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Hello! Just wanted to let you know about the progress on issues that has been reported (as always, thank you very much for the feedback).

  • Cropped hoodie should be fine right now, not clipping into the lower torso body anymore.
  • SVG issues in illustrator has been addressed by a new option: SVG optimization. We are forced to use this right now because various apps render SVGs differently, so we have to tailor the code for each specific app. For now, there are 3 options available: Web (default), Inkscape (a free vector graphics editor) and finally the 'industry-standard' Illustrator.

We'll keep tracking the remaining issues, and let you know if there are new developments.

Again, thank you very much.

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Hi there! Is this screenshot based from an SVG export or something else?

EDIT: After checking it out, we have noticed that gradients are quite a mess when opening exported SVG file in Illustrator. We'll try to find the underlying problem and fix this ASAP. For short-term solutions, if what you primarily need is layers and less of infinite resizability of vector graphics, the PSD export is now available.

Thanks for the notice! We'll check it out and provide fixes soon.

Glad to hear that, and thanks for the updates!

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Hello there! Just wanted to tell that face adjustments should now fixed in the latest nightly build. We'll keep you up to date with the other issues as soon as there's new developments.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

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Hello, thanks for the reply. Maybe there's something wrong with itch's download server when you're downloading it the last time, as the nightly build should also contain an .exe

We did re-download all builds from the itch's download page to verify if it's working and it's currently working fine, both the stable and nightly build:

You can try re-downloading the app from download page; or if you're installing it through the desktop app, you can open the app page, click the gear icon on the lower right corner, followed by clicking 'Manage' on the popup window that showed up, and then click 'Re-install'.

Let us know if this is still happening. Thanks!

EDIT: For extra safety, you can delete the folder C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Mannequin to ensure the old installation is cleaned up before re-downloading the app.

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Hello! We're really sorry for this. What version are you using (stable/demo/nightly) and in what OS? Based on your screenshot, that seems to be a bizarre problem where the thumbnail on the left is from the latest nightly builds, but the model on the right is from demo/stable build.

Alright, thanks for the information! We'll check it out ASAP, and will inform you when there's updates regariding this matter.

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Oh wow, that's definitely bad. We're really sorry for this issue! We'll check it out and try to find the underlying problem. If it's not a hassle for you, would you mind to tell us if your characters in the example above has face position adjustments (such as eye separation/size/height or mouth size/height)?

As always, thanks for your feedback and support!

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Hello! Just a quick update: the arm problems should now gone with the latest nightly build. We'll continue to check on the other problems regarding the exporting behavior.

Thank you again for your feedback!

EDIT: The SVG export problem is also fixed by now.

Hello! We're sorry for your problems with the app. We've checked the latest build on our test machines and found that this error shouldn't be happened if the app installation is problem-free. To fix this, you can try these steps:

  • If you're installing via the desktop app:
    • Open the app page;
    • Click the gear icon in the bottom right of the screen;
    • In the pop-up window, click 'Manage', and then click 'Re-Install'.
  • If you're installing via .ZIP file download, then you can try to re-download it from the store page.

Hopefully these methods will fix your problem. If it still persists, then we hope that we're able to know more about your system (i.e. what OS are you running, what method of installation that you did).

As always, thanks for your support and feedback!

Hello, thanks for the feedback! The issue pictured above is happening due to templates that are not finished yet. Those templates should be marked by question mark in the corresponding thumbnail. Just a couple days more and it should be fixed.

As for the export problems, we'll have to check it out. If it's not a problem, can you provide more details if there's any pattern for the first issue (for example, it only happens when exporting in batch, or when option X is selected) or it's totally random?

As always, thanks for your feedback and support!

Aha! That's the right behavior of the app, at least for now. We has just finished finalizing those additional poses, so clothing templates *do* indeed behave like that.

 Tomorrow will be the start of the adjustment process of clothing templates so every item can fit properly. If you're interested for more periodic updates about what we're currently working on, you can always check our Twitter account (unfortunately this will be the most active news source for a while as we don't have enough resources to maintain a lot of communication channels right now).

Let us know if there's any other problem, and thanks for your support!

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Hi! Thanks for the additional information. We have tested the latest nightly build, reinstalling it from scratch in the app, downloading the .zip and running from the extracted folder, and can't seem to reproduce the problem. Can you provide additional screenshots (preferably showing the entire app window) so we can analyze it further?

Also, are you running a multi-monitor setup with different display scaling for each display? For example: one display is 1920x1080 with 100% display scaling, and the other is 4K with 200% display scaling.

Below is the screenshot of our testing with the app freshly installed:

We're really sorry for this problem. Hopefully we can find a solution as fast as possible.

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Hello! That's certainly bad. Can you give us more info about your system? Based on this screenshot I assume you're running the nightly version, but on what OS? Did you run the app via direct download or did you install it via the app? If you're installing via the app, then reinstalling it might help (you can do this by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right of the app page, and click the 'Manage' button).

Please note that the nightly version *do* has a lot of thumbnails that doesn't show up yet, and poses other than standby will not work with various clothing templates because we're still working on it as we speak (should be ready after this weekend, though). The nightly version is updated frequently with work-in-progress things, so these kinds of things do occur.

But at least creating a default female character should be fine, also changing poses to other standby variants too.

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We don't really understand what is 'significant' for you (because every people has different expectations) but 0.4.0 is coming soon, realistically in about ~1 month. You can check our Twitter account which is more active due to our decision to scale back regular posts in response to more demanding day job conditions. It will bring a much more refined art style and new functionalities.

Thanks for your interest!

Male template will be worked again as soon as we're done reworking the female template (which is almost done, just need to add missing poses from stable build). Realistic estimation for this is mid-September; if we're fortunate, we can get it ready by early September.

Hello there! 

- We have plans for custom templates, but it might be not as simple as just clicking-and-browsing for a SVG or PNG file. Currently in the nightly build we already have an option to import a background image which can be resized/moved manually, though. Maybe we can build the feature from this existing function.

- Yes, those are in the plans. For now, modern clothing is first priority; then fantasy/sci-fi templates will be released as content packs to prevent bloating the default library.

- We can't say for sure right now. We definitely like the idea, but the focus for now is trying to output layered PSD that can be used in Live2D, or maybe even better if we can output a Live2D from the app directly. Please note that this is 2D though, so the amount of movement is very limited compared to 3D.

Thanks for your interest!

I don't know about old, but we do plan on adding more templates with diffferent height and body shapes. And if you check on the 'Preferences' tab, you can see a 'Custom Library Location' option which is not functional yet... but should be able to function as a way to add custom templates when it's completed.

Hope this clears everything up, and thanks for your support!

Hello! Shoes and related accessories (such as socks) will be available shortly (around 3 days at worst)  as we're currently redrawing those at this time. After that, outerwear and remaning accessories from the stable build that has yet to be redrawn will be added. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello! Thanks for the notice. We'll look into it and see what caused the problem.

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Hello! Do you have any screenshots of that? We double-checked, and it seems that everything is fine both when installing using app or running it via extracted ZIP download. If you're using the app, you can try to reinstall the build using the gear icon available in the bottom right of the app info page.

EDIT: We are aware of VRoid since a long time now :) We have a different direction by going through 2D path and try to mimic artworks from 2D artists as much as possible. We continuosly evaluate other apps and see what can be added to give ours more capabilities.

We're sorry to hear that, but we understand fully about your decision. If you find some difficulties when dealing with the refund process, please let us know.

Noted. Just let us know if you have something specific in mind :)

Yeah... We're not happy about that too. We originally wanted to release something by March this year (just in time for NaNoRenO), but that target too has been missed. We realized that there has to be something wrong with the way our development works, and we're kind of evaluating it right now to see what is the problem. Development is definitely not stopped though, we're still working on it every day. We're not ready to say a lot for now, but we'll make sure to give proper explanation (including roadmaps) when the time is right. We're really sorry for this and can't thank you enough for keeping up with us.

On Windows/Linux, you can just extract it anywhere and run the Mannequin executable to run.

On Mac, unfortunately the only way (at least for now) is installing via app which can be downloaded here:

The app installation method is the preferred one, because updates also delivered through it (think of it like the Steam app or iTunes/Google Play Store/Windows Store).

Every clothing is drawn to fit each body template, so in order to make all clothes universal, we'll have to redraw everything for every available templates. We... don't have any plans to draw skirts for male body templates for now, but I'll let you know if we can find something as a solution for that.

Thanks for your interest!

More customizable haircut is something that we've been thinking on for quite a while. We have some plans going for that.

Face shape though, is quite a bit harder. We're still seeking whether we can really implement this nicely or maybe just let it go and manually provide a lot more shape templates to compensate for that. We'll be sure to give some updates when some big changes are implemented.

Thanks for the idea, glad you're interested in the app!

Yes, for now it's front view only.

Different body frames and height is already on the plan, but unfortunately pregnancy is out of the list. Sorry about that.

Noted. This should be simple enough since it doesn't need many redraws. Maybe we'll use it for our first downloadable extra contents (which is free of course, it's just that we want to separate specific themes like fantasy and/or sci-fi so the default library is kept compact in size).

Thanks for your suggestion!

Yeah, this is happening because we're currently cleaning up the library and renaming a lot of template files. When it's done, old template filenames will automatically translate to the new ones, so those errors should be gone after several nightly updates (when all filenames are finalized). For now we suggest not opening files created with stable builds in the nightly (or at least not saving the file once that alert has been shown).

Sorry for the inconvenience, and please look forward for the progress!

Yeah, the demo and full version has the exact same content, just with export disabled. If you're unsure about supporting us, I suggest to just follow our account (and maybe Twitter) for now. More content will be added, of course, as this project is still in early access phase. We usually update significant progress in our Twitter account periodically, and follow up with a longer story in our Devlog here.

We're currently working towards a big-ish update which includes new content for NaNoRenO (March), so you might want to wait until that time if you're unsure.

Thanks for your interest!

No, of course. If we somehow managed to publish it in a different marketplace (Steam, for example) we also plan to give keys for existing supporters, if we're able to.

Request noted. Looks simple enough, we don't see any problem with that. Will work on it as soon as possible!


First and foremost, thank you very much for your support.

We understand your concerns about content and we're definitely working on that front. We're currently reworking the naked base body template; as soon as those are completed, we will be able to add/update clothing templates frequently. Our progress on this has been delayed due to circumstances at our day job, but we're confident that we'll have something nice to show towards the end of this month. After that, content will be rapidly updated as we're targeting 0.4.0 release just before NaNoRenO starts.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope we'll able to share significant updates as soon as possible.

Hello! We're sorry for this inconvenience. We have tested it in our test sytems and it appears to be working fine.

Are you already running the latest update? If so, you can try to reinstall the app using the option provided by the app:

Let me know if you're still experiencing problems, and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks fro your suggestion, and we definitely are working hard towards accomplishing those features you mentioned! Let's see if we can bring something special just before NaNoRenO 2019 starts... ;)

As always, thank you very much for your support!

Hello! Sorry for this inconvenience, but did you install it using the app? Unfortunately this is the only working install method that works on macOS (for now).

Yes, this is correct! We've been planning to move the library folder inside the .app as a fix but hasn't got the opportunity yet. Hopefully we'll be able soon!