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ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ Hello~

Lovely game you guys have here! The opening cut scene surprised me since I wasn't expecting the quality of it. It was very beautifully narrated and animated. I also loved the concept of the story and the oriental environment; in fact, it was the asian architecture that lured me in the first place. 

Gameplay wise, the 'world hopping' and sapling planting made for some really unique game mechanics as well. Unfortunately, I did manage to break the game a few times while using them so this isn't without bugs. It's understandable as game development  is quite difficult. My biggest problem was really just the explanation on controls. Some of the tutorial posts required the player to follow a certain path in order to see them (and I was wandering around aimlessly so I saw some too late).

Overall, very cute game! I really like the npcs and characters being mice. It's quite a quirky and adorable design choice. Good job everyone~

Thank you so much for covering our game, we're glad you enjoyed it!  :) Sorry that you ran into a couple of bugs, we've recieved similar feedback and we might be able to push an update in the next couple of days to fix some of them!