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More body types and hair

A topic by SloaneRisette created Dec 06, 2022 Views: 254 Replies: 1
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Hi! I recently bought the full version of Mannequin to support + use for my project, and I was wondering if there were plans to add more body type proportions and hair options further along? I noticed in the nightly builds there are some extra options for waist, calves, etc., but I was wondering if there would be more?

Same with hair! I like what's there, but I was wondering if there would be more stuff like natural hair for black characters that would be made, braids, wavy hair, etc.

Love the program, and thank you for all your hard work!


Hello! Thank you very much for your support! Yes, more body sizes are planned. The current implementation in the latest nightly builds is kind of a feasibility test, checking if the results are passable and no big problems arise from its implementation. We think it's alright and will add more in the future!