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Of course those are possible :)

Posted in Just bought it

Thanks for your support! We will definitely continue working on this, because we will also using it for our own game development projects. Progress can be slow at times though; if you're curious, you can always follow our Twitter @helloar14 to get info more often.

Replied to Synthicyde in Bug Reports

Confirmed that this issue is now fixed with the latest nightly release. Thank you very much for all the support and feedback!

Replied to Synthicyde in Bug Reports

Hi, we just pushed an update to the nightly channel to address this issue. Just let the app auto-update via the itch desktop app, and try exporting again.

Hopefully this works (we've already tested it, but you know, things can happen), and thankl you very much for notifying us about this problem!

Replied to Synthicyde in Bug Reports

Hi, can you send your .mqn file to us (you can send it via email to hello@ar14.works) for further inspection? We've tried testing with several of our test files and it opens fine.

Replied to Ace19 in New to me

Yes :)

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1. Any PNG/SVG output you make using the app, using its default library are free for use in both personal and commercial purposes. You are not required to credit the app or us, so it's kinda like CC0.

2. It's not available even in the full version (for now). It's planned for later date (remember, this app is still in development and hasn't even reached version 1.0 yet)

3. Yes, but for now, not yet.

4. Currently you can't add your own parts, but it's already planned and the feature will be there when version 1.0 is out. But please remember that when you use custom library items made by some other people, our 'basically CC0' license might not apply.

Thanks for your interest!

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Thanks for the review and suggestions! It's really encouraging for us knowing that our tool has some use for creators out there in the real world :)

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The ZIP file! That was slipped from our mind. We'll look further why the zip doesn't work but installation from the app works. That's very strange.

Thank you very much for the confirmation!

That's strange. We tested it from the itch.io app (even uninstalling and installing it again) and it worked. We'll try to investigate further.

The problem with stuck on "wait" spinner has been fixed by now, but there's a chance of the main canvas glitching, only displaying black area. If you decide to try the nightly again, let us know if you experience this, because here we have limited access for testing on a proper Mac.

Thank you very much!

Both OSX and Linux nightly hasn't been updated for quite a long time due to technical reasons in our development machines. Should be updated again in 1-2 days though.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the suggestion! We are definitely looking into that direction.

Hello, thanks for your interest!

The demo does not have any other difference to the full release beside the inability to export your character.

All the features yo've mentioned are already planned for Mannequin, but we do understand that because the app has taken so long to update you've became not convinced to support the development. 

Currently Mannequin is basically being rebuilt from scratch for its 0.2.0 update, so the progress is inevitably long (and already delayed multiple times because of our day job and other things), but it's close. We recommend to check out the store page at the end of this month (when 0.2.0 is very likely to have released already), try out the demo again, and then judge it by yourself.

Best regards.

Hey there!

Yes, we're still working on it, and it *has* been a long time indeed since the last update, but a new one is coming. You can read about what's coming up in our devlog or our Twitter.

Hello, you've done nothing wrong, as male template is currently still not available in the current version. We're working around the clock to add it as fast as possible in the forthcoming updates!

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We're sorry, but unfortunately we're not interested in participating in any bundle right now.

Thanks for the interest though! Really appreciated.

Those requires a large amount of work (because of the details) so it might arrive later than simpler hairstyles, but it was always planned to be in the library :)

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Release 0.1.7b (December 12, 2016)

New Features:

No new features at this time.


  • Changing outline style not recorded in action history (undo not working).
  • Ear misalignments in some poses.
Replied to ObsydianX in Bug Reports

Yeah, looks like there are files that failed to get through server in the last update. Should've fixed by now. If you're installing through the itch app, just click 'Check for update' to let it auto-update.

Thanks for the info, and sorry for the inconvenience!

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Release 0.1.7 (November 13, 2016)

New Features:

  • Head shape switcher.
  • Fine-tuning now allows you to make little adjustments to various aspects. Available in a separate tab (on the left side of the screen) below 'Clothing', for now it allows you to adjust several face parameters (eye size, separation, nose height, etc.)
  • Manual outline color.
  • Manual outline thickness when using fixed-width outline.
  • Save status indicators and reminders.

Component/Library Updates:

  • (New) 3 variants of flat-collar shirt;
  • (New) 2 alternative head shapes; and
  • (New) 2 straight hairstyles.
  • (Updated) Thick lips mouth variant has been redrawn.


  • Removing clothing item not recorded in action history (undo not working).
  • Sweater not covering enough shirt elements.
  • Artifacts on some clothing when using fixed-width stroke.

Alright, now it's working well. Thank you very much!

It's like this since itch's recent maintenance. Any thoughts?

Replied to Synthicyde in Bug Reports

Thank you for your information! We'll be sure to fix it in the next update.

Noted. Thanks for the suggestions!
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Release 0.1.6 (October 25, 2016)

After multiple delays, release 0.1.6 is finally here. Sorry for the long wait!

New Features:

  • New coloring method for clothing now ensures every piece of clothing is colored consistently. Nearly every clothing has been redrawn in order to implement this feature!
  • New clothing composition method now allows us to treat every piece of clothing as separate object. Tops and outerwear are now separated because of this.
  • You can now open a specific file from editing screen by accessing File -> Open.
  • Tweaked proportions for the female character template.
  • Faster zoom operations.
  • Canvas size increased from 512 x 1024 to 640 x 1280 to accommodate bigger character templates in the future.

Component/Library Updates:

There are so many changes in this section because we've redrawn nearly all clothing items in order to be able to use the new coloring method. So instead of listing them one by one, we'll provide a short summary.

  • 14 poses in 0.1.6 vs 8 in 0.1.5 (6 new);
  • 31 tops + 6 outerwear (37 total) in 0.1.6 vs 20 in 0.1.5 (17 new);
  • 5 skirts/pants in 0.1.6 vs 2 in 0.1.5 (3 new);
  • 1 new footwear (Slip-On Shoes);
  • Sailor Uniform ribbon/tie is now separated as accessory; and
  • New blank face color.

Now you can also make more specific color adjustments; for example, in a shirt you can change the color of its collar and buttons.


  • Fixed a bug for very short hairstyle with three-parted bangs which makes it load hairstyle with side-parted bangs instead of the correct one.

Thanks for your suggestions! As for freckles, scars, and moles: Noted :)

For high contrast hair, I'm currently working on it. If everything works out, next time you can manually choose base, shadow and highlight color for hairs.

Disabling expression shades will be added in the next update (which hopefully will be out this weekend).


Well, that's a lot! :)

  • Fantasy and sci-fi themed stuff are already planned (you can see it on the Trello board)
  • Face shapes are in progress, will be available either in the next update (0.1.6) or the one after that (0.1.7)
  • Noir stuff... It hasn't crossed my mind before, but is definitely interesting. I'll add that to our plans.
  • As for body types and fine-tuning on the template placements, it's something that I also really want to have, but I won't promise anything because it's gonna take a very very long time until I can start working on it.

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

I'm currently working on a new coloring method that hopefully will improve clothing colors whether when you're using light or dark color as the base. It requires a lot of redraws though, so I'm not even sure if I can release the update next weekend. But it's definitely on the way.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Replied to YonYonYon in Bug Reports

Yeah, that's definitely not your PC, probably because of a typo in the hair config file.

Thank you very much for the report!

Release 0.1.5b (August 16, 2016)

This is a hotfix release to address several bugs considered as critical.


  • Fixed a bug that causes misalignments when using folded arms pose.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes an existing accessory is overwritten when adding another accessory.
  • Adjusted some hair color changing parameters to remove some faint color tint that showed when using hair color with zero saturation (grayscale/from black to white)
(Edited 1 time)

GAH, looks like they changed colors alongside the frames. Also, that folded arms pose is very wrong, I just checked it out and apparently they looks fine in the editor but misaligned when exporting; I should release a hotfix build for that.

EDIT: The hotfix build is now live, should've fixed it.

Just FYI, several glasses has been added in the accessory section :) hopefully it will be a good start!

Release 0.1.5 (August 15, 2016)


  • Fixed a bug where reflections on the eyeball changed color alongside iris.

New Features:

  • Demo builds are now available! Every features except exporting are available in the demo. If you're interested or are running the demo build right now, please consider using the itch.io app because demo builds will be updated in the same rate as the main build.
  • Fixed-width outline is now available. This is designed for high resolution exports where you might be disturbed by the thickness of variable-width outline.
  • Skin, hair and iris now has a new color-changing method/algorithm. Basically it adjust the contrast so hopefully whatever hair color/skin color you chose, your character still looks good.
  • Changelog for the current version will be displayed for every first time launch after updating. You can also access this information via "What's New?" button from the "About This App" menu.

Components/Library Updates:

  • (New) Several eyeglasses has been added.
  • (Updated) Iris, hair parts and several body parts have been redrawn in order to use the new color-changing method.


  • 32-bit Windows builds are now removed. It's originally released for a test run using Wine, but now that we have a native build for each platform, it's finally considered as not necessary.

Our next update (0.1.6) will still focuses on polishing and fixes. After the next update, we'll shift back to prioritizing library updates.

Posted in Natural Colors

Ah, right. It crossed my mind some time ago, but then I forgot to write it down :(

I actually wanted to implement this in the color picker section, so you can do either full manual color picking or choose from several available preset colors.

Thank you very much for sharing! The color references are very nice. Really appreciated.

Release 0.1.4 (August 7, 2016)

New Features:

  • Certain accessory now can detect if they are meant to be combined with your current clothing configuration or not. You can still force-add the corresponding accessory though (resulting in strange things of course). The first example of this is Uniform Ribbon accessory. In the next update, Sailor Uniform ribbon will be separated like this one.

Components/Library Updates:

  1. (New) Pose - Hand on Back (Straight and Contrapposto)
  2. (New) Pose - Folded Arms (Straight and Contrapposto)
  3. (New) Eye - Upward-slanted Eye (with all variations found in Straight Eye)
  4. (New) Eye - Downward-slanted Eye (with all variations found in Straight Eye)
  5. (New) Eye - Flat Eye (with all variations found in Straight Eye)
  6. (New) Hairstyle - Ponytail (Side-parted and Straight Bangs)
  7. (New) Hairstyle - Pigtails (Side-parted, Three-parted and Straight Bangs)
  8. (New) Accessory - Uniform Ribbon (for blouses)

Next update will focus on polishing and fixes, so not many new things.

Release 0.1.3b (July 28-30, 2016)

No new features, except added compatibility for Linux (tested on Ubuntu Xenial) and Mac (tested on El Capitan).

Please note that the Mac version is unsigned. You can follow these steps to run it.

Running the Mac Version

The Mac version of Mannequin is currently unsigned (because I don't have the money to pay that $99 Developer Program subscription fee), so you'll need to disable Gatekeeper in order to run Mannequin in your Mac.

I'm quite sure there's nothing wrong with the app, but I should remind you that disabling Gatekeeper increases the security risk of your Mac. Please do this with care, and remember to re-activate Gatekeeper again after running Mannequin for the first time. Or, just wait for the signed version if you have the patience (hopefully it will be available around September-October).


  1. Navigate to System Preferences from the Apple Menu or from the Dock.
  2. Click on the Security & Privacy preference pane, under the Personal header.
  3. In the Security & Privacy pane, click on the Lock icon on the bottom-left.
  4. Enter your Mac's username and password and click Unlock.
  5. Click the radio button next to Anywhere.
  6. When prompted, click Allow From Anywhere. You can now install any compatible application on your Mac without the installation being blocked.
  7. Run Mannequin.
  8. IMPORTANT: After running Mannequin, follow the above instructions until step 5, and click the radio button next to Mac App Store and identified developers. Then close the System Preferences window. This wil re-enable Gatekeeper in order to restore protection from unwanted apps running on your Mac.
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Here we'll post some useful guides for doing things, and workarounds for known issues.