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Noted. Thank you for your feedback!

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Thank you for your support and feedback! Please look forward for the next update as a lot of the things mentioned here are the things that we're currently working on.

Noted. Will try to add some after the big art polish update.

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Yes, the 'Nightly' version is available with the steam 'Betas' feature. On itch, however, you can install and auto-update both version with the desktop app (which is kinda neat).

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Compared to the free version, the paid version currently has these extras:

  • Export to PSD and SVG format instead of just PNG.
  • Batch export (if your character has multiple hairstyles, expressions, or clothing styles, you can export all of the different combinations to a folder).
  • Multiple layer export settings. For example, with 'Face Only' you can export only the face parts, with 'Clothing Only' you can export only the clothing parts. Afterwards, you can combine those separated images via the game engine (for example, layeredImage in Ren'Py).
  • The full version is able to use downloadable contents (either made by us or by other people). This includes Steam Workshop for the Steam version. Purchasing in itch also gives you a Steam key which can be obtained by following these steps.
  • All downloadable contents made by us are included with the full version (in this early access phase, all DLCs are already present inside the main installation, but in the future we will split it into separate downloads for better file management and update process). Currently, these DLCs include Christmas Collection, Long Hair Collection,  Animal Ears Collection and Summer Collection.
  • Developer Tool to help you create your own templates (still in progress).

The 'nightly' version is more frequently updated with in-progress features (almost daily), but has the risk of more bugs. This is for people who want to be more involved with the development progress.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your suggestion. Let's see if we can add more blessed mounds in a future update :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it.

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Here you can find planned features (from us and from user requests) and reported issues that we have taken note of. Hopefully, it can give a better view about what is in the works and prevent starting a new request or reporting a new issue without knowing that it has been discussed before. Some smaller requests might not be listed here (for example, requests for just one or two specific template), but we do take note of them all!

Planned Application Features

Steam Workshop. — Done in 0.3.15

Manual expression/hairstyle/clothing combination selection for batch export.
 — Done in 0.3.15

Spritesheet export.

Texture overlay. 

Sclera color customization.
Source: |

Running from command line (to integrate with automated build scripts).

Toggle to show all templates in the library window, including currently incompatible ones.

Planned Content Updates

¾ and side view poses.

Fantasy and sci-fi collection.

Poses with props/equipment.

Comedic mouths.

Facial lines/wrinkles (to make older-looking faces).

Makeup (eye shadow, eyeliner, fingernail color).

Body modifiers (change muscle tone or change skin to a furry/scaly type without changing body shape).

Known Issues

Infinite loading sometimes happen when working with multiple files.

Currently Not Planned

Any explicit details, such as nipple and genitalia, will never be provided officially by us.

Live2D export, while enticing, is currently not possible due to the limitation imposed by Live2D themselves regarding 'Reverse Engineering' ( ). We are currently looking for other alternative file formats that are open.

Thank you for your information! This issue should have been fixed in the latest nightly builds, but we'll double check to make sure.

Thank you for your information! This issue should have been fixed in the latest nightly builds, but we'll double check to make sure.

Thank you for your suggestions! We'll keep this in mind and add the feature in a future update.

Thank you for your suggestions! We'll try to add  more option for shorter and shaved heads in the next update. As for hair extensions/streaks, we think it's already possible with the current structure of 'Additional Hair Parts'. We already has plans for something like this, just haven't been able to execute yet.

Hello! Thank you for your information and sorry for your inconvenience. Is this happening with a specific file only or happening with every character file (for example, creating a new character and then immediately exporting)? If it's happening with a specific file, then it will be really helpful to us if you can send a sample file via e-mail to

Hello, thank you for your interest! The poses currently has no difference between the free and pro version. We do have plans to add more in future updates, though, so feel free to follow our progress in the free version! Use the desktop app to install Mannequin so you get auto-updates.

Hello! We're very sorry, but right now Mannequin still don't have the templates needed to create old characters (even in Pro version). We're working to add more face parts that better represent older age soon; we'll keep you notified when the update that addresses this issue rolled out!

Thank you for your feedback. We'll make sure to add it in a future update!

It's totally okay. We don't enforce anything with works that you create with our products. For additional content not made by us, though, you have to contact the creator first.

Hello! You can follow these steps:

1. Click the downward arrow beside your username on the top left side, and open 'My Library'.

2. Find Mannequin on your Library, and click the 'Download' button.

3. In the download page, there should be a 'Get Steam Key' button.

Let us know if this helps!

Hello! Yes, that is the expected behavior at the moment. We don't mention it for Windows because SmartScreen warnings can be dismissed quite easily but bypassing Gatekeeper requires a more involved steps. However, we're working on steps to sign both the Windows and Mac versions to fix this problem.

Here are some examples of angry expressions:

- 'Thin (Frown)' brows + 'Straight (Goggle)' eyes + 'Feminine (Subtle Frown)' mouth.

- 'Thin (Frown) brows + 'Straight (Slightly Closed, Raised Cheeks)' eyes + 'Feminine (Groan)' mouth.

As you can see, even 'Angry' can have multiple variations. This is why we're not providing set expressions, and let users choose what kind of 'angry' or what kind of 'sad' suited their needs the most.

Hello! The 'Sad' in online manual is just an example for how you can name 'Expressions'. In practice, you can create various expressions using a combination of eye, brow and mouth expressions.

Here are some examples:

- A surprised expression using 'Thin (Raised)' brows, 'Straight (Goggle)' eyes, and 'Feminine (Big Sigh)' mouth.

- A sad expression using 'Thin (Upward Curve) brows, 'Straight (Slightly Closed, Raised Cheeks)' eyes, and 'Feminine (Groan)' mouth.

Noted for the randomizer. Will try to work on implementing those!

Hello! We're not sure why this is happened. If possible, can you send the problematic file to us (via so we can investigate further for the cause?

Hello! Thanks for your suggestions! We can implement an 'apply to all' for size modifiers just like the 'apply color for all expressions' button which is already available. Regarding library view, we have to evaluate further first. As content grows, displaying a lot of items all at once can be detrimental to performance; but at least we can say that displaying all of the content from all of the available libraries makes a lot of sense for search result.

Thank you very much for your suggestions! Let's see if we can implement these in the near future. Thicker brows is incoming, by the way, and is already available to test in the nightly builds. Please look forward for future versions!

Hello! Unfortunately, the previous versions are not preserved, so the first answer will be no. For the second question, yes! Our latest update even added an additional option for PSD export which will speed up rigging in Adobe Character Animator (which is not as good as Live2D but can also be used for Vtuber).

Yes! For the next immediate version (0.3.12) our focus will be the restructuring of the hair template, as per our latest blog post. This includes the addition of facial hairs I'm the mix.

Thank you again for the notice! The latest update to the lite version should fix this issue.

Likewise, thank you very much for your continued support :)

Thank you very much for the info, and sorry for your inconvenience. We'll look  into it and provide fixes ASAP.

Hello! Thank you very much for your suggestion. Indeed, at this point the app cannot run properly without a desktop. Accepting command line switches and outputting return codes after an automatic processes, however, is something we can do. We'll let you know if this feature has seen some progress in the future!

Hello! You can access the nightly builds from within Steam! To learn how to, you can check our documentation here:

Here's the part from the documentation which explains the process:

You can also switch to the Nightly builds, which are more frequently updated with in-progress features but are potentially less stable, using the Properties window. To access this, click the gear icon on the left side of the library view. In the Properties window that shows up, switch to 'Betas' tab and choose 'nightly' in the drop-down menu.

Hope this helps. Let us know if there's still problems!

Thanks for the input! A more granular control with something like a table where users can mix and match what combinations to export is indeed will be more useful. We'll look into its implementation in the future version!

Thank you very much for the info! We're currently still checking the issue regarding this problem with hair. As shown in your description, they appear a bit random so it is quite a bit difficult to pinpoint the underlying problem. We'll continue testing to find more about this problem.

Hello! To answer your questions: 1) It's not possible with the current template structure/behavior; 2) Yes, you are free to modify the exported images as you see fit. 3) Yes, you can use it in whatever projects you might have. Thank you!

Hello! We're sorry for this problem. What version of the app are you using and what OS are you running on? Does this also happen with a newly created character or just your specific character only?

Thank you very much for the info! We're looking into it now. Will check it out for further details and provide fixes ASAP.

That would be very helpful! You can send your save file for further analysis by us via

Again, thank you very much for your cooperation!

Thanks for the confirmation! You can try to clear the configuration folder before launching the app again. To do this, delete the 'Mannequin' folder inside C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming

Let us know if this doesn't help. Thank you for your patience.

Hello! We're really sorry for your inconvenience, and thank you very much for the report! We'll check it out to find the possible cause and try to give solutions ASAP. Just for confirmation: based on your description above we understand that the app works fine for the first time, but has troubles after closing it and opening again at a later time, correct?

It's something that we are looking for, but still very far away (others have mentioned it too, but considering the complexity it won't come in the near future).

Thanks for your feedback!