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This was frightening. The atmosphere and build up of tension really got to me.

The sound effects were used quite well, and I'm grateful that there weren't any cheap jumpscares. Even without that to rely on, this game manages to find a way to be fear inducing and outright creepy. I personally think this is on par with Urbex. They both have a consistent quality to them. I like the little notes scattered around, but I do wish there was just a tad more of them.

Regardless, great job on the game! I liked it and enjoyed it tremendously.   ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \  

.....Ish shyo spooky though.... ( ゚ω゚;)

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 I played the game and it was pretty fun. I especially liked the characters' designs as everyone had their own unique style. The puzzles were definitely interesting and balanced enough. They weren't too difficult, but definitely not that easy either. The music was nice as well as it contributed to the feeling of suspense, and it was just calming overall.

The biggest complaint I have would be that the characters and backgrounds don't take enough of the screen. They're so small in comparison so I'm guessing it's because of the way it ported from the custom engine to Unity. The only other suggestion I have would be to add a character's name somewhere on the screen for those who have awful memory when it comes to remembering who is who. 

Overall, great game. I loved it!  ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

"Gave it a go!" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  

....And I rather liked it! The atmosphere and the little jump scares here and there were made quite well. I do wish that the little girl made more of an appearance though. She was certainly creepy and I was hoping she would've added more impact or scares to the game.

The plot was pretty interesting overall, but I do think that the translation took away the feelings of tension and horror at times. It wasn't too difficult to understand what was being said, but proofreading a bit more will surely improve the game. The only other thing I was unsure on how to feel about was Bob. His dialogue was creepy, but there were times where it felt repetitive. That was probably the whole point of him though. 

Overall, I enjoyed the game so good job!

 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

This was such a cute and sweet visual novel. The rewind aspect was a really cool mechanic, and the art was absolutely beautiful. The music was so calming and melancholic too - I quite loved it. The plot was bittersweet in a sense, and to me the dialogue and characters were really the main backbone of this. Overall, great job on making it! 

 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \   

I tried the game for a bit, and wow~ This game has a lot of charm and I can see the hard work put into it. 

One of my first impressions is that it certainly looks and feels amazing. The beginning section has an atmosphere that reminds me of Yomawari Night Alone due to the focus on ambient sound and the map details. 

Small things I must point out at this point though would simply be the grammar and awkward dialogue since it doesn't always flow naturally.

Anyway, good job on the game~ ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

I-it's not like I played this because I like hentai or anything! B-b-baka!

Anyway, this is actually a really cool game. The character models look great, and it definitely is a cool concept. I'm somewhat surprised that there's even some world building and a skeleton for a plot. I'll be looking forward to the full game~

Last but not least - great job on making this! 

 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

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I recognized the art style and knew I just had to play this. 

( ゚ω゚       ) It's great storytelling and the visuals were just fantastic. I'm surprised there was even a male and female selection. It's a small touch, but it's a nice and greatly appreciated option. 

I really enjoyed playing this and the music was quite lovely as well. It really sets up the mood for everything and I can definitely see the whole 'dreamlike' aspect of it. Anyway, great job and wonderful art as always!

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

All the references and jokes were too spoopy for me. Best horror right here. Jokes aside, good job on making it. I appreciate how you make your own assets for your games or collabs, and there's just something about the geometric art style that I can't help but like. I feel like this was just a troll game, but I still recognize all the work that goes into making and programming things. Once again, good job~

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ 

Hey, I tried the game out! I'm actually quite surprised by the custom tilesets and mapping. It's very nice and I'm impressed with it so far. I'm very fond of the sprites as well as I know that they take a lot of work - at least, they do for me. The teachers just look really cool. My only quarrel at this point is that the introduction about the witch went by rather fast, which made it difficult to read aloud. Also, the inability to walk on the grass in the house map was just rather odd. I'm just assuming it's a tileset problem, but it may be intentional. Anyway, good job. I'm looking forward to playing more of this.

 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

I gave the game a go, and I must say that This was quite quirky. the music really suits the atmosphere and theme of this outlandish experience, and I enjoyed the narration. The last sentence was pretty interesting to me. The tone seems satirical and cynical. Not sure if it was meant to be that way, but it's just my interpretation. Anyway, good job.

  ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

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I don't quite think I completed the game, but I must say it sure is... odd. It was difficult to see things, which made it a pain to navigate through the hallway; however, the lack of visibility  also made things even more unsettling as well.  Also, the voice used for the dialogue was pretty cool! I actually really enjoyed listening to it despite it being creepy. Anyway, good job on the game! 

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

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Hey, I enjoyed the game! I quite like the pixelated graphics, and the atmosphere certainly made me paranoid. I was able to get 2 endings, and I had a good laugh from the first ending I got. Anyway, great job~ 

This was quite a lovely game. The art and atmosphere were on point, and the backstory was quite intriguing. I loved every minute of it and can definitely see the bits of inspiration from the fairytale. Great job!

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ 

I gave the game a go! I was a bit confused at the ctrl mechanic, but I still liked the game despite not being able to really complete it. It would've been nice if there was a note saying when the night would end at the start, though; however, I still had fun figuring some stuff out myself. I liked the little spooks here and there as well. Nice job~  

 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

This game is absolutely charming, and the soundtrack is lovely as well. It's very mellow and quite peaceful. I still experience some lag at the beginning town, though. Even after upgrading the drivers and whatnot, there's a tad bit of lag. It's not too gameplay breaking, though. Overall, I'm looking forward to the full release. 

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ 

This was so cute. Well, cute and creepy at the same time. The art is lovely and the cartoony aesthetic really sets a nice atmosphere. The ending is quite gloomy, but it definitely adds a greatly appreciated backstory. Great job! 

 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

Wow, this is a really impressive fangame. The writing and dialogue is very similar to the tone of Rick and Morty, and the humor is pretty spot on. I think my only critique is being unable to click/skip through some of the longer dialogue. Everything else was great. Good job!   ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

This was pretty funny. Definitely relatable in a sense, minus the ragdoll physics and wall climbing powers of course. I wasn't really expecting that ending,  but it made up for the trouble I had with one of the levels. Overall, great and funny game with a cute, sweet ending.

 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

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This was actually super fun. It's very light hearted and silly. The options and npcs were pretty whacky too.  Funny game overall. 

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

I liked this. I just wish you had food to feed me. What kind of host doesn't have food for their guests!? 

I love the art style of the game. I do wish it was a bit longer, though.  I was expecting a bit more in terms of gameplay, and a bigger house to roam around in. Nonetheless, I think this was quite a charming game with a nice, soothing piano BGM. It was a very relaxing play~

I rather enjoy the simplicity of the game so far. It's short and relaxing gameplay wise; although, the undertone of the big brother bit is pretty startling.

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I loved the game. I enjoyed the art style and paper themed world.  It was rather odd to having to use the arrow keys instead of WASD, though.  I also noticed that WASD still functioned, but the walking animation for it didn't appear. Regardless, I enjoyed playing this so good job!

Hello, I hope you don't mind me making a let's play of this.  

I enjoyed the game quite a lot. The art style, sprites, and some of the tilesets were very cute. The story and lore were pretty interesting, too.

For feedback, the only problems I had were related to minor grammatical errors along with map transfer problems.