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Is there a specific thing I have to do to get it to work, I leave it as is and then select Check Script (Lint) just like it says but I get this

Hi! I recently bought the full version of Mannequin to support + use for my project, and I was wondering if there were plans to add more body type proportions and hair options further along? I noticed in the nightly builds there are some extra options for waist, calves, etc., but I was wondering if there would be more?

Same with hair! I like what's there, but I was wondering if there would be more stuff like natural hair for black characters that would be made, braids, wavy hair, etc.

Love the program, and thank you for all your hard work!

That sounds great! I can do some light programming but between working on some other stuff the most I feel I could greatly offer at the moment is purely writing, but yes, sounds good!

Hey everyone! Sloane here! Yep, that writer from Femhype you may or may not know!

I love writing and I like to consider myself pretty decent, so if you're looking for a writer, hit me up! I'm always willing to try and get more games under my belt as well as working with teams! So if you want me as part of your team, hit me up! I'd be happy to work with anyone <3