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Suggestions/Requests Sticky

A topic by AR14 created 1 year ago Views: 1,136 Replies: 37
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Developer (Edited 3 times)

You can post suggestions/requests regarding Mannequin here, or as a new topic if you feel the need for it.

Request for components is also open (i.e. 'please add a maid costume') as long as it doesn't make me breach any copyrights (i.e. 'please add X character costume from game Y').

P.S. You might be interested in our Public Trello Board, where we keep track of our development status and targets.

I would like to request some components :

1. Bigger lip sizes like :

2. Baggy gym pants


Bigger lip sizes are already planned (will be available from thin -> medium -> thick).

My hands are currently full preparing for 0.1.1 release, but let's see if we can add this at 0.1.2



Thick lips is now available in 0.1.2

Let me know what you think about these :D (maybe if it's not thick enough I can add even thicker alternatives and ditch medium lips instead)


[Before I give more suggestion, can I request that you post more links to this suggestion forum? I feel kinda awkward/selfish since I have only seen my suggestions! XD ]

1.Anyway, can you make a list of upcoming features page (that shows what you already have planned for the next year or so?) so that way no one waste your time by recommending things that you already have planned? For instance, something like this : http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/dev.html

2. A some point will you add different body types? Like abs/bigger hips/stronger-looking arms? Also, while this is in the far future , will you add different ages (like child, 25-year-old, old person?)?

3. And lastly, I have posted a couple pictures of outfits I would really like to see :



I'm currently setting up a Trello board for the milestones of this app. Should be done next week (can't finish this fast because I'm going to visit my parents until the end of this week).

I'll update this thread and the store page with the link when the board is done.

As for different body types, it is something that I'm currently experimenting with. Something like child -> teenager -> adult proportion is already in my mind, but I can't promise anything since, well, it is still experimental (originally planned for releases after 1.0). Might change if the experiments turned out to be satisfying though.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Developer (Edited 2 times)

The trello board is now available for public, you can view it here: https://trello.com/b/Q9ZEvVhy/mannequin

Been meaning to post here but kept forgetting >_>

Stuff I'd like to see in the near future (but ain't urgent):

  • Androgynous/Flat-Chested Model
  • Earrings Accessory
  • Glasses Accessory
  • Crew Socks Accessory
  • High Heels Footwear
  • Drill Pigtails (example, but probably not as long lmao)

The planned components on the Trello board sound like a good direction, thanks so much for your good work!


Noted. Let's see if we can add those in a short time :)


Just FYI, several glasses has been added in the accessory section :) hopefully it will be a good start!

Made two models with glasses to test them out. They look great, but the sides of the glasses have some sort of blue tinting? I don't know if it's supposed to be that way but jsyk

Developer (Edited 1 time)

GAH, looks like they changed colors alongside the frames. Also, that folded arms pose is very wrong, I just checked it out and apparently they looks fine in the editor but misaligned when exporting; I should release a hotfix build for that.

EDIT: The hotfix build is now live, should've fixed it.
(Edited 1 time)

Hello Can I Use some stuff that i generate in this Wonderfull software in my youtube channel that i am planning for opening sequence??

so can i do that?

And will you add more variations like shocked faces , and the Kitty smile faces ?
The kind of faces that can look more like what is this expression supposed to mean Kind of face(dont have example at hand)
I think you will figure it out

Main question : may i use it in youtube video?


To answer all of your questions: Yes, yes, and yes :)

ill give credits to your software when you complete it

make it flippin amazing and go till it gets to version 100.00

(still havent even extract the soft yet but i hope it to be amazing)

make millions of variations it will be great

Would be nice to be able to adjust the placements of the templates, like, make eyes wide apart or very close to each other. Or, even better but way too much work, add transformers into everything and make everything adjustable.

Other than that I'd like to see:

  • Different body types including height/weight
  • Different face shapes, you know, this kind of stuff
  • Different noses
  • Fantasy themed stuff: ears, wings, accessories, clothes
  • Sci-Fi themed stuff
  • Gangster/Mafia/Film Noir themed stuff

Well, that's a lot! :)

  • Fantasy and sci-fi themed stuff are already planned (you can see it on the Trello board)
  • Face shapes are in progress, will be available either in the next update (0.1.6) or the one after that (0.1.7)
  • Noir stuff... It hasn't crossed my mind before, but is definitely interesting. I'll add that to our plans.
  • As for body types and fine-tuning on the template placements, it's something that I also really want to have, but I won't promise anything because it's gonna take a very very long time until I can start working on it.

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Oh, I haven't seen the Trello board. Also, yeah, I understand that the fine tuning would be too difficult to make.

Thanks for answering. You're doing a good job with this app

Also, is it possible to make the contour more dark and distinct when the item is turned white?

For exaple the glasses, bowtie, and shoes look really weird without better, darker lines.


I'm currently working on a new coloring method that hopefully will improve clothing colors whether when you're using light or dark color as the base. It requires a lot of redraws though, so I'm not even sure if I can release the update next weekend. But it's definitely on the way.

Thanks for your suggestion!


Hello! Thank you for this software! I am using it for my new small project (I'm learning to make a visual novel).

I have a few suggestion - some face details: freckles, scars, moles.

Also, is it possible to make an option with more high-contrasted hair? With more lighter highlights and darker shadows.

And last thing - an option to choose nothing instead of blushed cheeks.


Thanks for your suggestions! As for freckles, scars, and moles: Noted :)

For high contrast hair, I'm currently working on it. If everything works out, next time you can manually choose base, shadow and highlight color for hairs.

Disabling expression shades will be added in the next update (which hopefully will be out this weekend).


Sounds great! Thanks!

I have two suggestions for right now:

  1. An expansion on the Art Style tab. It seems rather limited as of right now and the three choices don't offer much of a change. Being able to adjust the thickness of the outlines through more than just presets would be able to create more unique looks. Also, being able to choose between dynamic color outlines and uniform color would be nice. What I mean by that is dynamic color is what you have now in which the outline color is based off the color of what it is outlining. Having the ability to choose a uniform would be nice, as in outlining everything in black.
  2. Custom files. As of right now, I don't see that it's possible to make your own assets to import into the software. Adding something like that would be amazing. It would also open up a modding and asset creation community which is good for any piece of software.
Noted. Thanks for the suggestions!

Can I suggest curly/kinky hairstyles?


Those requires a large amount of work (because of the details) so it might arrive later than simpler hairstyles, but it was always planned to be in the library :)


I bought and downloaded this app today but I couldn't select gender to male. when it will be able. Did I done something wrong.


Hello, you've done nothing wrong, as male template is currently still not available in the current version. We're working around the clock to add it as fast as possible in the forthcoming updates!

Thank you so much :)

1. Color presets. The color picker is a blessing and a curse. I feel like it gives me a little too much control. It can be difficult to get colors to match on a hue/saturation/value level. If at all possible I'd really appreciate a second color picker where it has pre set colors.

2. Sections collapsed by default. It makes navigation a bit more annoying to have them all expanded by default.

3. More hairstyles, pants, and longer skirts! Maybe a slider to edit the length of the skirt, that would be cool if possible so you don't have to have additional entries in the clothing section clutter up the space.

4. The right hand on the hand on hip pose doesn't really look like its on the hip, I think it needs to be a bit higher and needs a subtle shadow underneath.

This software is seriously great, and the art isn't half bad for being vector. I used to use it more often when I went through a VN dev phase however now I just use it cuz its a fun tool to help break my artist block once in a while. Looking forward to what this app has to offer in the future!

Hey guys, brand new to the site!

For AR14 I have a question. I just bought the Mannequin software and agree with others its great. Only problem I see is the male options are unavailable, which is important for my project. i see the last mention of an update was about 3 months ago, are you still working on it?


Hey there!

Yes, we're still working on it, and it *has* been a long time indeed since the last update, but a new one is coming. You can read about what's coming up in our devlog or our Twitter.

Thanks for such a quick reply! I look forward to the updates

I have some other clothing suggestions, next to the ones I stated in the review.

short trenchcoat
bustier/cropped bustier
leather jacket
bomber jacket
casual jacket