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Can you please update the male template

A topic by Ginger Rail Gaming created May 02, 2023 Views: 319 Replies: 3
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I can't even make a decent male character in the nightly built. You are way too focus on VTubing than actually finishing the software.  Every single update is about Inochi2D we haven't had a male template update in forever. Why don't you finish making the software and then focus on VTubing?

Developer (3 edits) (-2)

Sorry for the limited amount of content and the mismatch between our direction and your needs. Originally Mannequin was created as a 'Waifu Generator' so it was always focused on female template first. Short term, it might be better for you to seek out other character generator alternatives such as 8D Character Generator or Stella Character Generator or ePic Character Generator

Or, you can try various AI image generator such as or or

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It's not "my needs" 4 years ago when I purchased this it was marketed under the visual novel genre on here. If it's not for visual novels anymore then remove the tags. In my initial post I stated that I cannot make a decent male character meaning that very few of the clothes templates work in nightly. Don't tell me to use pro, because the difference between nightly and pro art styles are too obvious to release a game.  You didn't even fix the error that pops when the program starts. Maybe you need to change diretions or try to put in the same effort the other generator that you linked do. 


honestly i fully agree i absolutely love making characters with this program but i can't finish my game either while the creation of male characters is so bugged and glitchy nothing about your program says "waifu maker" every single inch of it shows the intention of helping developers by giving them a program to create visual novel characters all we're really asking for is you your team to fix the bugs that are breaking your product and make the male frame actually usable for your consumers please and thank you