations and pants. Normally I would say it's going to be finished within two or three days but our forecast has been missed rather often lately, so let's just say hopefully as fast as possible.

Honestly we wouldn't want to miss next week to release this, though.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.