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Suggestions/Requests Sticky

A topic by AR14 created Jun 30, 2016 Views: 10,741 Replies: 247
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Developer (3 edits) (+2)

You can post suggestions/requests regarding Mannequin here, or as a new topic if you feel the need for it.

Request for components is also open (i.e. 'please add a maid costume') as long as it doesn't make me breach any copyrights (i.e. 'please add X character costume from game Y').

P.S. You might be interested in our Public Trello Board, where we keep track of our development status and targets.

I would like to request some components :

1. Bigger lip sizes like :

2. Baggy gym pants


Bigger lip sizes are already planned (will be available from thin -> medium -> thick).

My hands are currently full preparing for 0.1.1 release, but let's see if we can add this at 0.1.2



Thick lips is now available in 0.1.2

Let me know what you think about these :D (maybe if it's not thick enough I can add even thicker alternatives and ditch medium lips instead)


[Before I give more suggestion, can I request that you post more links to this suggestion forum? I feel kinda awkward/selfish since I have only seen my suggestions! XD ]

1.Anyway, can you make a list of upcoming features page (that shows what you already have planned for the next year or so?) so that way no one waste your time by recommending things that you already have planned? For instance, something like this :

2. A some point will you add different body types? Like abs/bigger hips/stronger-looking arms? Also, while this is in the far future , will you add different ages (like child, 25-year-old, old person?)?

3. And lastly, I have posted a couple pictures of outfits I would really like to see :



I'm currently setting up a Trello board for the milestones of this app. Should be done next week (can't finish this fast because I'm going to visit my parents until the end of this week).

I'll update this thread and the store page with the link when the board is done.

As for different body types, it is something that I'm currently experimenting with. Something like child -> teenager -> adult proportion is already in my mind, but I can't promise anything since, well, it is still experimental (originally planned for releases after 1.0). Might change if the experiments turned out to be satisfying though.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Developer (2 edits)

The trello board is now available for public, you can view it here:

Been meaning to post here but kept forgetting >_>

Stuff I'd like to see in the near future (but ain't urgent):

  • Androgynous/Flat-Chested Model
  • Earrings Accessory
  • Glasses Accessory
  • Crew Socks Accessory
  • High Heels Footwear
  • Drill Pigtails (example, but probably not as long lmao)

The planned components on the Trello board sound like a good direction, thanks so much for your good work!


Noted. Let's see if we can add those in a short time :)


Just FYI, several glasses has been added in the accessory section :) hopefully it will be a good start!

Made two models with glasses to test them out. They look great, but the sides of the glasses have some sort of blue tinting? I don't know if it's supposed to be that way but jsyk

Developer (1 edit)

GAH, looks like they changed colors alongside the frames. Also, that folded arms pose is very wrong, I just checked it out and apparently they looks fine in the editor but misaligned when exporting; I should release a hotfix build for that.

EDIT: The hotfix build is now live, should've fixed it.
(1 edit)

Hello Can I Use some stuff that i generate in this Wonderfull software in my youtube channel that i am planning for opening sequence??

so can i do that?

And will you add more variations like shocked faces , and the Kitty smile faces ?
The kind of faces that can look more like what is this expression supposed to mean Kind of face(dont have example at hand)
I think you will figure it out

Main question : may i use it in youtube video?


To answer all of your questions: Yes, yes, and yes :)

ill give credits to your software when you complete it

make it flippin amazing and go till it gets to version 100.00

(still havent even extract the soft yet but i hope it to be amazing)

make millions of variations it will be great


Would be nice to be able to adjust the placements of the templates, like, make eyes wide apart or very close to each other. Or, even better but way too much work, add transformers into everything and make everything adjustable.

Other than that I'd like to see:

  • Different body types including height/weight
  • Different face shapes, you know, this kind of stuff
  • Different noses
  • Fantasy themed stuff: ears, wings, accessories, clothes
  • Sci-Fi themed stuff
  • Gangster/Mafia/Film Noir themed stuff

Well, that's a lot! :)

  • Fantasy and sci-fi themed stuff are already planned (you can see it on the Trello board)
  • Face shapes are in progress, will be available either in the next update (0.1.6) or the one after that (0.1.7)
  • Noir stuff... It hasn't crossed my mind before, but is definitely interesting. I'll add that to our plans.
  • As for body types and fine-tuning on the template placements, it's something that I also really want to have, but I won't promise anything because it's gonna take a very very long time until I can start working on it.

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Oh, I haven't seen the Trello board. Also, yeah, I understand that the fine tuning would be too difficult to make.

Thanks for answering. You're doing a good job with this app

Also, is it possible to make the contour more dark and distinct when the item is turned white?

For exaple the glasses, bowtie, and shoes look really weird without better, darker lines.


I'm currently working on a new coloring method that hopefully will improve clothing colors whether when you're using light or dark color as the base. It requires a lot of redraws though, so I'm not even sure if I can release the update next weekend. But it's definitely on the way.

Thanks for your suggestion!


Hello! Thank you for this software! I am using it for my new small project (I'm learning to make a visual novel).

I have a few suggestion - some face details: freckles, scars, moles.

Also, is it possible to make an option with more high-contrasted hair? With more lighter highlights and darker shadows.

And last thing - an option to choose nothing instead of blushed cheeks.


Thanks for your suggestions! As for freckles, scars, and moles: Noted :)

For high contrast hair, I'm currently working on it. If everything works out, next time you can manually choose base, shadow and highlight color for hairs.

Disabling expression shades will be added in the next update (which hopefully will be out this weekend).


Sounds great! Thanks!

I have two suggestions for right now:

  1. An expansion on the Art Style tab. It seems rather limited as of right now and the three choices don't offer much of a change. Being able to adjust the thickness of the outlines through more than just presets would be able to create more unique looks. Also, being able to choose between dynamic color outlines and uniform color would be nice. What I mean by that is dynamic color is what you have now in which the outline color is based off the color of what it is outlining. Having the ability to choose a uniform would be nice, as in outlining everything in black.
  2. Custom files. As of right now, I don't see that it's possible to make your own assets to import into the software. Adding something like that would be amazing. It would also open up a modding and asset creation community which is good for any piece of software.
Noted. Thanks for the suggestions!

Can I suggest curly/kinky hairstyles?


Those requires a large amount of work (because of the details) so it might arrive later than simpler hairstyles, but it was always planned to be in the library :)


I bought and downloaded this app today but I couldn't select gender to male. when it will be able. Did I done something wrong.


Hello, you've done nothing wrong, as male template is currently still not available in the current version. We're working around the clock to add it as fast as possible in the forthcoming updates!

Thank you so much :)

1. Color presets. The color picker is a blessing and a curse. I feel like it gives me a little too much control. It can be difficult to get colors to match on a hue/saturation/value level. If at all possible I'd really appreciate a second color picker where it has pre set colors.

2. Sections collapsed by default. It makes navigation a bit more annoying to have them all expanded by default.

3. More hairstyles, pants, and longer skirts! Maybe a slider to edit the length of the skirt, that would be cool if possible so you don't have to have additional entries in the clothing section clutter up the space.

4. The right hand on the hand on hip pose doesn't really look like its on the hip, I think it needs to be a bit higher and needs a subtle shadow underneath.

This software is seriously great, and the art isn't half bad for being vector. I used to use it more often when I went through a VN dev phase however now I just use it cuz its a fun tool to help break my artist block once in a while. Looking forward to what this app has to offer in the future!

Hey guys, brand new to the site!

For AR14 I have a question. I just bought the Mannequin software and agree with others its great. Only problem I see is the male options are unavailable, which is important for my project. i see the last mention of an update was about 3 months ago, are you still working on it?


Hey there!

Yes, we're still working on it, and it *has* been a long time indeed since the last update, but a new one is coming. You can read about what's coming up in our devlog or our Twitter.

Thanks for such a quick reply! I look forward to the updates

I have some other clothing suggestions, next to the ones I stated in the review.

short trenchcoat
bustier/cropped bustier
leather jacket
bomber jacket
casual jacket


Some of requests if possible

1. Lab Coat

2. Pants for Female

3. Trench Coat

4. Regular coat scuffed up

hope these are possible thank you


Of course those are possible :)

Idea don't know how hard it is for you implement

I have used a program in the past called design doll

This allow you to modify aspect of the body with set ranges which is great ability and very useful.  To a great level this could be extremely useful if possible.

This would allow people the have widely different character builds to be a one stop shop for everything. I don't know how hard it be to work in to some level. 

Keep up the good work and thank you for you time


We are definitely working with some degree of variable proportions, but maybe not as detailed as one used in Design Doll (or Poser) because those are 3d-based apps. Let's see how it's turning out though.

(4 edits)

After using the 0.2 nightly build (version 72, Windows 7) for a few hours, here are some suggestions that came to mind. Small things, hope you don't mind, work mode switched on automatically the moment I faced a brand new UI to play with. :)


  • When zooming in, either maintain the current central point, or center in the middle of the drawing area by default (one now ends up in top left corner, which is far away from any content especially with large zoom-in levels).
  • Consider placing the zoom control in more central position in the top toolbar. Now its position at far right is not in line with the natural work flow. Alternatively, add shortcut for zoom (e.g., Ctrl + Mouse scroll).


  • It might be worth it to separate bangs from the rest of the hair into separate entities, so that a complete hairstyle would be a combination of a separately selected basic hairstyle and separately selected (optional?) bangs style, bangs being placed "on top" of the basic hairstyle in the picture. This way there would not be need to create a separate complete hairstyle entity for each basic style + bangs combination.
    • --> So instead of having, for example, hair styles "Long (Straight Bangs B)", "Long (Side Parted Bangs)", "Long (Three-Parted Bangs)", "Long (Straight Bangs A)", "Pigtails (Straight Bangs B)", "Pigtails (Side Parted Bangs)", "Pigtails (Three-Parted Bangs)", and "Pigtails (Straight Bangs A)", you would only have basic hair styles "Long" and "Pigtails", and then separate bangs styles "(Straight Bangs B)", "(Side Parted Bangs)", "(Three-Parted Bangs)", and "(Straight Bangs A)", any of which could be combined with any of the basic hair styles. The more basic hair styles and bangs styles there will be, the more efficient this combination method becomes. 
  • Please do add braids (single & double):



There are less outfits by far in 0.2 than there were in 0.1.7b demo version. Is this because of the new Advanced color option for clothing? If the advanced color option makes creating clothing much more complicated, consider making the Advanced color clothing available only for a few special items where it really makes a difference (in my opinion it may not be terribly needful for many basic clothes, default shadows and highlights usually suffice fine). Large selection of vastly different clothes is essential for this kind of software, so it should be as easy as possible for you to create more. :)

Keep up the great work!


Hi, thanks for the suggestions!

  • Zooming: Maintaining central point is already in our plans, but we totally forgot about ctrl/command+scroll thing. Thanks for reminding us that!
  • Hairstyle construction: We'll be adding an 'advanced' option with exactly that kind of functionality. Expect it to land after 0.2.x.
  • Library catch-up: Advanced color is the main reason we are redrawing everything, but we also seizing this moment to re-adjust body proportions and the like; that's why it's taking a longer time. Currently we're not really satisfied with the overall art style produced in the stable version, and we have been taking references from our favorite digital artists (i.e. @rosuuri, @sayori_nw, and @Tony_T2ARTWORKS to name a few) for 0.2.x.

Glad to catch your interest and hopefully we'll be able to implement these as soon as possible :)

Is there plans on having some kind of pose editor. Currently making a pose is a little to fidgety since you need to add all the angles manually so it would be great if one could maybe be implemented.


There is, but it's still far in the future. Our focus now is still getting 0.2.x properly released and then populate content.

Sounds good. Well ill most likely end up making my own tool for it then and release it back here when it's done.


 I have a suggestion "MIKO Costume".

thank you.

Hello! I'm a new person, here, watching this project. :)

I love the concept or idea, implementation, execution, etc. I mean, what's not to love? It all looks especially promising for artists wanting something quick illustrated.

I was wondering how the character expressions, poses, costume settings and so forth are coming along.

Kudos again to your efforts. I wish you well and look forward to project updates on this. Be well!



Our drawing speed are pretty slow so I should say that there are not really a lot of differences between the nightly builds and the demo version (we always tried to push finalized changes to the stable/demo builds as frequent as possible).

That is, unless we're doing a big redraw to our currently available components, in which case you can always see our devlog to get more information about it (it's located in the bottom area of the store page).

Thank you very much for your interest!

Deleted 132 days ago

A plain one looks easy, but with prominent textures like this, well, let's see if we can make one that looks nice :)


 I was wondering if it would be possible to export the items alone in a future update. I wanted to mix and match some hair, but it's a bit difficult since the body template gets in the way.


I think we can add some advanced options to the export preferences sidebar, which contains a checklist of the currently available layers; so people can simple check and uncheck what they want to see in the exported image. Should be useful too for people who want to split the face layer to a different file (seen those in a lot of Japanese visual novels).

Thanks for your suggestion!

Hello! I just purchased this and am already well on the way to making a game with the characters I've been able to make with it. That said, there are some things I'd love to see added if possible:

  • When making new presets (especially faces), it would help to have an option for the current face of the character to carry over. It's something of a pain to go back and forth copying every single thing exactly just to be able to start changing expressions.
  • Being able to adjust eyebrow height at some point would be a nice feature, as some of the current eyebrows actually go through the eyes right now.
  • More options for the guys (and pants for the girls!). It seems like I can't put shoes or socks on male characters yet, which is a shame.

Those are the main ones for now, I think. I'm looking forward to seeing more out of this, it's an absolutely amazing tool!


Thanks for your suggestions! Those are really good points that we admit we've missed. Will be working on it immediately!

Hello! Love this tool so much.

Is it possible to add nail options for the females? To add colors to it.

And maybe some eyeshadow options? :)


Both are possible, but we're still considering the best way to implement those without being too complicated. This also applies to scars, moles, etc.

Thanks for your feedback! We'll keep this in mind.

Is it possible to make it so you can turn them a bit? So they face each other for instance?


Well, as stated in the description, it's a 2D character generator, so there's no way to 'turn' it like what you might find in 3D apps; but we have plans for adding poses in the 30-45 degree angle (assuming zero degree is straight from the front) since those kind of poses are often used in many existing visual novels.

Hello again! So I've been loving this tool, and am already making a game with it as we speak. However, I do think some sort of contrast options or alternative/enhanced skin options for darker skin characters would be welcome, as while what is available now does work more or less for lighter skinned characters, it can appear awkward (or worse) in other cases.

Anyway, keep it up!


Hello! I'm sorry for asking this, but have you tried the 'Advanced' coloring mode for the skin? If so, is using that option still produces unsatisfactory results? Or maybe you're looking for better results while only using 'Automatic' coloring mode?

Thanks for your suggestions and continued interest!

Hello again! Sorry for the belated response. I wanted to keep messing with the character before I replied.

With that said, now I've gotten something that I think works for the time being, what we've still found is that the settings seem to be tuned more for lighter skinned characters if that makes sense? And that the same shading for darker skin can come off as somewhat awkward. It's doable, and the advanced settings make a whole lot of difference though! I have gotten something I can use now, but I think it could use some more fine tuning is all.

Hey, I love your program!


By any chance, could you consider adding a hoodie/hooded jacket to the outerwear selection?

Keep up the great work!


Hooded jackets with the hood down will be quite easy, but we'll have to do some trial and error first with the hood up/worn. 

Thank you very much for your interest!

I would like to see animal related things like animal ears or tails


Noted. I think we can add it as a clothing piece, maybe in the accessory section.

Thanks for your suggestion!

(1 edit) (+1)

If possible, some options like these would be pretty cool:

  • Unique pupil types: Stars, flowers, hearts, squares, slits (for reptiles), etc.
  • Different ear types. Ear shape is an option, but there's only "Ear Shape A" right now. What if in there there were options for elf ears, wing-ears, no ears, as well as options there to add cat ears, dog ears, and so on on top of the head?
  • On that note, maybe you could add options for other body additions like horns, antenna, tail, or whatever in the body menu as well.
  • Multiple accessory slots. I don't know if this is a bug, but I've found that you can't put on glasses and a ribbon at the same time.
  • Speaking of clothes, a hat option would be really cool to see. Baseball caps, baseball caps on backwards, caps, swimcaps, goggles, goggles on hats, all kinds of hats and head accessories!
  • The option to color segments of hair individually. We've all seen Yu-Gi-Oh characters, right? Imagine being able to color specific streaks of hair like that and make some really unique characters that way!
  • Pants for girls. For some reason putting them into the pants they have just... gives them the belt and nothing else.
  • More options in general for male characters.

That all said, I've gotten a lot of use out of this tool already and am well into development of a game thanks to it, so whatever can be added would be great really. Keep up the great work!

"For some reason putting them into the pants they have just... gives them the belt and nothing else."

I think that's just the waist/belt-holding portion, but yeah—point still stands.

For a start: more pants! Jeans and shorts and cargo shorts for all.


Roger that! Thanks for your support :)

  • The ability to duplicate face presets (duplicating the same face for different facial expressions)
  • Exporting for Ren'Py (about 3/4 of the full body, less than the usual SVG/PNG output)

Hello, thanks for the suggestions! We have been thinking of making the newly created face preset (will be called 'expression' in newer versions) identical to the one which is active when the 'Add New...' menu is selected. For your second suggestion, I think we'll try adding options for cropping the result canvas by X percent or pixels from top, bottom, left, and right.

Didn't you guys say something about a Patreon? I haven't found it.


Not yet; we are still in discussion with dev about the Patreon connectivity mechanism. The actual Patreon page is already live though, but we marked it as NSFW so it's not showing up on search results :)

We'll make sure to let people know when it's ready!

Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks for your suggestion! Additional male poses is already planned from the start, but we are still a little bit unsure about props. But if it's implemented in the future, then it will most likely done via specific poses, which means not all poses available will be compatible with props.

Hi, just bought it and LOVE it so far so thank you for that.

Has there ever been a deciding on things like a bust slider for females for smaller or bigger busts? I know that might involve changing clothing though. :(


Haha, we understand that it's one of the most requested feature :)

Unfortunately, implementing that on a 2D-based generator like this is quite problematic. The solution that we'll be using in the future is providing a set of pre-defined sizes, such as small, medium, large and so on.

A bit clunkier than a slider, perhaps, but it'll be a start until we can implement something better.

Thanks for your support!

Hey, that helps as well XD Goodluck  and you are very welcome for the support :) Thank you for making something so nice and fun to use with great art :)

I am very excited to use this, for I just purchased it. However, I would like a bit more variety with hair styles. Perhaps different layers for back, front, and additional things like sideburns. Also, I'd love to see more ear and teeth shapes. 

Dude below has some of the things I like. I really appreciate you opening ideas up for discussion. 


Hello there, thank you very much for your support! We're currently working on retouching hairstyles, and will add some new ones in the process. If you're interested in more frequent updates on this, you can follow us on Twitter.

Custom hairstyles with manual selection for each part (front/bangs, sideburns, and back) is also planned. We'll write it up on the devlog and our Twitter account when it becomes available!

As for teeth/fangs, let's see if we can work something out. Currently we're still on the fence whether this should be a different parameter (can be toggled) or we'll just make a set of templates for it.

Again, thank you very much for your support!

Thank you so much for such a fast response! Oh wow, checked out and watched you on Twitter. I will keep an eye out for updates (seems like they are coming out really fast!) Thank you for creating a nice character creator! 

This is sooo much better than when I bought it but I still wish it had the ability to bring in our own poses or modify the existing ones and also the ability to add our own clothes.  There is so much potential and such good work done on this already and I am hopeful that it will take another leap soon and be the truly awesome tool it deserves to be.

Keep up the great work :)


Thanks fro your suggestion, and we definitely are working hard towards accomplishing those features you mentioned! Let's see if we can bring something special just before NaNoRenO 2019 starts... ;)

As always, thank you very much for your support!


Any chance we could get an adjust glasses pose? Something akin to the picture below.

Again I really appreciate all the hard work you've put into this and I can't wait to see what it'll become!


Request noted. Looks simple enough, we don't see any problem with that. Will work on it as soon as possible!

For Sci-Fi purposes: A flightsuit/plugsuit type thing, basically a bodysuit but with some extra decorations/slightly more futuristic looking


Noted. This should be simple enough since it doesn't need many redraws. Maybe we'll use it for our first downloadable extra contents (which is free of course, it's just that we want to separate specific themes like fantasy and/or sci-fi so the default library is kept compact in size).

Thanks for your suggestion!

Awesome, thanks :D

Deleted 3 years ago

Different body frames and height is already on the plan, but unfortunately pregnancy is out of the list. Sorry about that.

Deleted 3 years ago

want to ask... its just show front view? its no side view, quarter view, side view and back view?


Yes, for now it's front view only.

Hi, thanks for this amazing software, (only played around with the demo (can't buy anything at the moment) but it looks promising!)

I was wondering if you planned on a way for a more customisable haircut (possibility to choose the back of the hair (ponytail, pigtail,long, short...) the front, the side and dome hornemets (braids, additional hairs sticking out...) separatly to form unique and diverse haircuts  (kind of what charat have done for it's generators)

And something that I'm sure would be REALLY hard to do but would be awesome: a way of resizing the features and the shape of the face (I'm just tossing ideas that I find cool (but I'm sure you already thought to implement that))


More customizable haircut is something that we've been thinking on for quite a while. We have some plans going for that.

Face shape though, is quite a bit harder. We're still seeking whether we can really implement this nicely or maybe just let it go and manually provide a lot more shape templates to compensate for that. We'll be sure to give some updates when some big changes are implemented.

Thanks for the idea, glad you're interested in the app!

(1 edit)

Nice, Thank you for making this app!

Hello! I have just tried the demo version and there's something that is preventing me from wanting to buy it. There are no skirts for boys. Would it be possible to allow both genders to wear the same kind of clothing?


Every clothing is drawn to fit each body template, so in order to make all clothes universal, we'll have to redraw everything for every available templates. We... don't have any plans to draw skirts for male body templates for now, but I'll let you know if we can find something as a solution for that.

Thanks for your interest!

Still keepin an eye out for more haircuts. :3


Noted. Just let us know if you have something specific in mind :)

I am interested in hairstyles with sideburns/whispies in the front, like the one linked before and this. Bows, sharp teeth (not just vampire fangs, but full shark like teeth.)

Is there going to be a old and child body types? If so, what version do you plan on implementing them?

Also, is there going to be a feature where we can import our own templates?


I don't know about old, but we do plan on adding more templates with diffferent height and body shapes. And if you check on the 'Preferences' tab, you can see a 'Custom Library Location' option which is not functional yet... but should be able to function as a way to add custom templates when it's completed.

Hope this clears everything up, and thanks for your support!

Hey! This might've been answered already but couldn't find the suggestions before:

  •  Any chance of making it so that we can import our own assets (svg or png) and place/resize/layer them manually?
  • Are there any fantasy/sci-fi themed assets planned, such as elf ears or armor?
  • Like the name mannequin suggests, will we be able to pose our "mannequins" ourselves in the distant future? :)

Hello there! 

- We have plans for custom templates, but it might be not as simple as just clicking-and-browsing for a SVG or PNG file. Currently in the nightly build we already have an option to import a background image which can be resized/moved manually, though. Maybe we can build the feature from this existing function.

- Yes, those are in the plans. For now, modern clothing is first priority; then fantasy/sci-fi templates will be released as content packs to prevent bloating the default library.

- We can't say for sure right now. We definitely like the idea, but the focus for now is trying to output layered PSD that can be used in Live2D, or maybe even better if we can output a Live2D from the app directly. Please note that this is 2D though, so the amount of movement is very limited compared to 3D.

Thanks for your interest!

When there are significant updates?

When there are significant updates?

Developer (1 edit)

We don't really understand what is 'significant' for you (because every people has different expectations) but 0.4.0 is coming soon, realistically in about ~1 month. You can check our Twitter account which is more active due to our decision to scale back regular posts in response to more demanding day job conditions. It will bring a much more refined art style and new functionalities.

Thanks for your interest!

Hi This suggestion is about the Demo version my suggestion is that the export button is available for the demo version but there's a limited amout of costumes or skirts or whatever you call it in the demo version but you can export(This is just a suggestion and its not any hate against this Amazing software)


Hello there! There's actually some plans for that as we're approaching a more mature version of the app. In the next release, demo will be changed to 'Free', with the paid option changed to 'Pro'. Free users will be able to export PNG files, whereas Pro users will be able to export to all currently available format options (PSD and SVG for now), and use downloaded content.

Thank you very much for your suggestion and interest!

Thank you im glad to hear that as I was very amazed when this app got in my vision I look forward to using it

Regarding haircuts, have you thought about splitting up the "haircut" section similarly to how expressions are split up?

Like, instead of having a bunch of prebuilt hairstyles, you could just have us manually pick from different menus what bangs, hair length, etc. we wanted?

From there, you could also include options for extras, like different ahoges and so on, that could function like accessories, but for hair.

From looking at how the files are split up as SVGs, I think this should be possible - at the very least, when customizing characters myself, I'm able to switch this stuff out with relative ease myself.

Another thing I'd personally like to see would be different coloring or shading styles, if possible? Working between the new nightly build and the old, old stable build, I can't help but feel there's something sharper and cleaner in at least how the older build handled hair.

Beyond that, I suppose a big one would be more eyebrow, eye (shape and pupil), and mouth variations. Right now I'm taking to customizing all this stuff myself now that I can dig into the SVG files, but having some more built in stuff would be nifty too.


Yeah, as we continue to develop the app we did realize that we need to add more control for hairstyles and expressions. We have plans for splitting hair into at least four parts: Front/bangs, back, and side (left/right). Eyes and mouth will also be reworked to enable changeable iris (not only color, but also style) and gaze direction.

Due to the recent development of PSD exports though, we want to check live2d first before doing all these updates. Based on the tutorials and how-to videos that we saw regarding live2d, a good planning on how we draw face/hair parts can yield to amazing results and overall easier time for users to animate the output character image.

So for now, we're focusing on finishing the male template first, and after that we'll share a more detailed plans about how we'll tackle these issues.

As always, thanks for your support and feedback!

Bought the app, love the app! The nightly version looks GORGEOUS! Keep up the great work guys! You mentioned you'll be super busy until around the first week of November, so, as it is currently the first week of November...Updates soon??? Hehe

Crossing my fingers that you'll add custom art support/libraries soon so that I could draw and upload a bunch of stuff for the app. Plus if you go with the approach other devs use of "We'll polish and incorporate the best mods into our own game" that'd be less work for you, tons of new content, and everyone feels all cool and happy. Who needs to draw 5000 different hair styles if ur fans are doing it for you lol. So long as u give us a forum/discord server or something to share them around all will be good.

Small sugestions: It really bugs me that ctrl+mousewheel doesn't zoom in/out. Pls make it control zoom.


Hello, thanks for all the support and feedback! 

The custom library support will be enabled very soon, right after the reworked male template is completed. In the nightly version, when browsing clothing/hair templates, you can already see a drop-down menu in the top left corner of the library window; and in the Preferences tab, the functionality to add/edit the list of folders to scan for custom libraries are already functioning. Just a little bit more, we also can't wait for it to be finished!

As for the Ctrl+Mousewheel, it sounds simple enough and we can't see any problem with it except maybe the rendering performance. Let's see if we can add the functionality around this weekend. 

Again, thank you very much for you support and suggestion, and hopefully the app will be more useful to you as it grows!

I would love to see the ability to change the color of eye whites and some slicked back hairstyles for guys!

Hey, just bought this, and it's looking really good so far. A couple of quick questions/requests though:

1) Will the software update automatically with new versions or will I need to do that manually?

2) I can't get the dress pants to work on female characters, is that something that will be fixed?

3) Is there any chance we'll get some more accessories, like business suit style ties and hats?

Many thanks.


Hello, thanks for your support and feedback! Here are some answers regarding your questions:

1) To enable auto-update, you need to install the app using the desktop app which can be obtained here.

2) Yes, that is something that will be fixed (in fact, dress pants for female template is already usable in the nightly build, but the male template is still undergoing a remake of some sorts).

3) Yes, of course!

Feel free to ask more questions if there's still any problems left. Again, thank you very much for your support!

That's awesome, thank you. Okay, I'm not sure how possible this one is, but is it likely that the software will progress to be able to do group poses? Like two characters hugging, or a group of three of four posing, or something like that?


That's not in the plan right now, but is very interesting for sure. Regarding poses, our next immediate target are slightly rotated views 30-45 degrees, side views, and action/combat related poses, which should be useful for RPGs.

Thanks for your feedback!

That too is awesome, thank you.

I have just stumpled upon this fine piece of software. I am going to buy it, I am just curious if updates are in the pipeline. I think it needs a lot more resources to be able to create really versatile characters:

  • more female templates (older / bustier)
  • more male templates (older / bulkier)
  • more facial expressions
  • more accessories (masks, cat ears, everyday props etc)
  • more poses

So just about everything :)


All of those is of course in the plans, but since we're only a small developer it might be relatively slow to come, depending on your perspective. If you're still unsure, just follow us here and on Twitter. We're planning to release a big update this/next month which will have miles ahead of progress compared to what is available right now in the demo, so it is very recommended to check that out when it becomes available!

Thank you for your interest!

Thanks for the quick reply. 

I'm looking for the update! Cheers!

A double breasted blazer would be handy


Thanks for the suggestion! Let's see if we can add it soon.

Will users be able to rearrange Face and Clothing Presets in their respective lists? And will it be possible to create new presets by copying from default presets? (e.g. making a new facial expression based on the Default Face Preset)


Thank you for your suggestion! Both should be simple to add. Copying one preset to a new one seems obvious, but is there any real need to rearrange the preset list?

Organizational purposes, such as grouping outfits by occasion (e.g. summer, winter, school uniform, formal dress), or expressions with variations thereof (e.g. "happy" expressions, then "sad" expressions, then "surprised" expressions...).


Understood. Let's see if we can add both in a few days.

Note: this is a capture of the current stable build, not of the nightly build. I'm placing this here to make an example, and perhaps provide some ideas for execution.

This is one character file's list of 9 Outfit presets, created in order. Let's say, for the sake of argument, I wanted to create a "Formal 3" preset. That results in the following:

  • ...
  • Casual 3
  • Formal 1
  • Formal 2
  • MG Attire
  • Formal 3

At this point, if I wished to move "Formal 3" to between "Formal 2" and "MG Attire", I would have to delete and remake "MG Attire". That means one preset's worth of data is potentially lost (unless the user took extensive screenshots or even filled up a notebook page with all of that preset's information).

Yes, it's inconvenient, but mildly so, and it's fairly excusable in the long term. This next example, however, is potentially more disruptive.

Let's say that I wanted to make a "Uniform - PE" preset, and that I wanted to place it between "Uniform - Soccer" and "Casual 1". That involves manually recording the data of, deleting, and remaking six whole presets just to set this new preset where I would want it.

Uniform - Cold
Uniform - Warm
Uniform - Soccer
Casual 1
Casual 2
Casual 3
Formal 1
Formal 2
MG Attire
Uniform - P.E.
Uniform - Cold
Uniform - Warm
Uniform - Soccer
Uniform - P.E.

I can think of at least two ways to give the user more control over the order of presets on the list:

  1. Drag-and-Drop: An option below "Add new..." to open a window, showing the listed Preset items as "drag-and-drop" objects that can be manipulated with a mouse.
  2. Number-Governed Order: Similar to 1., but instead, each listed item has an input box showing their position on the list (1, 2, 3...), which can be changed with mouse + keyboard. Changing one item's order value will directly move it to that point on the list, while shifting all items between the original and new positions down or up. (For example, on a list of Items A through E, with A being the first on the list: if Item D's order value is changed from 4 to 1, the list would also change Item A's order value to 2, Item B's to 3, and Item C's to 4, while keeping Item E's value at 5.)

Hopefully this will prove helpful.


Hello! A previous feedback has suggested that we need drag-and-drop system similar to what you've described. Now that two people has requested it, we understand that this is an important thing to have. We'll  try to implement it soon!

A big quality of life feature I think would be nice would include being able to save/load character/outfit/etc. templates into the program without having to load up entire characters themselves each time. You can sort of do this if you alter the default character in settings, but being able to save your own set of default outfits/bodies would be useful.

In the more long term, being able to separately scale height and width of sprites, or even being able to separately scale the different parts of sprites someday would be amazing. Sprites' eyes being able to "look" in different directions would also be nice. Being able to have different types of eyebrows/eyelashes, or reshape/rotate  the ones we have now, is another idea too.


Understood. Exporting/importing clothing/face presets will be very useful indeed. Eyes and mouths are in for a rework soon after the male template is redone; we have looked at some live2D tutorials and it seems like the ideal way is to split eye into at least four parts: eyeball, iris, upper eyelid/lash, and lower eyelid/lash. Doing this will also opens possibilities to enable gaze adjustment.

Thanks for your suggestions!


I just wanted to ask. Will templates for poses like 3/4 or rear view be added in future updates?


Hello! Currently, 3/4 and side views are planned, but rear view are not.

Thank you for your quick response! :)

Would it be possible to fake in Illustrator, or in some other vector-graphic designing software?


'Faking' at least 5-15 degree head turn should be possible with Photoshop or Illustrator. The PSD/SVG output has all the layers exposed and split. 

Actually I was referring to faking a character's "rear view/back" that the OP was talking about.

Would it be possible to ask how to do that exactly in more detail if you know how? That sounds like something that would be really useful to be able to do before the feature is fully implemented.


Use transform/warp for each layer, basically. Here's a quickly done example: 

Whoa, neat! Which tool does that? That's really well done.


No special tool is used, just free transform and other transform variants (perspective/distort/skew/etc). This is done manually.

It's been a long time since anyone mentioned haircuts, but there are a few I'd really be interested in seeing if at all possible. In particular, there's one I've actually been trying to draw myself (as well as recreate by tinkering with the existing styles):

This is what I've made so far (my drawn attempts on the left with sprite manipulation on the right), but I imagine you would be able to more properly implement what I'm going for here.

Would it be alright to post some references to hairstyles like these here?


It's alright. We'll try to work on it based on the provided reference. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for taking it into consideration!

If it helps, here are some pictures of actual characters with the sort of style I was going for.


Hello again! First, I apologize in advance - this post has probably been at least coming for a year or two given how long I've been working with the program, so forgive me for listing so much all at once.

Bodies: I think I mentioned this elsewhere, but one thing I'd like to see is the ability to change a sprite's height or width individually instead of just scaling the entire thing up and down. If this could even extend to different portions of the body (legs, torso, etc.) down the road, that would be fantastic, but at the very least, being able to change sizes this way would be a huge help.

Facial Features: Options for extra facial features would also be nice! Some examples of what I mean are different eyebrow sizes and shapes, beauty marks, scars, and so on! Different types of pupils (though I could be here all day linking references) would be another great addition, along with perhaps a single fang we could toggle on and off.

Expressions: I think the different expression types we have now give you a lot of options, but having worked with Mannequin sprites on my visual novel for as long as I have now, there are definitely a few that I've found myself wanting enough to just make for myself. These include:

Head and Face Wear: More accessories for a character's face are fantastic ways to make them easier to recognize and more unique! Some of the ones I'd personally love to have access to include baseball caps, baseball caps turned around, visors, headbands around the forehead, foreheadbands but tied on the side, goggles, maybe even helmets!?, or helmets?!?!, hairbands with ribbons on them, caps of varying shapes, round beanies, pointed beanies, cat ear beanies, puffball beanies, straw hats, sun hats, this hat, tippable hats, and punching hats.

Hair Styles: Besides the one I suggested from my previous comment (here is another reference), there are a few other styles I've had a real hankering for using Mannequin.  The side-ponytail and side-parted bangs being able to be reversed to appear in the opposite direction would be another nice feature. The current ponytail (the basic one) is fairly limited as well. It could be longer, bigger, wavy, thin, curly, and more, such as-- Raised/upwards curved bangs, thicker twintails, thing long twintails, low set drills, swirly drills, big drills, full drills, etc. Adding variations of hair with Hair Intakes to the existing hair styles would also be a fun alternative. Some of the bangs have something similar to this, but they're not emphasized quite enough.

AccessoriesBalls, bows, clips with different shapes, watches, and rings. I've got a lot of sprites like these in particular, some of which you can see here! Different accessories for other parts of the body (backpacks on the back, purses and schoolbags over the shoulder, etc.) also would be fun.

Clothes: A track suit, jackets and/or coats, and a hoodie jacket, ideally with options for these to be opened and closed each. For the button up shirts, being able to have characters with only one side tucked in (so they can appear sloppy or rushed) would be a big help too. This is pretty easy to make manually, though.

And that is... all for now!

Apologies again for the huge dump of suggestions. Here's a gallery that includes all of the linked images.


All noted. Thanks for your suggestions!

Awesome! Thanks for considering them.

Hello again! This just crossed my mind as I was working with the latest nightly build: 

Would exporting only clothing layers/outfit sets for PSDs and SVGs be possible? 

One of the ways layered images can be put together is by swapping out outfits - meaning you don't actually need to have a full body every time, just the body parts that show and then the different pieces of the outfit (like interchangeable puzzle pieces, basically).

Right now, my current process is to have my layered images only apply to faces and expressions, but this still means I have files of each outfit in each pose in the game. If I could just have the pose body parts and then the individual outfit parts, this would cut down on a user's file size by quite a bit - so being able to directly export the outfits separate from the body in the future would make the process much more efficient in that respect.


Theoretically it's possible; let's try to add it in the nightly build. 

A little bit of warning though: The way Mannequin works with clothes is more complex than common dress-up games, with deformations and layer optimizations based on what clothing that are used. So while exporting is just a matter of whitelisting what layer ID that will be rendered, stitching the result back together might be not quite easy for the more complex clothing combos.

Interesting! I'll try it out later today and see what kind of results I get. Thanks for adding it so quickly!

Looking at the PSD files where all the clothes were labeled "clothing," my thought was exporting without the bodies would just be exporting only the "clothing" labeled layers, so I'll let you know soon how it actually turned out once I've tried it with some outfits!


The character scaling options are useful, but using them for a character height comparison chart (see here) makes me realize that perhaps basing the characters' origins at the bottom (around foot level) would be better than from the direct center of the "canvas/frame" (the rectangle within which the character is depicted). That being said, there are two ways that the bottom-level origins could be implemented:

  1. Aligned directly to the bottom of the frame.
  2. Aligned relatively to the bottom of the frame, based on the character's pose on a hypotheitcal "floor" that said character is standing on.

For use in Visual Novels we'll eventually some ability to control other aspects of a character's expression including blush intensity, tear drops, sweat drops, etc.


Thank you for your feedback! We'll try to add more parts that will aid to a more diverse expressions soon after the default male template is reworked.

This was stewing in my head for a while, but I feel it should be brought up, at least: Adding custom graphics to T-shirt fronts. For example, if you were to make a mascot character for Mannequin, if she's wearing a T-shirt, you could add an AR14 or Mannequin logo to that.

It would definitely have to use PNG files, since they can render transparent pixels, as well as JPEGs. It could open up a wide range of "fictional" cosmetic quality, from amateur (an obvious rectangle from a JPEG) to professional-level (a seamless PNG graphic) designs.


That is surely interesting and we can't say that it's impossible, but we'll have to think about deformations and such if we wanted to add some customizable graphic on the t-shirts. We don't have any clear choice in mind right now about how to implement it (from the technical side), but we'll talk about it as soon as we got something that's viable.

Thanks for your feedback!

Not so much a suggestion, but aren't leggings supposed to go over tights? The software seems to do the opposite, rendering tights over leggings.


The app currently has limited numbers of clothing 'layers', body - underwear - base clothing - middle layer - and outer layer. Every layer has strict thickness rules to prevent clipping on the edges as much as possible. Both tights and leggings are placed in the same underwear layer, but the rules is any accessories will appear over other clothing items with the same layer level. That's why we also added yoga pants, which has almost similar appearance but placed in the base clothing layer, and therefore can be used for replacement for this case.

Ah, I see.

Are there any plans to create akimbo/crossed arms/etc. poses from this Standby pose?


We haven't looked into it too much before because standing straight like that is a bit unnatural so the pose is mainly used for reference purposes, but if there's interest we can explore it further. We can see this 'stiffer' pose being useful to portray a more rigid/formal body language.

Okay. I felt I had to ask because there's no other pose available that uses this specific pose as its base, such as a "Default" Akimbo, a "Default" Crossed Arms, or a "Default" Explaining/Presenting. The "(Wide)" variations are as close to this "Default Standby" pose as I can see.


I was doing some work with the program the other day and was trying to get some more facial expression.

So i found a few that i think i could be added if possible.

By the way love the updates.  Keep up the great work.


Thank you very much for the suggestion! We'll make sure to take a closer attention to it when we rework the expression templates (which should happen soon after the default male template is ready).

On the Male template: I'm finding that something about the neck feels off. It fits fine for a grown-up male, but something about it feels out-of-place when the character is meant to be of high-schooler age or younger?


The current default male template is indeed modeled after a full-grown adult body. Maybe next time we will add other which is designed towards teenager body shapes.

I'd really appreciate it.

If I could suggest something off this, I think it would help if the default face for the male character better illustrates this intention? Because the default face is pretty boyish compared to the body, and the male expressions don't particularly give an "adult" impression on their own.

With the previous art style the defaults looked roughly the same age, but when the default female is a young high school student at best, I think it's understandable folks would assume the male is intended to be the same since there doesn't seem to be anything suggesting otherwise.

So, hrm. Possible solution: Maybe make the default hairstyle balding or something?


We'll see. Thanks for the suggestion! We do understand the underlying reason of wanting a similarly 'aged' templates. We'll try adjusting what's exists here and there, but we think providing multiple templates will be the best option in the end. Some wanted the male template to look younger, and others wanted to make it look older. Some wanted a shounen manga aesthetic, and others wanted shoujo manga aesthetic (with tall, skinny, beautiful guys). We'll try our best to accommodate each of those aspirations.

Hello AR14,

Thank you for your time and effort in developing  this very useful tool.  I don't know if its difficult to implement but having another  angle view of the models would be nice and would vary the visuals.   For example  front view 0°  and a  45°  view... or maybe there is a way already and I am missing it.  I d' like to use a view that  changes  slightly when they speak .


Hello. Thanks for the suggestion. It's still unavailable for now, but 3/4 view poses are already planned, and we'll add it as soon as possible after the default male template is done.

Thank you for your response AR14 and looking forward to the updates.  Best regards.

Hi, I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and I think your tool is amazing! One thing I would love to see is the inclusion of different poses when batch exporting. All the characters I'm creating have a number of poses that they use and being able to have a list of poses that are exported (like expressions/hair/outfits) would be a great QoL improvement!


Hi! Thank you very much for your suggestion. Batch exporting poses is indeed a nice feature to add! Let's see if we can add some kind of input to list what poses to export in the near future.

That would be fantastic, thank you! :)

Hello again! Since I'm already in love with this software, I'll submit some ideas I got.

  • Will it be possible to import our own default bases or to edit the current ones (the male and female bases), so we can directly add scars and details?
  • Another things I'd like to know: do you plan on adding some mature details such as genitalia and nipples? It would be more realistic (I think). If it is not planned, my first idea would let us do it by ourselves by drawing it on the default base.
  • It would be nice to have some more mouth expressions like sticking the tongue out. The possibility to have just one little teeth like the following picture would be cute, I guess...
  • It would also be nice to have eyes with stars:
  • Finally, do you plan on adding some side poses? (like in the following picture) Because I think it will be a bit monotonous if the characters are all always looking at us...

Thanks for reading all of this, and I obviously know that it's not possible to add most of this since you must already have a lot of work by correcting bugs and improving the software!


Hello! Most of these features are already planned for future updates, but one thing that we would like to comment more is explicit details (such as nipples and genitalia). 

Our stance regarding those is that we wont provide any official support, ever. It will be possible to make it yourself and integrate into the app using custom libraries and components (the tutorials for making those will be available in the near future) and we can't stop anyone from doing that. We won't provide those items by default, though.

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Thanks for the information! I look forward to see that tutorial, it will be useful to add this touch of realism into my game :)

(1 edit)

Created a funeral outfit out of the new 0.3.8 content, and I'm wondering if there are any upcoming plans to add more formal attire?

Edit: added image to post.


Of course! The initial target for the default library is covering the school setting, then formal (office) setting, and eventually most modern daily attire. Fantasy, sci-fi and other more specialized themes are set to be separated on DLCs. What do you have in mind?

Well, now that you mention it, I was thinking of formal attire for occasions such as weddings and funerals, as opposed to at-the-office-dress-code sort of formal. I'd imagine that would require some researching of wedding-goer and funeral-goer attire.


Yes, that will definitely require further research. Weddings seems okay as it's a commonly depicted  event in manga/anime, but for funerals we'll have to scour for more references. You'll know when we add it to the library!

Just remembered that eye-shadow (the makeup) and "shadows-over-the-eyes" (as a character-design detail) existed.


Yeah, this is part of what we're planning for the next revamp of the face templates. Eye will be split into eyeball, eyelash, eyelid (upper and lower), iris and eye gloss/reflection. It's gonna be a big change and probably break compatiblity with older versions when the update is applied, but it should provide more options for makeup and face colors (dark eyebags included). Thank you very much for your suggestions!

The recent addition of multiple poses to Batch Export got me thinking about combining poses and facial expressions together. As the system stands now, Batch Export can result in about 1440 exported images based on combinations of outfits, hairstyles, expressions, and poses alone. By making poses into a component of a facial expression, that can potentially reduce the export load into a more manageable amount.

I hope I'm explaining this somewhat adequately.


We do understand the concept. A more advanced batch export selection settings might be more appropriate, with users able to define exactly what combinations they want to export. At the time being we imagine it will involve a lot of checkboxes, but let's see.

Thank you for taking this into your consideration.

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Is there any plans to add CGs  of any sort. if not i think it would be a great addition, also chibi sprites might be cool to


By CGs did you meant those full-screen event CGs in visual novels? If so, currently we have no plans in that direction. Chibis however, are something that we wanted to explore too. We might add them as new base/body templates in the near future. Thank you for your suggestions!

sorry for taking so long to respond. by CG i more meant sprites that could be used in CG situations such as someone peaking behind a object or over an object that you could then place behind a layer to use.

(1 edit)

Hello, apologies for disturbing you.

I wanted to know if there are any plans to perhaps add couple poses or group poses of any sort.

Thanks for reading :)


It's something that we are looking for, but still very far away (others have mentioned it too, but considering the complexity it won't come in the near future).

Thanks for your feedback!

Have you given any thought to batch imports or command line arguments?

First off thank you for creating this! As a developer with zero artistic talent, I am very grateful.

I've taken a look at your file format and its well laid out. thank you for using JSON. it makes these assets easy to version with source control. I'd like to utilize your software as part of the build pipeline. to do this it would  have to handle a sort of batch import.

basically I'm requesting that it accepts a set of command line switches that would start the following workflow: 

  1. launch the software
  2. open a file (or all files in a directory), path from command line
  3. run the batch export process. output location from command line
  4. close the software and exit with a meaning full return code (i.e. non-zero if input file format was invalid, or an asset is missing, etc)

I understand this would probably require a desktop (i.e. its not going to run headless). But making sure that all a projects assets are up to date would be worth running this overnight.

Thank you for your time! and you are doing a great job!


Hello! Thank you very much for your suggestion. Indeed, at this point the app cannot run properly without a desktop. Accepting command line switches and outputting return codes after an automatic processes, however, is something we can do. We'll let you know if this feature has seen some progress in the future!

Thank you for your work and the latest updates. Happy New Year!


Likewise, thank you very much for your continued support :)


Just bough the sofware on steam, because I think it's a very good idea!

I saw that we will eventually be able to have curly hairs (can't wait to have that option to be honest)

Also, I was woundering if we will have the possibility to add facial hairs to the mens?

Like beards, mustaches? Thanks!



Yes! For the next immediate version (0.3.12) our focus will be the restructuring of the hair template, as per our latest blog post. This includes the addition of facial hairs I'm the mix.

Just started using it bc I'd love to make actual VNs someday. It feels like it's missing some things, though.

  • More short/spiky hair styles for guys.
  • Thicker eyebrows.
  • More prominent noses; the noses just sort of seem to disappear into the face.
  • The ability to change the color of the eye whites. I'm thinking of making some Chiss characters, and without the completely red eyes, it looks... off.
  • The ability to change feature sizes right on the model. Messing with the counters is a real slog, and it doesn't even register half the time.
  • Larger color pickers. I can't see what I'm doing half the time, even in full screen.

Still, what you guys have so far is great, and I'd love to see it go further!


Thank you very much for your suggestions! Let's see if we can implement these in the near future. Thicker brows is incoming, by the way, and is already available to test in the nightly builds. Please look forward for future versions!

Maybe this is actually already possible and I'm just not understanding the settings, but one feature I'd like to see would be to be able to copy other settings to all of your expressions besides for their colors.

For example, say you decide a character's eyes should be a little bigger, but you've already made a bunch of expressions for them. Going through each expression to adjust the size one by one, while not necessarily a difficult task, can be time consuming (especially if you have more expressions/characters to consider), but being able to copy the size settings the way we can colors would be able to cleanly get past that in one swoop.

Another thing that might be good to add would be different filters for outfits and such? As is, your average user might not think to click on "default library" to discover there are Christmas and Halloween options- What if, instead, the "default" actually included everything, and then you organized all of the clothes into smaller, separate libraries like the Christmas and Halloween ones already are?


Hello! Thanks for your suggestions! We can implement an 'apply to all' for size modifiers just like the 'apply color for all expressions' button which is already available. Regarding library view, we have to evaluate further first. As content grows, displaying a lot of items all at once can be detrimental to performance; but at least we can say that displaying all of the content from all of the available libraries makes a lot of sense for search result.

Hello there! I just found out this software existed and I am extremely impressed so far! I downloaded the free version to give it a try and see if it will work for me, I'm mainly looking to use it for poses but also for some clothing. 

As I'm still on the fence about buying the full version, I'm wondering if it has more variety of both male and female poses?  That would sell this to me 100%, mainly more male poses. 

I was really hoping for a thoughtful hand on the chin pose and also a hand on the back of the head pose, as if scratching the back of the head (embarrassed and thoughtful type poses I really enjoy).  

Also, is it already implemented or would it be possible to add choosing each arm's pose individually?
That way, you could choose to have one hand on the hip, but the other raised to the chin. 


Hello, thank you for your interest! The poses currently has no difference between the free and pro version. We do have plans to add more in future updates, though, so feel free to follow our progress in the free version! Use the desktop app to install Mannequin so you get auto-updates.

Thank you so much for replying!
I will definitely be following this, I hope some of my pose requests make it in, I'd love to use this for the upcoming Visual Novel I'm planning. 

This software is fantastic so far, keep up the good work! ^^

Under hair options, could I request  a shaven headed style or two, please? I thinking so we can do characters with shaven (but not entirely bald) heads, and styles with undercuts. So, like shaven sides and hair on top, swept to the side.

Also, I don't know how feasible this is, but could there be options for hair tip colours as an addition to  base colour? For example, a character with black hair, but the tips are red?


Thank you for your suggestions! We'll try to add  more option for shorter and shaved heads in the next update. As for hair extensions/streaks, we think it's already possible with the current structure of 'Additional Hair Parts'. We already has plans for something like this, just haven't been able to execute yet.

Ah, that's excellent, thank you. It's such a good piece of software.

Request/Suggestion: "Remove" and "Reset" buttons for "Hairstyle" items

Currently, there are no quick way to remove something for hairstyle items, only for additional parts.
One complexity I would see if a hairstyle would not have a "None" default, like "Default hairstyle" has a "Bold" option instead.
However, for some items there is a clear "None" option.
It would be great to keep things consistent and have "Remove" button for hairstyle items, like "Beard", "Bangs", "Sideburns" etc that are non-essential and have a "None" option available.


Thank you for your suggestions! We'll keep this in mind and add the feature in a future update.

Hello! First off, I want to say thank you for making this game! It’s exactly what I need because I’m not an artist at all so a character creator is what I need. And this one fits the bill. But there are some things I'd like you to add at some point down the road. Maybe some of these you were already planning. 

Spikey, Shonen esque hair options 

Medium or Long ponytails

Muscular male body type (Maybe a slightly muscular female type too for tomboy characters) 

Tube tops

The ability for characters to carry certain items in their hands (Swords or food items for examples)


Male Swimsuits

I really hope that you consider these for future updates! 

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for your support and feedback! Please look forward for the next update as a lot of the things mentioned here are the things that we're currently working on.

Thanks for responding,  I forgot to add armor to the list too.

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Skirts for the male model please!!!! (I have the steam version just for reference)


Noted. Thank you for your feedback!


I would like to have some more variety of body-types for characters, as well as a slider for different stages of life (middle aged to old), since not every character will be a teenager...


More body type variations are currently in the works for the next update. We do not have any plans for age slider specifically, but we have plans for skin complexion/wrinkles which can be used to similar effect.

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does there happen to be any plans for alternate patterns for clothing, such as stripes for the vests or shirts or plaid for the blazer? I feel it would go a long way into giving the user more customizability over their character

Developer (1 edit)

We're planning for a DLC pack for existing clothing templates but with added accent stripe, stripes and plaid patterns (might separate each of those, for example plaid patterns will be contained into a single DLC pack). Manual texture overlay is also planned, but we are reserving it for future update.

nice, looking forward to it.

Love this software from the UI to the functionality. What is a Mannequin Character file extension (without one, does not show in a linux directory due to filtering for the MCF), so have to use show all.

Thanks for the amazing product!


Hello! Thank you for your support and kind words! The character file extension is .mqn by the way. 

Please add boots. Like, any boots. Knee-high, small, with laces, rain boots, anything.


Noted. We'll try to add some in the next update.

Awesome project! Are there any plans to add wrinkles and different body types to allow the creation of a greater variety of people?


Yes, there is. In the latest nightly builds we can already switch body part sizes; this feature will be in the next update.

Please add more control over the body, such as leg size, thighs, muscles...etc.


We already have that in progress (which you can test by using the nightly builds). Stay tuned for the next update!

That's great, I'm planning to buy it. I have another suggestion, which is to make the character's perspective from the right and left side and from the back, as well as making some poses in which the character is sitting, sleeping, kissing...etc


Noted. Will add those things gradually in the future.

Hello, I'm trying yo buy it from steam but I'm having some problem with my paypal region & steam region, so I'm buying it from here but is there any way I can Buy it from here then Have it on steam too ?


We only have it here and on Steam. You can also get Steam key from your itch purchase, however. See more info regarding this here: (see 'How to download the game, or get your activation key' section)

OK, thank you, I buy it from here and manage to get the steam key code, looking forward for the next update


Thank you very much for your support!

Hello where is episode 2

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Just found your program today and am very interested! (Will be purchasing full after leaving this message, just checked out free) I've struggled to find a generator for visual novel creation that allows variability in full body portraits. I saw your update about planning to do where you can change body position, arm position etc, separately and that really excites me! Fully behind the further development of this software as it is sorely needed for those of us who want to tell a story visually but don't have the artistic skills. Thank you for the hard work and quality product.

My suggestions would be making sure male and female parts are equal amounts and more fantasy options for clothes would be amazing! Like victorian style clothing~

Thanks again for your hard work!

Edit: just checked out your Trello and see plans for medieval clothing, yay!

Edit 2: Just checked out nightly version for latest. My request would be adding more dramatic poses, like injured or fighting/holding weapon, yelling dramatically/like slightly crouched and looking tense. Nothing totally specific in mind just to generally use in more dramatic scenes!


Thank you for your support and feedback! We'll see what we can do with the poses in future updates. As you already said, several of your suggestions are already planned (like medieval fantasy themed clothing). We'll continue working and follow these planned features.

Great tool! Already enjoying it. I would love to use this for my games. I need a lot more options, though. Here's some suggestions/requests for new features/supporting stuff:

1. Body types and body diversity - I'd love to be able to further customize the body - from normal body diversity into more fantastic and extreme types and parts.

2. Fantasy clothing choices. (Specifically: Togas, Sandals, cotton and leather "adventurer" clothing.)

3. Short term - More Eye types  (squarish/sharp.) More Head and Body types. The body's fundamentals are critical for all the finer outfit parts.

4. Descriptive tooltips for items - Since so many paperdoll parts can seem similar to the user, perhaps short descriptions that explain differences in qualities would be really helpful. Tooltips should be everywhere.

5. For scale adjustments and other +/- adjustments - The ability to enter value manually. 

6. More basic skin color selections. don't be afraid to make that sub-window larger to accommodate. Perhaps an optional slider on each individual color to lighten and darken from that reference would be great (Sims 4 does this - it's pretty good at extending the basics)

7. Preserve eye color across expressions once set. I had to set eye color for each expression. Not sure if bug or feature.


Thank you for your suggestions. Definitely noted for each of them!

As a note for expressions and batch exporting: This is a very powerful tool, but I'd like physical features/colors to be preserved across expressions (even with just a toggle for it). Having to define the character's already-chosen colors for iris/brow/lashes/lipcolor/etc across every expression before exporting the batch is tedious and could be automated since physical features like shape and color are usually consistent across expressions.

Looking forward to continued improvements! Work hard!


Thank you for the detailed feedback! Right now there's no toggle yet, but you can click the three dot icon to access additional functions such as applying eye color or applying fine-tuning across all expressions (these are also available for hairstyles).

First I will start by saying this is a wonderful tool, and I very much appreciate that it exists! Thank you for all the love and passion you've put into this creation.

Your most recent post in this topic was helpful for me as a new Mannequin user, as I had the same question about applying customized settings across all expressions. That's very useful to know.

I was really surprised to see a robust selection of poses with a variety of options available to choose from. I thought that was quite helpful to have built into the program. My suggestion, or request if you can call it that, would simply be asking about the possibility of adding some non-standing pose options in the future? This is really more of a "food for thought" kind of thing than a request necessarily.

My only other experience with this sort of thing is using VRoid Studio briefly, and for that program, you are able to export created characters to VRM format. I know of two particular software applications that can then be used with an exported VRM character to pose them in a specific way.

One is called VRM Automatic Photographing ( and if I'm not mistaken it collects and uses freely available preset poses from other sources? The other is called VRM Doll Play ( and allows you to custom create your own poses manually by hand for your characters.

You already have just as many, if not more, standing pose variety options available in Mannequin, which is great! I just can't help but wonder if having others like sitting, kneeling, laying down, etc. sorts of poses might make things even more dynamic and interesting. But, I know when you start getting into the more unusual poses, things like physics/gravity start making it more difficult for clothing, accessories, etc. to translate over in a uniform way too.

I'm not sure which would be more difficult on the development side, either implementing additional poses for sitting/laying down/etc. like you already have available, or adding a VRM export option like the existing one for Inochi2D Creator (I'm guessing VRM is more meant for 3D models, so wouldn't really convert easily?) I tried looking into using Inochi2D Creator, but the options were overwhelming, and the complexity level seems to be beyond my current understanding. I was unable to use it at even a basic level. Alternatively, perhaps there is some other existing software similar to VRM Doll Play but that works with Mannequin characters that I'm unaware of?

At any rate, thanks for your time in reading all this, and for all the wonderful features you've already made for everyone!


Hello! Thank you very much for your kind words.

I think for something that's easily poseable like VRoid, you should always seek for 3d-based apps like VRoid itself, or Poser, or maybe Koikatsu (for something anime-styled). Due to the nature of being 2D, there's actually no magic involved in Mannequin; every pose, every clothing, every face parts and hairstyles, are drawn manually. More poses are planned for future versions of course, but because everything is done manually, expect it to take quite a long time.

For more pose flexibility, we have nothing planned in the short term; in the future we might add Godot and/or Unity 2D character export with rigged bone system, but it's still a long way to go.

Well, hearing that the poses and all the assets are all created by hand makes the content already in Mannequin seem that much more impressive to me, if anything!

Thanks for the detailed reply! I did play around a bit with Koikatsu Party a few years back, but per the terms of use restrictions, users are not allowed to take creations from the software and use them in their own creative endeavors. Available choices are a bit more limited, but I prefer options that allow more creative freedoms by default. It's another thing I appreciate about Mannequin!

Again, there is already plenty to work with in terms of poses and assets and flexibility, more than what I have seen in other tools by a long shot in some cases, so thank you again for everything you've already added into the tool!

Hello. Where is Episode 2 ?

Great tool, folks.  Thank you for putting it out.  I like how flexible it is regarding users making new elements for it if they're decent code wranglers, and how button monkeys like me can manually tweak their SVG exports in Inkscape to get any poses we want that haven't been officially implemented yet.
Two requests!
1 - The poses of the example characters shown at the main menu are a nice addition, but when the user 'Open This Sample' the default positioning of features / pose is booted up.  I can _kindof_ intuit how to go from Baseline Default to the example shown on the main menu, but it'd be illuminating to have the Sample load pre-calibrated for their more emotive positioning as initially seen.
2 - Do you guys know there's an "AR14GAMES" account on itch?  It looks super shady and has a 2022 link to "the demo version of Mannequin".  I haven't done a hash comparison or anything, but from the comments about it not running properly I'm guessing someone's using your title to push spyware/viruses.  

Developer (1 edit) (+1)


  1. The sample characters in the welcome screen has different, more pleasing poses due to Inochi2D export! Export your character to Inochi2D first and then you can adjust the pose further in Inochi Creator.
  2. Yes, we have reported that account a long time ago, but it seems there is no action from itch till today. Thanks for the info!

Ahhhh, that makes sense.  Thank you for the clarification and the link!