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Yes, the feature is not finished yet, and the button that are available in the nightly builds is just a placeholder for now.

Hello there! Is this feature you mentioned (automatic key revoking) still a thing? If yes, is there any rough estimation for its implementation?

No rush though, just curious :)

Well, that is the limitation of the demo version :)

That's certainly a mix-up from our part. Thanks for the info! Will make sure that it's fixed on the next update.

Did you experience this since the beginning, or just lately? Did reinstallation helps?

Hello. Looks like you're using the nightly builds? If so, this output looks like something that is caused by an outdated version. There are significant redraw that are still ongoing in the nightly builds even until now, but if you're using the latest update it should look far better than the one pictured above.

Initial fixes for this behavior would be blocking the drag and drop entirely, I think. Then adding background image feature by file browser, and proper drag and drop support after that.

Not yet; we are still in discussion with dev about the Patreon connectivity mechanism. The actual Patreon page is already live though, but we marked it as NSFW so it's not showing up on search results :)

We'll make sure to let people know when it's ready!

We'll keep testing on this and will patch the app accordingly. Thanks for your information!

Hello, thanks for the suggestions! We have been thinking of making the newly created face preset (will be called 'expression' in newer versions) identical to the one which is active when the 'Add New...' menu is selected. For your second suggestion, I think we'll try adding options for cropping the result canvas by X percent or pixels from top, bottom, left, and right.

Sorry for your inconvenience! The fact that it keeps freezing even after moving to another sidebar is something new to us. If it's not a hassle, would you mind telling us: 

  • What build are you using (stable or nightly)? 
  • What is your operating system?
  • Does this problem happened randomly or it is always happened? We tested this on the stable build by creating a new character and immediately made a new clothing preset, then renamed the new preset with characters mentioned in your previous post. Using this method, we can confirm that our previously mentioned workaround works; is there any different step that we're missing?

Again, sorry for your inconvenience, and thank you very much for your information.

Hello, thanks for the info! We'll patch this up in the next release, but as a workaround for now you can move into another menu and then back (i.e. move to face and then back to clothing again) and the sidebar will be working again as usual.

Confirmed. We'll check it out and see for the solution to that problem.

Well, that's quite hard to answer :) 

We used to have a public Trello board, but as time goes on, it has proven to be difficult for us to keep it updated. As this is not a full-time work (yet), juggling between day job and running this project leaves us little time to do everything. We decided to focus our efforts in actual development and support whenever time is a challenge, relegating other communication (such as devlogs and public roadmaps) into a lower priority.

That being said, I do understand that this is quite necessary, so we might try to find some simpler alternatives, maybe just a publicly visible checklist? We'll make sure to let everybody know when the solution to this is available.


Ah yeah, that's definitely a bug. We have plans for adding support for custom backgrounds, but it's not implemented yet. How would you like it to work? Should the image file be embedded in the character file (raising the file size) or just kept as a link (chances are the image link will be broken when you move the file into a different computer)?

Thank you for your information regarding this bug!

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Nice play with the colors! Although seeing your output here made us realize there's some serious artifact problem that needs to be fixed (those white lines on the knees). We'll definitely work on that.

Roger that! Thanks for your support :)

Nevermind that, it's working properly now :)

This morning I've pushed some updates to my app, but it's not showing up until now (night, more than 12 hours and counting). When I tried to push the update again via butler, this is what I got:

Any info regarding this? Is it just me or is everybody affected?

Yes, we also planned for more body types.

They will be a thing, eventually :)

There are others who have requested that, and honestly we're interested too. But adding things ultimately takes time, and we currently can't give you an accurate approximation about when it will be available. If you're interested, just install the demo version using the desktop app so it can be updated automatically, or follow our account as we're always make a new devlog when an update to the stable and demo builds are released.

Thanks for your interest!

Noted. I think we can add it as a clothing piece, maybe in the accessory section.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Hooded jackets with the hood down will be quite easy, but we'll have to do some trial and error first with the hood up/worn. 

Thank you very much for your interest!

Hello! I'm sorry for asking this, but have you tried the 'Advanced' coloring mode for the skin? If so, is using that option still produces unsatisfactory results? Or maybe you're looking for better results while only using 'Automatic' coloring mode?

Thanks for your suggestions and continued interest!

Well, as stated in the description, it's a 2D character generator, so there's no way to 'turn' it like what you might find in 3D apps; but we have plans for adding poses in the 30-45 degree angle (assuming zero degree is straight from the front) since those kind of poses are often used in many existing visual novels.

Both are possible, but we're still considering the best way to implement those without being too complicated. This also applies to scars, moles, etc.

Thanks for your feedback! We'll keep this in mind.

Okay... That was clearly unintentional. Pretty embarrassing, that was. We'll look into it right away. Thank you very much for your information!

Thanks for your suggestions! Those are really good points that we admit we've missed. Will be working on it immediately!

I think we can add some advanced options to the export preferences sidebar, which contains a checklist of the currently available layers; so people can simple check and uncheck what they want to see in the exported image. Should be useful too for people who want to split the face layer to a different file (seen those in a lot of Japanese visual novels).

Thanks for your suggestion!

We don't have the specific need for doing it manually. The ideal solution is of course preventing access automatically by system just like what you said; our suggestion about manually revoking keys is just "eh, if we can't do it automatically then manual is fine" kinda thing, since by making claims mandatory each key is already bound to a specific user 😉


I just tried the Patreon access feature. Based on my short experience trying it, I found out that unlike download keys that are manually created by ourselves, keys that are created via the Patreon access feature cannot be revoked by ourselves. Can this feature be added?

We want to give flexibility for people who are willing to support our project by offering two choices: paying one time via, or by becoming a patron on Patreon. We think that a choice between one time payment for permanent access and monthly smaller payments similar to subscription is quite fair; but without the ability to revoke the keys generated by Patreon access, people can just become a patron for one period and then remove their pledge. This situation is obviously unfair for people who chose the one-time payment via

As far as I know, don't automatically remove the access when patrons delete their pledge, so in my opinion there should be at least a manual switch?

Thanks for the consideration.

For your information, in the meanwhile you can install the app using's official desktop app. It's quite a bit of a hassle initially, but it has the benefits of enabling auto-update for Mannequin whenever the itch app is running. Mannequin itself has no DRM, so you can just launch it after installing without keeping the itch app running at all times.

Thanks for the info! We rarely tested the zip file download (we use the itch desktop app most of the time) so this might be an oversight from us. We'll do some more testing regarding this problem. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!

That's strange. I just tested it on my own machine and it's definitely working. If it's not a bother, can you tell me more about your MacOS version (High Sierra? Mojave?) and the method of your installation (via the desktop app or by downloading the zip file via the website) ?

Does that happen when you click 'New Character' or when you're opening an existing MQN file? If it's when creating new character then there's something wrong in the build and we'll have to check on the underlying code. But if it's when opening a character file, then maybe you can send your character file to so we can check what's wrong with the file.

Alright, thanks for the info!

Oh wait, so this is what you mean. My assumptions is wrong then (lol), sorry about that. Anyway, glad you found it, and thanks again for your interest and support!

I'm guessing that what you mean by account access/pop-up is when you're running the app itself? If so, it's because the app itself doesn't have any kind of DRM. It doesn't need your account information to work.

Your account is used for the auto-update (which comes as standard if you installed it via the app). If you're not using the Itch app, then the only way to update is to re-download the app again.

We do want to publish on Steam when the app is ready, and we'll of course give every previous customer on Itch a key, but that's still quite a long time for now (likely several months) so until we have something concrete, we won't talk about it too much. By now you might've heard that recently Steam purged quite a big amount of anime/manga-styled games from its library, so there's a chance our submission might not be accepted.

Fingers crossed. Anyway, thank you very much for your interest and support!


From what I've read in the docs, enabling Patreon access will grant a key to our patrons who have connected their account. Is this key permanent? If the corresponding user decided to stop being a patron, will it be automatically disabled/revoked, or will it stays active?