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There's no date at the moment. Yes, more poses will be added alongside the redraw.

Hello! Thank you very much for your kind words.

I think for something that's easily poseable like VRoid, you should always seek for 3d-based apps like VRoid itself, or Poser, or maybe Koikatsu (for something anime-styled). Due to the nature of being 2D, there's actually no magic involved in Mannequin; every pose, every clothing, every face parts and hairstyles, are drawn manually. More poses are planned for future versions of course, but because everything is done manually, expect it to take quite a long time.

For more pose flexibility, we have nothing planned in the short term; in the future we might add Godot and/or Unity 2D character export with rigged bone system, but it's still a long way to go.

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Glad it worked, and thank you for confirming your troubleshooting results!

Does opting out from the nightly builds helps? What OS are you using? We've re-checked in our test windows system and everything seems to be working fine in the latest nightly build. Have you checked steps in the docs?

You're right! We should add more options to the library window little by little to help with template filtering/searching. Thanks for your feedback!

We don't have any concrete prediction yet 😞

Thank you for the detailed feedback! Right now there's no toggle yet, but you can click the three dot icon to access additional functions such as applying eye color or applying fine-tuning across all expressions (these are also available for hairstyles).

Thank you for your suggestions. Definitely noted for each of them!

Hello! Thank you very much for your support! Yes, more body sizes are planned. The current implementation in the latest nightly builds is kind of a feasibility test, checking if the results are passable and no big problems arise from its implementation. We think it's alright and will add more in the future!

We have no exact date at the moment since we keep missing our predictions, but feature-wise we have already done for 1.0, so it's just finishing the redraw process and rigging process for Inochi2D export. Hopefully at least the redrawn female template can be released before the end of this year, and the male template shortly after (once both redrawn male and female template are done, then it's 1.0).

Thank you very much for your support! Hopefully in the next update it will prove its worth even more. Your purchase here also includes a Steam key, feel free to gift it to someone else!

That's okay, thank you very much for your support! If you want to also have the itch version you can contact us so we can send you a download key for your account. There are no Steam Workshop function integrated, however.

In the latest nightly builds we have switchable neck thickness but no neck length yet. Shouldn't be too hard, will add this to the list of features to be added. Thank you for the suggestion!

The full version currently does not have additional expression parts, just additional clothing templates. We hear you however, and will work to add these additional expressions in future update!

Glad you have worked it out, thank you again for the follow-up!

Understood. Thank you for the information!

Hello! Sorry for your problem. To be honest we are not sure because we have not tested Mannequin in a windows 7 machine at all, and the problem you are describing is the first one reported. We'll try to find out more info regarding this behavior first. Thank you for your report!

Hello! Please refer to for more info regarding how to obtain your Steam Key. Thank you!

Thank you very much for your kind words!

Yes, that is correct and indeed the fix that is implemented in the latest build is removing the transform tag. Thank you for sharing your script!

The fixes should be live now in the latest nightly builds. Feel free to let us know if there's still problems!

Done implementing the fixes. Will update the nightly builds shortly.

Thank you very much for the information! Definitely did not expect that Firefox would render it differently. Will check it out and make adjustments ASAP.

Right now we only have front-facing poses. 3/4 and side views are planned but not yet added. Feel free to use the demo/lite/free version if what you need is just PNG! Both the free and pro version are updated roughly at the same frequency.

We'll see what we can do to update it in the future :)

No worries! Glad you liked it. Hopefully with each update it will bring more use to you!

You have to export them as PNG (or other formats) first. Click the camera icon on the left side of the screen to open the export sidebar.

Understood. Will make an alert box that shows the error and points out where the errors at as accurate as we can.

Thank you for your support and feedback! We'll see what we can do with the poses in future updates. As you already said, several of your suggestions are already planned (like medieval fantasy themed clothing). We'll continue working and follow these planned features.

Thank you very much for your support!

We only have it here and on Steam. You can also get Steam key from your itch purchase, however. See more info regarding this here: (see 'How to download the game, or get your activation key' section)

Noted. Will add those things gradually in the future.

We already have that in progress (which you can test by using the nightly builds). Stay tuned for the next update!

Aside from the additional export features (unclickable and labeled 'pro' in the free version), there is a small number of additional templates included in the pro version: Some swimsuits, santa costumes, animal ears, and long hairs.

Yes, there is. In the latest nightly builds we can already switch body part sizes; this feature will be in the next update.

Yes, you can.

Yeah, that is in our sights too, just still thinking about how to make the best user experience for that. Since Mannequin is 2D-based, multiple poses require multiple images so the UI has to be able to explain & accommodate that. Adding logo might be the easiest, but other than that we're still weighing our options for best results. Thank you for your feedback!

The guide is still incomplete, but you can refer to as a start.

That is true. We're working to make them more equal in the next version as we redraw a lot of things.

The license is available in the 'About' menu (button at the bottom right, marked by 'i' inside a circle).

Generally characters you made using Mannequin is permitted for commercial purposes, including selling the character as-is. Uses that is prohibited at the moment is anything related to NFTs or blockchain, due to the gray/uncertain concept of ownership that is understood among those who are involved in the space.

However, we kindly remind you that selling your character without any significant modification is very likely a bad business. If your client find out about Mannequin in the future and know that they are able to create multiple similar characters at the price point (or even free), they will very likely get disappointed.