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Hello! You can check the online documentation regarding how to create your own custom content (the link to it is also available on the app's main menu).

Thank you very much for your interest!

Hello! At this moment, all of the DLC is pre-packaged with the Pro version of the app. Currently there is only one (Christmas Collection) with Halloween Collection coming later this month. As the DLC size grows in the future, we might split the DLCs into separate downloads, but it's not needed for now and we'll make sure to broadcast the info if the time comes.

Thank you vermy much for your support!

Yes, you are free to do that. If you want more advanced integration/automation, you can also look up the documentation  about how to make your own custom DLCs/Mods/Templates!

By CGs did you meant those full-screen event CGs in visual novels? If so, currently we have no plans in that direction. Chibis however, are something that we wanted to explore too. We might add them as new base/body templates in the near future. Thank you for your suggestions!

We do understand the concept. A more advanced batch export selection settings might be more appropriate, with users able to define exactly what combinations they want to export. At the time being we imagine it will involve a lot of checkboxes, but let's see.

Yeah, this is part of what we're planning for the next revamp of the face templates. Eye will be split into eyeball, eyelash, eyelid (upper and lower), iris and eye gloss/reflection. It's gonna be a big change and probably break compatiblity with older versions when the update is applied, but it should provide more options for makeup and face colors (dark eyebags included). Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Thanks for the info! We'll check it out ASAP.

Yes, that will definitely require further research. Weddings seems okay as it's a commonly depicted  event in manga/anime, but for funerals we'll have to scour for more references. You'll know when we add it to the library!

Of course! The initial target for the default library is covering the school setting, then formal (office) setting, and eventually most modern daily attire. Fantasy, sci-fi and other more specialized themes are set to be separated on DLCs. What do you have in mind?

Thanks for the report! We've fixed it and the next nightly builds will reflect the change.

Thank you for the info! This should already be fixed in the latest nightly build, but we're re-checking these items for a bit more assurance.

Thank you very much for your detailed description of the bug! With this kind of explanation is definitely easier for us to find out and fix the underlying problem. We'll look it up and provide a fix as soon as possible.

Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience. Right now, the Mac version is not yet available on Steam due to technical reasons, but it's coming with the next planned stable update. We'll let you know when it's coming, so stay tuned!

If there's enough demand for it we'll gladly to, but right now it looks like there's not that much. We'll make sure to explore the possibilities around this feature again after the 3/4 and side-view is done.

Yes, there are plans to add more directions (3/4 and side-facing)

Right now it's batch export, PSD and SVG export, and the ability to add extra content via DLC (both official or custom-made).

Yes, we're working on it :)

Hello! Thank you very much for your interest. To answer your questions:

1:  You can use any of the export output generated by the app for any of your projects, either personal or commercial. You don't have to credit us for it. Right now there's no specific sentences in the EULA that stated this, but there's no sentences that is saying against it either. We'll add more specifics in the future to the license but the general rule is something like what previously stated.

2 & 3: Actually, there's too much to count; you can try the free version of the app to find out yourself! You can find the download link in the store page, or if you're using the desktop app you can install the option marked as 'Demo'. The functionality that is reserved for the paid version also shows up in the free version, with clear 'Pro' markings on them.

4: You can contact us via other means such as our Twitter DMs or e-mail us at hello[at]

Thank you very much!

Hopefully so! We're currently working on it.

Hello! We're not sure about what kind of blur on the edges that you've mentioned. We've tested PNG export in the latest build and everything is as sharp as it's intended to be. Most of the strokes are designed to have a gradient color so this might be what's troubling you? If you wanted a more defined outer strokes, you can try the 'Outline' feature in the 'Art Style' sidebar.

As for the DLC, the only DLC available DLC for now is the Christmas Collection Test DLC (which is added just for initial testing on the DLC functionality, so the content is very sparse). It is available for download via the store page or from the desktop app. Please note that DLC and custom-made contents overall are only available for Pro users.

Hope this helps!

Hello! We're really sorry but unfortunately for now the only known way to optimize Mannequin's performance is only by enabling the 'Caching' option and setting the 'Render Processes' in the 'Performance Tweaks' section to match your current processor's thread count. We do take note about the complaints regarding performance however, and understood that the demand for a significantly faster process is high. We'll try to implement further optimizations in the upcoming versions. Thank you very much for your feedback!

The nightly builds are updated more often with in-progress stuff, so you get to try new things first; but as a side effect, the stability might be not the best.

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It is. We do not limit any usage of the app's exported files, whether for personal or commercial projects.

Hello! Currently the free version does not support additional content (official DLCs and user-created ones) and only have PNG export option, plus no batch export and no export layer selection. There are planned paid-exclusive features for the future that is still in development too, such as animated poses/exports.

Yes, that is the current condition for most of the available clothing templates. We're currently working on adding highlight colors to all available clothing templates right now, which should be usable in the next big update.

Hello! Did you run the app by downloading the ZIP file and extracting it? Unfortunately, for Mac the only way to install for now is using the desktop app. We're sorry for this inconvenience!

Hello! Sorry for the confusion and glad that it cleared up for you. Just as an additional info, here is our reply to previous question regarding running on Linux:

Using the desktop app is always the preferred way, though, since there is no self-updater built into Mannequin and we rely on platform (and Steam, when the corresponding version releases there) for managing updates.

Wonderful character there! Hopefully you'll find our 'Advanced' color option useful too; it will surely add more flexibility to match your entire game / artwork color style!

Hi! Thank you very much for sharing this. Definitely will be a good inspiration for us!

Hello. Thank you for your feedback! This feature is not available right now, and is planned for the future but with low priority. Right now we're currently focusing on adding more customization parameters and more templates first. If there's a lot of requests, we can definitely put it into a higher priority, though!

Hello! We're really sorry for this problem. 

In our desktop test system with Intel i3-9100F onboard, changing color of a single part (clothing, hair, skin) are done almost instantly (less than 1 second on average) and pose/clothing template change are done in less than 8 seconds (on average, depending on the number of clothing items used it will  be slower or faster). As more and more features are added, the speed of the app indeed took a slight hit with every major update. We'll always continue to evaluate the performance aspect periodically and provide performance optimization-focused updates when possible.

To make sure the app are optimized for maximum performance, you can head to the 'Preferences' sidebar, and head to the 'Performance Tweaks' pane near the bottom. Make sure that 'Caching' is on, 'GPU Acceleration' is on, and the number of 'Render Processes' match the number of your processor threads (for example, with our i3-9100F it's quad core without Hyper-Threading, so the value should be 4).

Thank you for your feedback!

Hello! Most of these features are already planned for future updates, but one thing that we would like to comment more is explicit details (such as nipples and genitalia). 

Our stance regarding those is that we wont provide any official support, ever. It will be possible to make it yourself and integrate into the app using custom libraries and components (the tutorials for making those will be available in the near future) and we can't stop anyone from doing that. We won't provide those items by default, though.

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Hello. We're sorry for this problem. Thank you very much for informing it! We'll check it out to find the underlying problem and fix it ASAP.

Yeah, we haven't added those terms in the license information which is viewable with the app. We might add it later to avoid confusion, but if you read the EULA in the 'About' screen, basically the one that is protected is the app itself (no reselling, recompilation, etc). There's no terms of limitation regarding what can you do with the output of the app, whether is for personal or commercial purposes.

Hi! Thank you very much for your suggestion. Batch exporting poses is indeed a nice feature to add! Let's see if we can add some kind of input to list what poses to export in the near future.

Yes, that's just how the layering works with the template structure. We're currently planning to add another template for tanktops that will be displayed over skirts and pants soon in the next update. Thanks for the feedback!

Hello! If you're installing the app and DLC using the desktop app, then you don't need to do anything else. Just browse the clothing library selection and choose 'Christmas Collection' from the dropdown menu at the top left side of the window.

If you're using direct download, then you can extract the DLC into any folder in your computer, and then add the folder into Mannequin's list by doing these steps:

Open the 'Preferences' tab and look for the 'Custom Library Locations' section.

Click 'Add' and choose the extracted DLC folder.

After that, the DLC should be ready to use. Please note that the current Christmas Collection DLC is primarily meant as a test DLC, so the content is very sparse for now. We're in the process of adding more into it and making other DLCs as the default content has just been finished recently.

Hello. Thank you very much for sharing this, and for linking to us in your video description! We'll keep an eye for it as our inspiration for polishing the app even further. Hopefully the development will continue smoothly!

Thank you very much!

Hello. Sorry for this trouble! If you don't mind, would you be able to send the character file to our e-mail: ? It will help us analyze the cause faster to provide a fix. Thank you for your feedback and cooperation!

Hello! We're really sorry for this problem. You can try these steps: to reinstall the app and clean the preferences file.