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Hi, sorry for the long update time!

A this point, we've decided to hold off saying anything about release date until next month when our day jobs should have been less hectic than now. Previously we've stated this date and that date, but we keep missing on those promises again and again, so we thought that we should take a little bit of time to straighten ourselves first.

Currently we're still finishing the catch-up of the new female template components so the clothing options will be the same with the stable release, and while it has definitely taken a long time, it is progressing quite good.

Really sorry for this inconvenience, and big thank you for your patience.

Yeah, the target has been missed by quite a big margin. A bug in the layer processing has been hindering the progress we've made, and it was resolved just last night.

For now, we're still short on several clothing items to catch up on the old stable release: Sailor uniforms, some skirt variations and pants. Normally I would say it's going to be finished within two or three days but our forecast has been missed rather often lately, so let's just say hopefully as fast as possible.

Honestly we wouldn't want to miss next week to release this, though.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.

The content in nightly version will catch up to the stable version shortly. We are in the process of redrawing everything so that's why the amount of content is less. Should be live this weekend/early next week.

Both version will be updated automatically.

Thanks for your support!

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No, that's the limitation of the demo :)

The functionality is already planned since the beginning of development but currently it's not implemented yet. You can do it to a certain degree by now, though. Our friend here has already tried to 'hack' the default library to include several custom items.

Please be aware that until we've properly added this functionality you're doing this by your own risk (we don't think there's any significant risk involved, though).

1. Hopefully in the end of next week. We're currently working on the final adjustment of body proportions (that's why the nightly updates is currently on hold for now, because otherwise it will be unusable due to misalignment and such) and the body parts plus poses are completed. Now we're adjusting the clothes parts to the new body parts and we're going to do this in one go, catching up to the stable channel immediately within one update.

2. Not for now, but in our mind at least, scars looks simple enough so we don't see any problem with adding that.

3. Same as above.

4. I don't think so; currently the plan forward is just color adjustments.

5. It's going quite well; we have made a rough naked base but we will refine it first until we are satisfied with it to prevent repeating the same mistake we did with female character template, which has been totally redrawn three times by now :(

6. Yes, you can use it for both personal and commercial projects. You don't even need to give credit to the app or us, but we'll be happy if you chose to do so!

Thanks for your interest and support!

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It's definitely possible. Let's see if we can work something out starting next week. Our focus right now is finalizing the default proportions (lots of redrawing involved) but after that we should be able to work on new clothing items again.

Replied to Archeia in Bug Reports

Whoa, that's strange. We'll look into that issue immediately. Thanks for the heads up!

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As previously stated in https://itch.io/t/157544/just-purchased-this-program-and-have-a-few-questions it should start showing up on December. Still working on it now:

Replied to Ace19 in Bug Reports

This should be fixed in the latest build (for windows only though; we've lost access to our VMs so we are unable to push new builds for Linux and Mac this weekend)

There is, but it's still far in the future. Our focus now is still getting 0.2.x properly released and then populate content.

Illustrator CC.

That should be correct; We'll check this one out for potential bugs in the renderer. Thanks for the info!

Replied to Ace19 in Bug Reports

Thanks for noticing! That's actually a bug in our rendering algorithm. Let's see if we can fix it in today's nightly.

(Edited 1 time)

The naming is correct, but starting in 0.2.0 we have introduced a new mandatory property 'layer' with the value type of string. The value can be either of these ones: "outer", "middle", "base" or "under".

This determines at which layer the clothing item will be rendered. "outer" should be displayed over "middle" and so on.

Thanks for your interest! In early December the naked base should start to show up in the nightly builds.

Hi! Glad to see that someone has finally deciphered this! We decided to open up the default library starting in 0.2.x so that people are able to build something based on it. The system for user-created content is not ready for the public yet, though, so just a few tips if you're doing this:

- Remember/backup the files that you've added as part of your custom component. In the future, files for user-created content will be separated from the default library for easier distribution.

- Mannequin uses specific color palette depending on the component (skin, eye, hair, clothing, etc) so that the app can distinguish between base, highlight and shadow colors. So if you're making these, mimic the exact color palette of the ones already available in the default library.

Thanks for the suggestions! Those two are indeed our priority after we've done releasing 0.2.0 on the stable channel. Hopefully we can reach that before the end of November :)

Replied to chainmatrix in Bug Reports

Whoa, definitely missed these strange behavior. Thanks for the info! We'll be looking into this.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions!

  • Zooming: Maintaining central point is already in our plans, but we totally forgot about ctrl/command+scroll thing. Thanks for reminding us that!
  • Hairstyle construction: We'll be adding an 'advanced' option with exactly that kind of functionality. Expect it to land after 0.2.x.
  • Library catch-up: Advanced color is the main reason we are redrawing everything, but we also seizing this moment to re-adjust body proportions and the like; that's why it's taking a longer time. Currently we're not really satisfied with the overall art style produced in the stable version, and we have been taking references from our favorite digital artists (i.e. @rosuuri, @sayori_nw, and @Tony_T2ARTWORKS to name a few) for 0.2.x.

Glad to catch your interest and hopefully we'll be able to implement these as soon as possible :)

We are definitely working with some degree of variable proportions, but maybe not as detailed as one used in Design Doll (or Poser) because those are 3d-based apps. Let's see how it's turning out though.

Of course those are possible :)

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Thanks for your support! We will definitely continue working on this, because we will also using it for our own game development projects. Progress can be slow at times though; if you're curious, you can always follow our Twitter @helloar14 to get info more often.

Replied to Synthicyde in Bug Reports

Confirmed that this issue is now fixed with the latest nightly release. Thank you very much for all the support and feedback!

Replied to Synthicyde in Bug Reports

Hi, we just pushed an update to the nightly channel to address this issue. Just let the app auto-update via the itch desktop app, and try exporting again.

Hopefully this works (we've already tested it, but you know, things can happen), and thankl you very much for notifying us about this problem!

Replied to Synthicyde in Bug Reports

Hi, can you send your .mqn file to us (you can send it via email to hello@ar14.works) for further inspection? We've tried testing with several of our test files and it opens fine.

Replied to Ace19 in New to me

Yes :)

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1. Any PNG/SVG output you make using the app, using its default library are free for use in both personal and commercial purposes. You are not required to credit the app or us, so it's kinda like CC0.

2. It's not available even in the full version (for now). It's planned for later date (remember, this app is still in development and hasn't even reached version 1.0 yet)

3. Yes, but for now, not yet.

4. Currently you can't add your own parts, but it's already planned and the feature will be there when version 1.0 is out. But please remember that when you use custom library items made by some other people, our 'basically CC0' license might not apply.

Thanks for your interest!

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Thanks for the review and suggestions! It's really encouraging for us knowing that our tool has some use for creators out there in the real world :)

(Edited 1 time)

The ZIP file! That was slipped from our mind. We'll look further why the zip doesn't work but installation from the app works. That's very strange.

Thank you very much for the confirmation!

That's strange. We tested it from the itch.io app (even uninstalling and installing it again) and it worked. We'll try to investigate further.

The problem with stuck on "wait" spinner has been fixed by now, but there's a chance of the main canvas glitching, only displaying black area. If you decide to try the nightly again, let us know if you experience this, because here we have limited access for testing on a proper Mac.

Thank you very much!

Both OSX and Linux nightly hasn't been updated for quite a long time due to technical reasons in our development machines. Should be updated again in 1-2 days though.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the suggestion! We are definitely looking into that direction.

Hello, thanks for your interest!

The demo does not have any other difference to the full release beside the inability to export your character.

All the features yo've mentioned are already planned for Mannequin, but we do understand that because the app has taken so long to update you've became not convinced to support the development. 

Currently Mannequin is basically being rebuilt from scratch for its 0.2.0 update, so the progress is inevitably long (and already delayed multiple times because of our day job and other things), but it's close. We recommend to check out the store page at the end of this month (when 0.2.0 is very likely to have released already), try out the demo again, and then judge it by yourself.

Best regards.

Hey there!

Yes, we're still working on it, and it *has* been a long time indeed since the last update, but a new one is coming. You can read about what's coming up in our devlog or our Twitter.

Hello, you've done nothing wrong, as male template is currently still not available in the current version. We're working around the clock to add it as fast as possible in the forthcoming updates!

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We're sorry, but unfortunately we're not interested in participating in any bundle right now.

Thanks for the interest though! Really appreciated.

Those requires a large amount of work (because of the details) so it might arrive later than simpler hairstyles, but it was always planned to be in the library :)

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Release 0.1.7b (December 12, 2016)

New Features:

No new features at this time.


  • Changing outline style not recorded in action history (undo not working).
  • Ear misalignments in some poses.